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Hi, I see a lot of people seeking to “become a member of the Native American Church” (NAC) It is a beautiful way to pray, I don’t wonder why so many want to get this beautiful blessing. I think...the law actually states you must be an enrolled tribal member to have the protections that Native people fought for, for so long and hard. To be a “member” of the “Native American Church” it is a privlage for me for sure, not a right. There has been much discussion about who can be a member and who cannot. I do not claim to know much of anything about it but I personally believe that the medicine calls who it wants into its' presence, I was taught long ago to never turn someone away from that door, but we do need to be careful, try to be humble, stay behind that medicine. It will take care of us so long as we don’t get in the way. I am so grateful to the ones that kept this way alive through being jailed and worse for many years so some of us could have the chance to experience the blessings that come from this way of prayer. If you are meant to be in a service you will be led to it, it will find you. Pray for guidance and have faith that God will take you where you need to be. Love God , have Faith, Hope and Charity ... I am only alive today because of the NAC, it is my life ... I pray you all find your way to your calling what ever it may be, aho!


I live in Washington State and have tried with no avail to find a NAC around here. By any chance could someone point me in the right direction?

"Tikisha J"

How do I join you guys? I'm a cherokee native american.

Hello, let me first start by saying what a beautiful inspiring thing you have done with this site. I was taken away by all of the comments left. I am a very gullible and trusting person which sometimes I think is a burden but it is things like those inspiring words, that remind me that it isnt a burden, but a blessing, to have a heart, and care for those that need prayer, including myself. The reason I was writing was because my grandmother is full blooded Indian, of what I am unsure. My mother says that we are somehow along down the line related to Chief Double Head, in Kentucky, but what I really wanted to know was the meaning of my name and from what nation, it comes from. My name is Tashina. Can you help me?

How do i get more information about becoming a member. i live in illinois. i have called what i read was my local branch but the number didnt work.


I live in British Columbia and am a healer helping recovering addicts. Do you have a contact for your church in BC or Alberta Canada? Thanks,


I am in northern california, sacramento, and would like to learn more, do you have local branches

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, i read about your church in the internet. Years ago I lost my religion as I can´t find a way of believing and taking natural drugs (a good way to get in other dimensions and see more than others see). Well, you have the solution… Sorry, but my English is not very good. So I hope that you understand it right what I mean. I am looking forward to get more in contact with you!

Juergen, Denmark

Sir or Ma'am, I am soon going to be registered as a member of the Quinault Tribe. I have to take a trip to Washington first. I was wondering what further steps I would have to take from there in order to join the Native American Church. I live in Fairfield, CA; but I am willing to travel to become a member. I hope to hear from you soon.Sincerely,


Hello, I am trying to locate a native american church in or around nyc. New Jersey, New York, Conn, Penn, anywhere around there would be fine. I have been trying to locate a church but have no success. please let me know, if they exist and where. Thank you in advance.


Wondering if there are other churches located on the east coast?

Hi, My name is Shain. I live in Florida and I was wondering how can I track down my Blood line of who was who is my family? I know for a definite fact that I am part Cherokee from my mothers side of the family, which came from her mother and her mother and so fourth. How can I get more involved and informed? Please help, Thank You


Good morning, I ran across your site and was curious if you knew of a Native American Church in central Texas (near Houston or Austin). I was hoping to learn more and maybe become involved in a local chapter. I am not aware if it is needed, but I do have my CDIB card in case it is required to volunteer or join a church. If you have any information it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,


Hello, I am not sure who I should be addressing this message to, but I came across your website and took a great interest. I am potentially seeking to become an active member in the community of the Native American Church. I am currently residing in Nederland, Colorado, and originally from Chicago, Illinois. Are there any centers in either of those regions that you could direct me to for further information and enlightenment? With kind regards,


hello my name is Michael my late grandmother told my i had Cherokee in me and i have always loved the how our people lived and i was wanting to come to your church if this is ok

Greetings, I am currently living in the Middle East (State of Qatar), but will be returning to my home in Tennessee later this summer. I came across your website, and am interested in attending local meetings of the NAC near Knoxville, TN. If this is possible, could you forward me the meeting times/place? Many thanks! Peace,


Ya'at'eeh, my name is Gabrielle. I'm from New Mexico, the Dine reservation. My father was a well known medicine man but God took him home when I was only 9. He ran NAC meetings and other ceremonial prayers throughout the Dine reservation. I don't remember much but I remember how passionate he was about the fireplace and the medicine. I know he wanted to teach and raise us in our traditional ways but his teachings and everything sort of went with him. My mother was always by his side always. Whenever he used to run meetings she was the one to bring in water in the mornings and stuff. When he left she was so heart broken we never really attended another meeting. Even to this day whenever she hears NAC songs she gets sad. I myself would like to get back to the fireplace. I miss those days because the fireplace keep or family closest. Now that im 23 I feel lost, I cant even speak my own language. I have a 4 year old son now and I would like to introduce him to the fireplace like my father would of wanted. Its just hard now I don't even know where to start. Some prayers would help and are greatly appreciated.

I am looking for a chapter of the native church close to my area. I reside in the pacific northwest. Any ideas? Thank you so much


Hello, My name is Bryan and I am a registered memeber of the Miami Nation of Indians. Like so many Tennesseans, I also have some Cherokee ancestry, but there are no official documents to substantiate this lineage. I am currently in medical school in New York, but I am from Knoxville. I was wondering about becoming a member of the church or at least learning more about it than what is on your website. Thank you,


hello i am Charles i am 1/2 Chiricahua band Apache 1/8 Choctaw 1/8 Cherokee ans 25% white (both paternal grand parents were 1/2 american indian 1 1/2 choctaw 1 1/2 cherokee dawes roll certified) both maternal grand parents are Chiricahua Apache that is my blood line now here is my background i was raised believing that there is a higher power. I was not taught about Christianity in depth but it was touched on my mother tells me she is a Peyoti and my father is a west virginia snake handler i have studied all religions fairly well while i was in service of this nation to try to root myself but my attempts had failed until one night i came across a site on the internet that taught religion and i was pulled in here by a supreme force and since i have been trying desprately to join a branch or recieve texts so i can self educate and possibly spread the word myself i admire all of nature and her beauty and wish to become closer with my own people so that oneday i can have my owr roots and start to lay the roots for my childrens spiritual sanctity thank you

Charles burning wood

Aho my relatives. It has been over a month since I attended a meeting and a few months until we put one up. My thoughts gravitated to this site in an attempt to keep fresh this good feeling that comes from the holy medicine. My Uncle told me when I was younger that people when he was young went to three or four meetings a year so they had to pray every day where they were. Maybe they would go in the sweat lodge or just stand on mother earth and witness the beauty of life. When you have a meeting to go to, prepare yourself to make the most of it. Don't take life for granted as it is short. Encourage the young to keep them away from all the negativity. Our children and grandchildren are our future. Thank you holy medicine and my relatives. May you live in health and with spiritual guidance.

DL Turtle Island

Gracias por presentar esta forma de vida en la web para que yo pueda descubrirla, me gustaria formar parte activa, soy de Argentina, y seria maravilloso encontrar parametros religiosos iguales en mi pais.

Jose, Buenos Aires, Argentina

looking into some websites we ran into this site. I haven't seen my brother Lucius for about 5 years in April since we conducted a prayer for my son. He went to Florida from Teluride, Co. I don't know where he is at this point. Lucius, if you find this website please e-mail me your where abouts thru this link.yellowman

My name is Marta and I am seeking a genuine and respected Medicine Man or Woman for healing. I am based in Los Angeles. I have gone to many doctors within the past 2 months and in my heart of hearts I feel that a Medicine Man or Woman can help me. Can anyone kindly please recommend anyone? Thank you.

I am a spaniard dreaming to meet sometime a true/native american person, as I read about them and arrived to the conclusion that they are the pure example to follow on this earth, the most pure race and nearest to the big spirit. What a great race!


Want to thank you for this site. I have been involved with the Native American Indians for quite some time now. I am 54 yrs old. I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2006 and was told I had maybe a year or so left if that..I then put it all in my Creators hands. I sponsored a meeting and told the Road Man why I wanted to have the meeting. It was my first meeting. I felt a very strong connection with the Medicine, my Creator, and all that were there supporting me. It was as if I felt the Cancer being drawn out of me. I have since then sponsored another Meeting, and have attended several other Meetings in support. I now belong to the church, and have a whole new family, one that is priceless. One of the Road Men asked me if he could pray for his Father, as of he has Cancer. I was a bit surprised that he would ask me. I said that I would do anything to help out his Dad. That night he said he saw the Cancer, a yellow light, come out of me, and that it was the Cancer coming out of my body that was in his Father. He told me that the next day and I about fell over. His Dad is doing good .. God Bless him and to all of you ... AHO ............... !

Moon Eagle

I had a vision last year about wolves and American Indians .. A vision in which both the wolves and American Indians will make a stand. I pray for the people as we get closer and closer to 2012. The spirit of the American Indians are what they did not nor could not take and that is the one we will need from now to 2012 .. So I ask all to pray for the American Indians and the wolves. In spirit we are one.


Help! I don't know where to turn ... My name is Lisa. I am Creek, Cherokee and Apache from Oklahoma. I'm 41 years old and I'm lost. My dad died in New Mexico on Nov. 5th, 2007. He was a Medicine Man, Sculptor and Clinical Psychologist in Santa Fe. Years ago he pleaded with me to come and learn the medicine ways and I couldn't do it. Due to recent events, since my father's death, I feel like I need to reconnect. I know that I have been living the wrong life for who I truly am. Please help me find my way. I need elders that can guide me and help me learn what I need to do to make this life complete. Aho.


My family and myself are doing good now days and like to thank all the people that said prayers for me and my family and even the ones that didn't even care about it. I just started going back to meetings, as well as conducting NAC services for relatives again. It's a good feeling and things are more clear to talk and pray about now. Catch you on the next rebound.

T., Arizona

Aho Relatives; I was fortunate enough to attend a One Year birthday meeting where her footprints were put down in the teepee. People from many tribes and many states from Canada to Mexico attended. I met new relatives and saw relatives I hadn't seen for 20 years. It was a joyous and very satisfying meeting. I go to meetings now for grandchildren and pray with white hair. I don't often find others there who are my aunts and uncles and I lost my parents some 10 years ago now. Rather than take the teepee down with the others I showed a grandson how to take poles down by himself. I thank the creator I still split my own wood and put up meetings. The Medicine has been good to me over the years, and how I conduct myself in the teepee is how I try and conduct myself in my life. The Medicine helps us asking nothing in return only maybe that we make our lives better for ourselves and especially for our young ones. Only my best wishes for all my relations.


Good afternoon to everyone. It is amazing how long we have come to communicate with each other like this. It has been my pleasure reading all the comments and advice everyone has given. It certainly has brightened my day to read all passages on this web site. Personally, I have come along way since I have entered the circle with my family. Mother Peyote has definitely been and always be the foundation in my life and my families' lives. Hope, Faith, Love and Charity are some very powerful words. In this I have made many relations with many different people and I have come to to believe my father's saying, " this fireplace will give you many relations in your life". Like many children we take for granted what our parents, elders, aunts, and uncles try to teach us to make us understand the circle of life. (Door way in and Door way out) Therefore, I would like to thank my father for his teachings for letting us not just try but actually doing it for ourselves. He is in a better place now watching over us. I truly believe we have been blessed with Mother Peyote and her fireplace she provides us with. I know I have. The path that I have been on and the path that she still provides me with will manifest in itself. Therefore, I thank all of you for your advice and comments, and most of all the family or families who created this site. Bless you this day in all your endeavors. Lastly, pardon me for not introducing myself my name is Janet and currently in the Navy. I would like to personally thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts, one doesn't realize how motivating it is to hear your thoughts. I know I miss my family and most of all the time spent around the fireplace with my family, but I have chosen this road for myself and my family. May the Creator Bless all my fellow soldiers spread across this Mother Earth. Thank you for your time.

Janet, San Diego, CA

My name is Lawrence. I would like people to know of my grandfather Tommy Nez. Along with my grandmother Colleen in Kamloops BC, Canada, we are able to participate in the NAC ceremonies Grampa is asked to preside over. Through God, them, the Medicine and those ceremonies I get to appreciate a reasonably happy life. I am forever grateful to all. Vancouver, Canada.

Ya'at'eeh Shik'ei doo Shidine'e. Adoo altahasiilgo. I am Earl, of the Ts'ahbi'kin area, or Sombreroville. I am Kinlichii'nii born for the Biihbitodnii, my maternal grandfathers are the Kinyaa'aanii and my paternal grandfathers are of the Tl'izilani. I to was raised with Azee' Benahagha and was very fortunate to know George Lyman Kosheway as my Grandfather. I like to believe that my belief is solid and that I have hope to live another day. I have Faith in myself and Love for all. I do have charitable ways for all unfortunate people. The power of prayer can exist if you believe that God helps those who help themselves. Just knowing how to say Hozhoo Doleel, can bring whatever blessing you wish and hope for. Remember to pray for all your relations, people in your communities, the sick, the jailed, our orphans, our children, our elderly, and most of all our military personnel. May God Bless you all!!

Hozhoo Nahasdlii'!

Hello to all my relatives and family, Thank you for all your support in the "Morning Blessings" album (2007 NANNY Nominee). My husband, William and I were very surprise to hear words of encouragements from all across the States and into Canada. Through the NAC, we have met so many relatives both near and far. Let's all continue to prayer for one another and that we may all see each other in the holy circle. To my brothers Lance & Jr, congratulations also for your 2007 NANNY nomination. Both of our CD's made it for the nomination of "Best Native American Church Recording". Again, may the creator bless you and your families with many "Morning Blessings" each and every day. Becenti Family, Arizona

I have experienced beautiful blessings from this way of life and may our Creator bless you all. aho

L.M.S.D. Canada

Good Morning to all brothers and sisters this day. I have been a member of the Native American Church for half my life and I am a grandfather now. I have read the guest book now for some time. Nothing like this when I began to pray this way. The spread of these prayers has been inevitable. I will address a few issues I have met on this guestbook. People have expressed love and condolence at the passing of my Aunt. I say aho and thank you. Many of our elders have gone home in the last few years and many new people have come, and will be denied direct contact with them. My elders made it possible for me to know how to conduct myself in a way that will preserve the Native American Church for my children and grandchildren. I am from the east and Europeans have been among us far longer than parts of the west, so it stands I am mixed and on my home Res. there are no longer full bloods. The language is getting some attention now in the schools but it would be so rare to hear it spoken as course in the homes. I ask that we keep in mind our grandchildren that we will not know if intending to put quantum restrictions on them. Remember Moony when the Native American Church was first formed. Those old men prayed with him after his help. Would you tell Quanah Parker his mother could not sit up? It is better to remember Faith Hope Charity and Love. I believe the Medicine directed us in this direction and itself is not color prejudice except maybe green. No other green herbs I know some of you boys use but don't mess with the integrity of the medicine by mixing it. I feel for you ones who are asking for one of us to direct you to the Medicine but what I know is we do not choose the Medicine, it chooses us, so don't pass up a chance to pray and the Medicine will find you. If the law does not force feed us quantum it will be culture, not blood that defines us, so move yourself closer to the Medicine by your choices. That is your culture and it is your culture not your race that approaches the medicine. Finally, Spiritual ways are not the same as Religious ways, you may pay for religion but not spirit. If someone thinks they can take this Medicine and capitalize on it don't believe it and don't support it. Love one another and keep the Medicine pure and we have a chance of leaving our grandchildren something. I send my best wishes to all my brothers and sisters and all my relatives, aho.

DL Turtle Island

I so love your site, and would love to be a member of your church, but even though my husband is a full blood and a member of the crow creek sioux tribe of sd, i am a mixed blood and belong to a cherokee state tribe. I read and learn anyway all u teach, so wado for that.


Osiyo. My name is WolfPony and I was brought up in the American Native Church as a small child. My Aunt, EveningStar, was the one who took me to the meetings. Then my white mother took me away from our people and my Aunt. I was just recently adopted by a Comanche Elder by the name of WhiteEagle. My grandfather has started my teaching a little bit. I'm Cherokee and Lakota Sioux and White Mountain Apache and I have a Blackfoot Mother that re-raised me. She is from the ghost lodge of the blackfoot nation. I was really happy when I came across this site and it made my heart soar with the eagles. I just wanted to say wado, for everything u all have done for our people. wado

wolfpony, oregon, usa

It was good to see Freddy here from Watonga, OK. Keep strong, Freddy. Your family's NAC ways have been such a blessing to me in my life, and the Tipi is the best place to bring up little Ashley. We miss you guys up here in Canada.

Kim (and Randall), Alberta, Canada

Has anyone wondered why there are more Native Americans in the military per population then any other ethnic group. But, we don't have any Native American Spiritual Leaders and we cannot wear our Eagle feathers. How do we get Spiritual Leaders in there for our Natives, especially those dying overseas defending our fredoms?

Friends of Eugenia who is mentioned in this Guest Book. I am her good friend from the old days in New Mexico in the sixties. I found on this site that she passed last year. I am so sad to have not been able to see her again. I was with John and others when the American Church of God was established in NM. Friend of Little Joe and others. Please contact me if you know more about Eugenia you can share with me. Best wishes to everyone here. This site brought back many memories.


Hello, Just wanted to say that I have not been to a peyote meeting in a long time. I still listen to the peyote music. Just my family been going through a lot of rough times. My sister passed away about 2-yrs ago and my brother, who was still an an active church member, passed away a couple of months ago. He loved the church so much. He was active in the church in every possible way he could. He told me one time that the peyote will never forget you!!! Once you step into that teepee and see the fireplace and sit to it and start praying it won't forget you.

Jason from New Mexico

I was doing research for my Cultural class and found this site. I think this is a wonderful site. You have done a great job. This knowledge interests me, to say the least. Thank you for making the information so clear and inviting.

Crystal, TN

While my blood roots to my tribal heritage may be weak my spirit is strong. I have been guided by the principles imparted to me by the holy plant for over 40-years now. Sadly, today I am in great need of healing and ask my brothers and sisters for help in locating an NAC in my area. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to hear from anyone in the church here.


siyo, my fellow brothers and sisters of the original peoples, i to beleive in the old ways. always walk in beauty, and never let the wasiccu win. stand strong in your hearts and stay true to your heritage. be forever proud that you are AMERICA!!! keep the ways!!! jessi N>M> <USA< >>>>~~~~~~>>>>

from the J

hello i would just like to say that nac meetings r a way to go..i love my way of life and nac ceremonies helped me alot..i like the fireplace and the medicine. it showed me a good path to go...thats all i have to say..thank you


I have made you my hompage for some time now, what a wonderful site. Blessed are all you who truly believe in the Peyote Way and our sacred holy sacrament. I would like to get started with NAC now I live in San Diego.

Best Wishes, Malcolm

Yaateeh!! Greetings from N. Arizona to all NAC loved ones and friends. Just wanted to say "Thank You" for my babygirl's Birthday meeting which was conducted by my good brother Lorenzo, Jr. Thanks for the celebration in song and prayer. Love and prayers to you all!!! Jonavin "BEAR"

Greetings to all relatives, friends, peers, colleagues, all... There is much to be thankful for as we share thoughts at this site. It has been inspiring to read your comments & my hopes are that you all are blessed with all that is good & wonderful. Our sacred plant is real & has greatly impacted my life. I can only be grateful & glorify its presence. Take care...January 2007 Na'nizhoozhi, Loves & TA

I would like someone to direct me and my family as we are searching for my husband's father. All we know is that his father was a Roadman from Oklahoma, possibly a Cheyenne/Arapaho Tribe who use to come to the Navajo Nation around 1955-57 and maybe even sooner and later of those years. My husband's mom passed away before she could even tell him. We don't know where to start, we've been trying to surf the net hoping we'd come across a website to search for him ... we don't even know his name. Relatives have seen him as tall and dark complexed skin and dark hair back then.


Aho to all my fellow members of the N.A.C. My name is Jeff, a Cree and Assinaboine from Mosquito Rez. Prayer's to all members. Meeting on may 16 or 17, Fathers Day weekend, Saturday night. Hope to see you there, and make some music.

My name is Peggy and I live in Sonoma county, which is in Northern california. I would like to join the NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH, but despite my heritage, I do not know anyone who belongs. Can anyone help me please? Thank you.

Greetings to all! My thoughts & prayers are with many who are presently praying & singing for all that is good & wonderful in Texas.

Tiny One

I would like to thank every one that has helped me with my babies from day one. One of my babies is going to be two in January and my family is helping me with plan a meeting. I know that she will follow that path because she likes the sound of the spiritual songs. I myself am trying my best to be a good role model for my daughters even though it gets hard at times. I would like to thank my mother, stepfather, sisters, bothers, and brother in-law for being there for us. I am grateful from the bottem of my heart. Merry Christmas and a New Happy Year to everyone. Thank you the soliders that are fighting for us over seas and may god bless you and your families.

Marsha, NM

Hello! Ya'a'teeh! Hello out in ZUNI .. to my family, Relatives and Friends .. I would like to thank my MOM AND DAD .. MY SISTERS (IZ, SHIRLENE, CHAR, AND JUAN) A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY BROTHERS (CHARLES, SON, JR AND MY BABY BROTHER CARL) for always being there for me, always sticking together and always getting along and as much love that want to expess to you! MY FAMILY.. Want to Thank my Fiance for inviting me to this site .. Want to thank him for always putting a smile on my face and always loving a special thanks and lots of LOVE!! Ervin's 'finance' .. Your my everything and you are my pride and joy! Will always Love you Honey .. Just wanted to express lots of love .. To my peyote People for choosing the poyote road and the holy ones and the great holy creator above who has given me my spirit and soul to walk the mother earth in harmony.. ""CHERISH YESTERDAY, DREAM TOMARROW, LIVE TODAY"" ((TONITONEZ)) Want to say hello to my nephews, brother, and the people on here .. hello and god bless you to .. my nephews .. (Alden and Leland), My Lil Brother chief (Brian), My Brothers (Sam and Andy) Lambert and family (Kindale, Warrior & brothers), Roland and his family, my brother Sammy and the Largo Boys, RIP Hardy and JR. to all the people that I can name on here..To my friends..Marty, Ambrose, Benjamin, Randell, to all my peyote jammerz and helping out with your songs and prayers .. and the Holy Alter .. fire place .. Just all the wonderful things you can say during the morning. Once again Thank you all .. and my greatest blessing to the TROOPS WHO ARE NOT FORGOTTEN AND ALWAYS IN OUR PRAYERS AND TO MY BROTHER~IN~LAW SRGT LARGO GOD BLESS YOU AND TO MY VETERAN AND BROTHER~IN~LAW. STF.SRGT. JOHNSON .. THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE AND WITH YOUR KIDS AND SIS .. MUCH LOVE AND JOY WITH PRIDE AND THE HOLY ONES GOD BLESS .. ONCE AGAIN I LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS TO MY FIANCE ERVIN AND FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE .. love you and miss you! .. I would like to thank this wonderful site .. HAA'G'A'NEE'..


Good Day & Enjoy Your Life.

Winslow, AZ

Greeting and hope you all have a blessed sacared seasion, I would like to join your church, it is part of my journey to rediscover my ansestors. My grand mother was cherokee. I live in Southern California.


Just wanting to say hello and bless all that love and respect the the nature of our planet. I wanted to give love and respect to all, god bless from M.C. !!!

Thanks to this website and all my brothers an sisters, I crossed over today and realized and saw things in other dimensions, just from reading Bear Heart's Book and being on the path a long time searching. Mitakuye Oyasin, Mah Doh Keep the faith


Hello you all! I would like to say hello to all NAC members that I encountered. You are all wonderful. I would like to say hello to all my peyote relatives in all directions. Also my brother Lance, sister in law, neices and nephews, bro J.R, Sisters Invana, April, Erika and Dad. Thanks for thinking about me. You guys take care. And all the rest of adopted relatives on the peyote road. Keep rolling. May the Great Spirit bless you all. Life is short so pray long. My name is Travis. Check out my peyote CD Awakening Voices of Our Future. Im also working on my next album and will be done soon.

I have be going to the Native american church for along time and it is good. I go to church i tokio in north dakota

Michelle, OK

I am so glad I found this site. I just wanted to express - That I have gotten so much help from all the diffrent fireplaces and also the morning star. I will continue to hold this holly herb in my body and mind for the rest of my born days. always Nancy....
nm - usa
Hi! to everyone. just wanted to say that i enjoy reading the guestbook and hearing what you all have to say. i've been attending this church for many years and it is a good place to be. i also want to say i love listening to down south songs from the AZ nation, met some cool people, also lots of love to the crees here and up north.
Mt - USA
Hello to all, I hope that this way will be forever encouraging and keep your faith strong. God Bless all of you. Oh yeah, and hope to see all of you in a meeting somewhere.
ya'at'eeh shi relatives......aho!! It sure feels good to have the rain spirits around here in NM. It has been awhile since we have recieved blessings such as this. I know my relatives must be praying for good things. Keep the faith strong through the medicine. I want to say hello to all my family up in Manitoba and Sask and here in the states. I will travel to your homes again soon. I am planning on releasing my first CD of intertribal NAC tunes sometime this Fall. I don't think I am going to go commercial with this. It will be a private album. I want to thank my loving family, especially my children Alden, Leland, Michelle, Andrea, Amber, and and my dear little Aaliyah. You all make my heart happy.
nm - usa
Greetings !!!!!!! First of all I would like to say Thanks to god and his wisdom and creation. A big A-HO to my brothers and sisters and to my nalis. It's being awhile since I drop a line at this website. Still going to meetings but I miss my love ones. I hope to see my Brother Clint soon. My Ho- Chunks relatives in Wisconsin. God bless you and your families. Hope to hear from you all soon!!! Laters Eld.
Mesa, AZ - USA
thanks NAC would love to hear from family Beagle and Daniels miss you all Noreen
mi - usa
hope all members have a good day in the nac hope you all look out for each other thankyou medicine and god for all the good things we have
yahte'e'h, hello to everyone out there in Indian Country I just thought that I would go and type down acouple of lines saying keep up the good work, keep praying and keep up the good songs. Nizhoni! And also remember, love and take care of your elders. Bye.
I love it because its my religon an because it helps people that have problems and that it brung every body that was sick an needed help in there lives
NAC keep up the good work in all your efforts. I would like to send a yatahee to my two nieces in Arizona, Amanda and Samantha.
hello N.A.C memebers thank your for your kind words hope this medicine will help you through hard times.
Sask - Canada
How is it going out there? Well over here on the Lakota Country not too much mgts. I'll enjoy going to the Naional Convetions in Macy N.E. The State Porcupine Loco Chapter got invited, so I'll be there. I just wanna thank the all mighty creator for the life that I have. I have a 3 yr old Jingle dress dancer who luvs to sing pow-wow/NAC songs. I'm greatfull that I still have my marrige going on 4yrs. My husband Santee and I r blessed with a bundle of joy. Much blessing to every body out there!
Tansi, i would like to say hello to all the NAC members out there. Feels good to live another day. I give my blessings to each and every one of you. Hope it sur-passes onto you. Thank the creator and the maskikiy, fireplace waterwoman, roadmen hiy hiy. This is a very good way of life to live. i like to say hello to my brothers Lance, Maynard and my bro i never saw for along time Travis i know u r out there somewhere i give u my blessings i know the creator is watching over you. Aho peace. Bright blessings.
Hello, NDN country! Much love to all our people! I actually spent the whole morning reading the comments below! Thank you for sharing and allowing others to understand our faith in the Native American Church! I grew up on the Navajo rez with my loving Father and Mother who introduced my three sisters and I to the Native American Church. :) I'm almost done with college and have a car! So Excited! I'm so thankful to the fire place and medicine for giving me the strength, love and faith to continue my education! I will always be grateful to the medicine for what I have. I would also like to thank the singers and drummers for sharing their beautiful voices through cds!! LOL - if I didn't have those, college away from home would have been very difficult! The only wish I have is to meet the Daniel and Benson families! I love your three cds! I always end up taking a drive just to sing out loud along to you guys! haha! Much love and hugs to all NAC members and other good looking NDNs=all NDNs! :O) Heather
Hi this is what i know best back home - fireplace, waterdrum, gord, staff, feather and my songs - but i do a lot traveling i miss it so much
Good blessing to the members of the native american church. I believe this is a good way of life with the right teachings and that we as parents could do a lot for our children. By leading them on the right road and teaching them right and communicating with our children. Communication is the one main thing we need to have in a relationship with our children. my husband has been a member for many years, and i did not really have a religion until i ment him. To this day this is a way of life for my children. This is for "kelly, darrwin, gilbert, tyner and family, and jake from your neices and nephews" hello!!!!!!! And god bless you and may he watch over you for us. And don't forget to stop in visit when youre in town or passing thru.
id like to thank everybody for supporting the Native American Church as it grows and blossoms into the beautiful button that it has become. from the grandson of the late billy r turtle
Lance: Hello, from the doorway in to the doorway out. I'd like to say good morning, It was a good meeting last night, I want u all to feel good today. I'd like to say I am thankful for our first cd. We would be putting out our second volume and dvd this fall. I would like to thank all the fellow listeners for their support and their prayers amd encouragement that made our cd possible. I wish the best for all the children, parent, elders in their daily walk of life. Thank you a-ho. Jr: I would like to say hello to all the nac people out there. Keep it green every day life. Like to say thank you to all the listeners and the people of turtle island. I hope the best for the future and the younger generations to come. Keep a positive outlook on life and what u are doin everyday. Like to say aho to all the people in the four directions.
Lance & Jr
SK- Canada
Hello to all the wonderfull N.A.C members out there i just like to say that Im very happy to come from the holy sacrament and to be blessed with the relitives that I have coming from the peyote ceromonies. I would like to give my blessings to my brothers, travis, junior, lance, thomas and lances brother prosper faithful, lances other brother darwin. I would like to say thanks to burton and anne and their wonderful family for filling me with happiness in their home. hiy hiy.
Sask - Canada
Aho, to all my relations. I just want to give thanks to the Creator for blessing us all with this holy medicine in all of our lives, and for all the holy people who follow the ways of this Native American Church. Without all of these sacred, beautiful people, there wouldn't be a church. Thank you for keeping all of your prayers alive, our children are depending on us to help guide them on this peyote road. Aho Mitakuye-Oyasin
I have been going to the native american church for a long time. I go to church in North Dakota. It is a good place to be.
My Ancestors have spoken and you found me grandfather.....Sitting with my loved ones, healed my wounds, protected my family and instilled compassion living in a judgmental world....Ktsi Wliwni
hey whats up my relatives of the indian nation just wanted to say hello and hope all is well to all our relatives all over indian land i would like to give thanks to out creator for keeping us all in good condition in out of harms way yeah so i would like to remember my brother brian he is stationed out in iraq and i would like for our relatives to remember him in our prayers and his family that he got all his daughters....and to the rest of our soldier boys and girls and to all of my boys that i go to peyote ceremonies with......whats up boys...beegha its been nice going to mtgs with u all u know who u all are hope all is good so have a nice day to every body beegha ahho gaashi ha-na-yo-wa
Crownpoint, New Mexico
Yaho! Yateh, To all the Natives following the red road. Please be good examples and live the teachings. We need Leaders that can live what they teach. I'm Still working to live up to it. My Grandfather helped me through this and am living some of my dreams and striving for other that aren't quiet a reality yet.
PorcupineMesa, AZ
hello, my name is ryan and im 19yrs old. im in japan right now im in the united states marine corp. this fire place you guys talk about is very beautiful. i was raised around it. my grandpa kee is a leader and a very wise person. my dad, Henry is also a leader. a man by the name of gorge gave him a fire place in 1984. the fire place is made for military men & women. my dad ran a meeting before i left for japan. it was beautiful....thank dad (love you). and you all who came and sang your beautiful songs. my mothers name is sharon, "mom thank you for everything, and happy mothers day." yeah.. this native american church is very beautiful, if you respect and believe in it, if you take care of will take care of you. for the younger people learn as much as you can because we are the ones who are going to carry on this fire place. so far i think we are doing a good gob. this guest book is cool. semper fi.
hello... I found this wonderful site after purchasing a great CD from drum-groups and looking up NAC, I grew up in the Native American Church and I kinda grew away from it, in recent years I made full circle with the church and I believe I have found my roots and my heart feels this is where I belong, I love the native american church and being part of it I wouldn't have any other way or live with out.
To all my relations. I have recently moved from my home in Utah where meetings were easy to find to Florida and looking for meetings.
highland beach
Greeting to all Native American Church members, relatives and friend. Hope you all have a blessful time in the teepee, when we pray. God is a Wonderful Creator, who gave us Indians this sacrament, peyote. May that we all keep one another in prayers, especially for those in need of prayers, for our men & women serving overseas. 2006 is a new beginning for many of us who may lost loved ones in the past year. Thank you one and all who prayed for those in need, everyday. My heart goes out to our elders who have taught us this beautiful way of worship. God Bless every each and one of you out there in NAC land, no matter where you put up your teepee, go in and pray for many good things to come about for us. Again, Thanks Mr. Cozad
TANSI!! I would like to ask the N.A.C member's to pray for this family of MOSQUITO FIRST NATION'S-CANADA, who are grieving the loss of a loved one. R.I.P ERNESTINE DELAINE MOOSOMIN ---JUNE 22, 1975 - MAY 26, 2006---THANK-YOU!!

Ya'at'eeh. My name is Rachell. I'm currently serving in the US Army, I'm getting ready for another deployment here shortly. I just want to holler out to my family, friends and relatives of Pinon, AZ. With much love I want to thank everyone for their prayers and their support. And to my family, I miss y'all and I love y'all, mom & dad (John & Mary Lee), my brothers (Lee Boyz), my sisters, and the rest of my Ma'iiDeshghiizhni Family. And to my relatives, "A-HO". May almighty bless our church (NAC), our people and our land.
Pretty Flower Woman
I love the Native American Church very much. I was quite active in Southern California for over five years. I moved up here to Portland Oregon and do not know very many people. I pray that I can get in contact with the church up here.
To all my Brothers and Sisters in the Southwest of the USA, Greetings. So much of my life was spent in the Southwest, working to understand and trying to better the lifes of my Native American friends. For twenty years I studied the lore and crafts of the native Southwest and I have the greatest respect and admiration for the truly inherent artistic skills and deeply felt spiritual values of the true natives of this land.
I have a special and warm salutation to all of you. I am here to place a garland flower of hope in the human destiny. The natural trance practiced goes deep in the collective mind of mankind, there one can settle the events to come to all of us, this is the foundation of the mind of all to come in new generations. Your best feelings are the support for that. May you bless us all, dear one.
You know when we go to meeting - do not let anyone rush you take your time after all you are number one in the circle too! Keep your belief simple and desire acceptable in the eyes of the creator - he does help with everything - miracles happen everyday. Pray for wisdom - respect our elders many of whom need support through their change of life - share and understand and do for them; after all it is their blood that runs through your veins.
hello: to all the good people of this native land. The peyote way is a very good way to grow up. My brother and I just recorded a CD dedicated to our children and our late grandfather Harry Stoney. I would like to thank all the beautiful NAC members that make it possible to live this way of life. "HIY HIY".
SK - Canada
ahho to all my bobbys and ziggys id just like to say ahho to my dad alvin and to all my people in the nac world
Crowpoint, NM
Tansi NAC members!
Saskatchewan - Canada
hey people, how are you, i just wanted to say keep it reel down there, up here we attend ceremonies just 'bout every weekend prayin' for you, me, and our families
Alberta - Canada
well its a good life to live in yup it helps me and my family to pray together each day that passes. I am glad that I am Native American for that it's part my life to live - I am kiowa. its been in our kiowa people for a long time and I am glad that it has been in my people and my CNA relations to for a long time to. thats all I have to say. A-HO!
Hello my people, and all those who see this, I'm currently deployed to the middle east and am currently serving our country. First I would like to thank Mother Peyote for allowing my life here on earth to be this fruitful. I would also like to thank all of you my brothers and sisters through N.A.C. who pray for us and our families - continue the good work and may u continue to follow the Way of the Peyote. Thank You!
Just want to say, Bless you all and the Veterans who are still on the out skirts of the 4 scared mountains. May they come home soon to be family.
The Laughters
Ya'ah'teeh!! I am a Navajo of WR, az. I have never known So many Natives practice this religion. I thank you for keeping this tradition alive. I have been brought up with NAC and i respect it a lot. Oh yea, lol and I am doing a research paper on different origination stories on the NAC.
hello i am from shuswap nation of salmon arm british columbia, i thank u for this acknowledgement site, the nac is a good place for prayer and healing for next generations as well as ourselves, kukstemc (thank you ) to 1 and all take care.
quebec - canada
I have been a musician most of my life and now am a music teacher. I have played several concerts that have benefited the Native American Church and have been deeply influenced by the Church songs. I know only a few songs but love to sing them. I have been invited to sit up but never have. I hope to one day sit up and pray. I just wanted you to know that I have recieved an incredible spiritual benefit from singing the songs, and meeting church members. You have a freind and supporter in me. -Steven
I am a living example that this medicine is strong because it saved my life when I was just a few months old. The doctors had given up on me and put my life in the hands of our creator. The creator must've seen that I have a purpose that was yet to be fullfilled. Now I am on my 18th year of life. CANTE WASTE YUHA MANI (walk with a good heart) to THE MNI WAKAN OYATE and my friends and relatives in the North, South, East, and West
Pretty Flower Woman
I am Native American (Tuscarora). I love your site. How do I get more involved with your "Kiva"? There are not many Native Americans here in Hawaii where I live but some of the cultural beliefs are similar such as the great sense of Family.
Hello my people - I have be going to meetings all my life.
Well Hello to all da NAC members. I would like to say that this is a very awsome site. I was born into NAC and i have made a lot of NAC friends. I also met a very speical friend. I say that because where i come from girls don't really sing. Her name is Larianna. She is from Dzilthnaodithle. I would just love to say hi and i hope we met again. Im a native from NM. i moved because my mother transferred jobs to UT. The peyote has really have helped me through the good and bad. i would also like to say hello to my family members. I would just like to say keep the NAC going and strong. Also to all my relatives i hope we all will sit, pray, and sing in a meeting again. Your Boy, D
I am currently on a search to find myself and strengthen my relationship with the Creator and those within my inner-circle. I am interested in learning more about the divine wisdom of the ancients and learning more about the Native American Church.
To the elders... DO NOT WORRY the young one are stepping up for the future of our church!
Hi, I'm Native American. I grew up going to nac meetings. I have four lovely kids; 2 Boys and 2 girls and i'm married to anglo. He really believes in nac. They go to nac meeting. Thanks for this webside.
aho my relatives, I love the native american church. my family is strong in the church.
ok - USA
Hi, I'm a Native American. I grew up in The Native American Church and I have been going to these cermonies for fifteen years. The young people going to these ceremonies now will lead the Native American Church in the future.
Hello. I would just like to say that I have been a member of the Native American Church since I was young. I started singing when I was young, to. For the people who really know how to sing and they are shy to sing in meetings, don't be. There is always a first time you do something. I am very thankful for the Holy People for helping me and guiding me. I hope all of you walk in beauty and live in harmony. God Bless you all and be safe. Bye. Woohaa.
I have never been moved more from one website as i have from this one. You never know really how bad it is until you learn
Just want to give a shout out to my brothers Lance, Maynard, Travis and all the rest of you. Keep the faith and pride alive.
saskatoon - canada
I just wanted to let my relitives know before they leave this website and go about their business, that they should take time to look at the 'Prayer Requests' page and at least say a prayer for those asking for prayers and those that are praying. Remember the four teachings of the church, Love, Hope, Faith and Charity. Show your compassion and respect your elders teaching and take a look at the prayers. With Love...
Hello to everyone through the sacred fireplace and the sacred sacrament. See you in a meeting soon. I just wanted to let the relatives of the Native American Church know that I will be have a third album out with Kelly and Darwin sometime this spring. I hope that everyone gets a chance to enjoy it. Thanks, Shane
Manitoba - Canada
i go to peyote ceremonies and i am very grateful for the medicine
saskatchewan - canada
a ho to all nac members to all who are away from their family and home for what ever reason you are not forgotten
Ya'at'eeh....Relatives...Ah-Ho To all people that enjoy Life with Family, friends and Relatives....In a Good way Of thinking....Greet one another with respect Please....Talk to one another in a respectful manner....Life will grant you something....No matter if Ya a Rocket Scientist....Even if someone is having a Hard time....Please talk to him or her give them an a advise's....Put your Two Cents into it....Please Don't Put one another down....No matter if Ya Having a good Life....Or Having a Bad Life....Please Think Open Minded....I hope this will help someone thinking....I need help as well....Money Rocks the World....But thats wrong....Ya Think....I think Family, relatives and friends are to the end with almighty The "Diiyiin"....Thank You for listen' to me....Thanks for Men & Women Over Sea's As Well....Thank Them For taking Care Of Us 24/7....Ah-Ho To That....
I would like to say hello and introduce myself - im a seneca on my fathers side and a chippewa cree in my mothers side and i've been attending church services ever since i was brought into this world and i really enjoy going to N.A.C. it helps me out in my everyday life and my dad Gilbert is going to release and album generation 2 generation ..
rockyboy - USA
ola! what a great site..very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!..Bright Blessings
SK - Canada
I just gotta say how much I enjoyed staying here.
A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!
Gooooooood Spirit. Chaaaa.
Aho, I would just like to say good evening to all my relations across the land. I am a recent member of the Winnebago Chapter. Just like to say you all have something good to say. I'm just a young guy but I'm trying to learn these ways. It makes me feel good inside when I go to church, and also when I leave. Thought I would say Hello on behalf of our tribe. Pina-gigi for allowing me to express myself. God Bless us all
a'teeh ahi ke! hello all my native fellow americans. I just wanted to express how I feel. I miss how the fire burns inside the tepee, the smell, and the sound how fire used to crackle, when I took care of the holy fire place. Although my prayers and thoughts are always with me, and with all of my relations, I'm resuming my college degree as a law enforcement officer, in criminal justice here in colorado. And I would also add to that I miss carrying the drum, work the cedar man, aho! to all of the road men on earth.
I have recently been exposed to the NAC with my brother and sister-in-law who live in CO. I just cannot seem to shake the pull to experience more.
Texas - USA
Hello to everyone out there, enjoy reading the guestbook. We will be having a prayer meeting in April on Easter weekend. It will be a thank you meeting for our newly built log church [hogan].Blessing to you all, aho'
Alta - Canada
Hi! Nice site :)
Colorado - USA
Hi. I would like say that I hope you have a good life using this peyote.
I really like this site and I would like 2 say hello 2 all members out there
sk - Canada
Hi everyone! I am looking for a native american church near me. I am from Brasil and I currently live in San Diego. I just found out about the Native American Church through some people that are from the santo daime doctrine in Brasil.
ca - USA
Hello, friends, relatives, and readers! The website is very interesting and a very good way to stay connected with NAC members across Canada, U.S.A and other countries. However, your expressions and experiences with the peyote way of life is totally awesome! I really love everything about this way of life! Thus our hearts that live and breathe this way of life. I must add that the most important value is sobriety and this will help you to clearly understand the true meaning of LIFE! Although, years have passed, I have gained a beautiful family. My role is to teach my children and hope that my sons, The Stoney Boyz will continue this peyote way of life for generations and generations! May the holy sacrament bless you all!
YQ - Canada
Hello to all my native relatives. I am of the Salt clan and my paternal clan is Redhouse people. My grandfathers are Towering House and Bitterwater. I am going to a tech school in Colorado. I was astounded to have come across such a site. It's wonderful. As you well know when you stray from the fireplace for so long, your balance, belief, faith, and intentions teeters in your walk of life. When upon resumption, life begins to make sense and the problem becomes understandable and therefore can be resolved. I for one have come across and lived that fact several times in different situations. And it is the fireplace and the mother peyote that has provided me with this divine path of life. I continue to reach out to my "mother" at all times. To share this holy sacrament in its miraculous ways among humble beings is a true blessing. I am honored to be of my people in this way. With this I hope to learn more songs and sing from my heart. I commend all lady singers for you are the rainbow of each family. I hope you put your esteem in the highest place ever for you are what you think of yourself. You are beautiful for he made you with his own hands. Remember that problems created in the mind can become mass and can lead to physical deterioration. May the Great Spirit be with you always. Aho!
Thanks to all that get a chance to read this message: Keep on praying, singing and meditating with our holy sacrament Peyote. I know our Creator looks down upon us, our children and the people we are close to. Above us, below us, amongst us, we are all one in the eyes of our Creator. Thanks to those who prayed for us when we were growing up, and the relatives that are still with us to this day. Giving thanks to the people for their words of encouragement, time spent reading and enjoying the many messages that were sent to this Awesome web page for all to enjoy. A-ho merci-cho!
Yellowquill - Canada
My name is Harvey,I am from Sunchild First Nation and I descend from the Plains Cree. I'm typing to the people who take the time to read what is written here on this wonderful site. The Native American Church is a really inspiring way of life and it helps to make a connection with God. I am making a recording for people to enjoy, and if you have any interest, it will be called 'Native American Church of Canada - Songs of our People.' Thank you for your time and may god reward you all with blessings of peace and harmony. Pisim Awasis
I am in Kosovo and there a couple Native Americans out here with me. Can you all pray for us and of family.

I want to acknowledge the passing on Jan. 8, 2006 of a dear friend, relative and Native American Church member to the spirit world. Eugenia Franco (Wox Nisischa - Arapaho) passed after a 3-week valiant struggle with pneumonia and many other complications. She was in her early 60's and had been in poor health for a while. Eugenia was one of the early non-indian NAC members in NM going back to the 1960's and the founding of the American Church of God chapter of peyote members. She was a recognized water carrier for many years particularly among the Cheyenne - Arapaho of Oklahoma and knew many of the old timers. She is a beloved mother of two daughters and grandmother of one grandson biologically but the beloved aunt, mom, grandma, sister and friend to so many in the NAC world. She will be missed by so many. We love you Eugenia
Its good to see many NAC'ers out there across this Turtle Island. We remain strong in numbers and continue to grow. To all you young people out there, stay strong, learn your ways and your language, teach it to the babies, keep your prayer, remember your elders in your prayers and the ones who have gone on, pray for our Yukhinulha Ohutsya' mother earth, the fight gets tougher everyday, thank you, big time to the people who are educated to get us on this world wide web, my prayers are for the people....yaw^ko.
Aho! to all NAC members Happy New Year it is good to know and hear all the good words and greetings from all of you out there, especially the ones in the military. As for me, I served in the US Army. I recorded my fifth album, my second CD with Canyon records that will be released this year. I share my songs with all of you to encourage all of us to keep NAC ways going forward for our children. Peace, love and peyote.
I searched the website for anything relating to NAC and came across this site. It is very interesting and gives strength. I miss my dad terribly because he was taken from me February 9, 2005. He was all I had and I have his music that was recorded in the NAC meetings. It gives me strength and helps with the grieving. I am looking for anyone who will give me guidance on the words of the songs. I was raised in the NAC way and my Mother raised me in the protestant religion also. I believe in the Creator and the power of the spirit. My prayers to your good health, happiness and continued wisdom to the ways of the Creator as it pertains to our personal life. AHO and Mii-gwitch!!
Hau, Brothers and Sisters. I am Happy to meet you. I have been searching for my roots and found it!! My Grandfather helped start the church here in SD, but when he passed on, so did the church. But I am here to bring it back and I ask for guidance.
S.D. - USA
Dear members, I am humbly asking for your prayers whenever you all participate in prayer service. I am just asking for a little prayer for rain out here on the Navajo reservation. It's been drier than usual. About 25 to 30 years ago we used to receive over two feet of snow at times and now the earthen dams are dried up and our people are hauling water and the gas prices are eating a hole in our pockets. Your prayers would really be appreciated. I will thank you all when I'm outside saying thanks when the earth beneath me is muddy...........aho
Just want to say Ya'a'teeh! and Aho! To all my relations across the redlands. I really miss attending mtgs. I'm here stationed in Iraq and want to wish everyone a very special New Year. Those of you who pray for us doing our duties, Aho! Thank you! I miss you also my lovely wife Zonbah and my beautiful daughter Shandiin for keeping your faith and being strong supporting me. I love you both. Sorry Baby I couldn't be there to enjoy your first X-mas but Daddy will be home soon to enjoy your first B-day! Love you much! I just lost my father at the end of '05 and it has been pretty rough. Thanks to mother peyote for keeping me strong and helping me get through this stage in my life. Thanks to all who believe and cherish our sacred ceremony, keep praying! Aho! I will be home upon my lands once more!
Aneen It's been awhile since I last visited this site. About two years ago. I now have a beautiful son who is turning two in a few weeks. I will be sponsoring a baptism ceremony for him shortly. I want my son to grow up learning these Native American Church ways. I could not imagine not having the church in my life. I would like to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all of my fellow church members through out this continent... Until next time...
Blessings upon all my relations in this season. Tetawon
Decided to return and check out all the wonderful entries on this site. I want to wish a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all my family far and near. A shout out to my sons Alden and boys make me proud. To my daughters Michelle, Andrea, Amber, and bring much happiness and sunshine into our home. I hope all my relatives are doing Nali Eldridge, my bros Aaron, Jeff, Ed, family in Canada....the Badger family, Daniels family, Teddy, chei Clint and Koletta, my family down in Tucson Steve, Agatha and the bros Steve, Ramon, the Nunez family.......just everyone who have brought some inspiration and encouragement to my family.............aho!!!
I would just like to say that it is good and wonderful that there are so many good and kind relatives. Nice to meet each and every one of you. I know that our way of worship has brought about beautiful and miraculous life experiences. However, at times, we feel lost when we lose a precious loved one. My heart and prayers go out to the Haag family of Oklahoma, and all of the wonderful relatives my family and I have been fortunate enough to make relations with. I also realize that if we just continue to pray, we can make it. We'll be alright again. Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and may good thoughts and beautiful prayers never cease. Ah-ho.
We would like to send out Season's Greetings to all of our Native American Church relatives in the four directions. We hope that you and yours walk in good health and happiness. We always remember those relatives out there in need of a prayer through thought, good feeling and song around the sacred fireplace. I will be releasing my third album under Sunshine Records. I will be in the studio soon and hope that all of our relatives get a chance to enjoy what I can share through music. Until next time, Shane Patterson
hello to all my native brothers and sisters i am of pima, uintah, hualapia, commanche decends i would like to share a dream i had with you, i had dreamed i was at the little big horn with people i did not know, i had seen all the names that were there in stone,and as i stood on the land that was filled with power/strength, buffalos came running toward me as they got closer four horses of many colors stood in front of me and protected me from them
Az - USA
Halito! The Native American Church and a lot of Prayers to the Great Spirit solves a lot of our problems.
wy - usa
Ya'a'teeh, I would like to wish all the NAC members to have a safe new year. May forever happiness and good things happen in this new year that is coming to us. Just continue believing and learning about the fire place. AHO!
Hey all my N.A.C natives. I would just like to say ya'at'eeh to all my relatives. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are going to have a new beginning and it is the time for loving and caring. I have been a member since I was born. My father is a roadman and he has taught me a lot about the holy sacrement. I love singing and going to meetings. I have met a lot of N.A.C members through the fireplace. My sister and I also compose some of our own songs and we hope to have a chance to sing them on tapes and cd's. I would like to give a shout out to the halfred, ricky, berwyn, gary, johnhat and family, and the others that I didn't mention. Well I would like to say that this is a cool website and I would like to thank the creator for all he has done and created aho. Keep going to meetings and may the good lord bless you and you loved ones this holiday season. Laterz, Annie
I'm just wanting to wish all the NAC members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from my family to all of our good relitives.
SK - Canada
I have been on a jounery trying to find answers after my one & only daughter passed over 3 years ago in a car accident. I asked the Creator to please help me find my way. I always knew I had Native blood, but we get so involved in this world with material things we forget till a big tragedy happens to you then it is too late to enjoy life & what it gave you. Now I have started to seek why am I here & who am I. Please if you could guide. I had a good friend Elder Red Earth who passed last year and I miss him. He offered me guidance, now I am reaching out for guidance from the Creator. My love & blessings go out to all. We need to remember to enjoy & accept what we have. Life is short & our loved ones can never be replaced.
Hello to all the N.A.C members of all nations. I"m a Dine from sheepsprings, New Mexico and I have been in the meetings since I was 4-yrs-old. I sing and drum for my dad or my Nali and I like to sing. Hanson is one of my favorite singers of all time. Without the N.A.C, god knows what kind of mess I might get into, so thanks to my dad, my chaii, and my nali for encouraging me to be there, thanks.
I am thankful for having been guided to this site. Many Blessing to all.
I walk where I go. We all should. You will find the real meaning in your life through the pain in your feet.
A-Ho A-ho, don't hurt to "A-Ho" too many times lol Relatives, Friends, and shi buddies !! I greet you with a hearty hand shake and a hug. I felt good to hear friend my brother Clint, I hope and you pard are doing well. Ya'Teeh Shi relatives!!!! I like to say A-Ho to all my Budders n sistas My Nali' Alvin, God bless you and your family. My Brother Clint and his family God bless you.. My nephew Ervin and Mike, Stay out of trouble... (no Wa ka ho) ways lol... All my other relatives that know me, god be with you and your families... Also remember our soldiers in your prayers, the mourners, the sick, the elders, and the orphans.... And don't forget yourselves... laters, Eld
This is the most interesting website I have come across. I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the wonderful Job. God Bless To All My Native People, And The Native American Church. God Bless The Military Service Men And Women As Well
Ya'at'eeh to all my brothers and sisters of Native American Church. Have that faith, hope, charity, and love in your hearts and express them while you sing and pray.
I would like to give my thanks. I had the chance to attend some meetings. The first time I went in was a New Years meeting to greet the comming 2003 in New Mexico. I am very very thankfull for this. It has touched me so much and I never will forget these expierences. I would like to thank everybody who did not mind that I am from another culture. I would like to thank all the people who did welcome me in the meetings I did attend. I would like to thank you for the hospitality I experienced regardless on which occasion and where. I have just approached the medicine a little bit, but it already has worked on me in a way that touches me very much. I only can repeat how thankful I am for this. I hope I will have a chance to visit and attend the NAC again soon. May God bless you all!
Berlin, Germany
I would like to say what's up to all my relitives? Whats up! ahho gaazhi! To all the nac members, happy holidays! Hello to all my relitives in indian country yeha sup to my boys in new mexico country. ahho good yeah nice going to meetings with u guys yeha and to all the reitives I know ahho keep up the nac ways. That's all I've got to say ahho hay-na-yowa
I will think about all of my brothers and sisters these holidays in the meetings. I am learning how to be fire chief, so all my midnight water prayers go out to all our members of Native American Church, armed forces, grandparents, moms and dads and children. Stay warm keep the prayers going and god be with you as we walk the road of life from one end of the crescent moon to the other end. Take care.
Hey What's up !!! (YA'AT'EEH), Just wanna say what's up to everyone and say keep ur heads towards the Peyote Road ... "Peyote is my life and well alwayz be .. its my food and cure to lead me in a better life, also helps me in everyway and answers my wants, needs and wishes. Well don't wanna type long, so jus wanna share this with ya. AZ for now keep jammin, praying, and stay in touch with the fireplace...GOD BLESS ......HAY NAY YO WAH !!!!... AHO!!
Navajo Rez - NM
Enjoyed what we've gotten to see within your site. Must return for more exploration. Walk in love, balance, beauty & harmony.
Chief Minister ThunderWolfe, AICC
New Jersey - USA
Blessing to all NAC relatives and Happy New Year
My name is Sis. I am also known as Marilee. I am Snoqualmie. I live in Northern California and would be interested in learning and joining the Native American Church. Thank you. In Peace and Harmony, Marilee
I just want to say Hello on behalf of my family (Late John Tso Family) to all our friends and relatives across the nation. May the great spirit be with you and keep your families safe during the holiday season. We always keep all our NAC families in our prayers. See you all at the next annual conference in June 2006.
I'm a NAC member of Morningstar Manitoba and I just want to say godbless you all, brothers and sisters in the church across the land.
MB - Canada
Check out the just released Meewasin Oma Vol. 3. It is awesome, these young singers are great and wonderful people. They also have a guest singer on their CD ~Gil Tyner~ Hope you all enjoy and pick a CD up at your local Indian store
NAC is my life, way, and happiness. I truly believe this to be a love sent to us from the Creator. The medicine is so real, and I respect it with my whole heart. I am a humble human being but the good of the Peyote is what helps me to be who I am today. I am proud to have these teachings, and I will always honour this way. I love all my brothers and sisters of the NAC, and I pray all good things for us all...always!
BC - Canada
Note to 'seeker of light' Your recent mail is of interest to us but did not contain contact information. Please reply with email or phone number. - Elders

Hello & Ya'ateeh. I would like to share some wonderful and wise words we have heard along our journeys. These words were said so powerfuly by such a young person that they are forever in our hearts and minds. So I would like to continue to share that wisdom and make these words heard all over the Native World. Aho' *~ "*Honour Your ELDERS ~ Respect Your PARENTS ~ Love Your KIDS*" ~*
Danita & Leander
BC - Canada
Just to say hello to my NAC friends and family, that the church is a very special place. The prayers and songs have helped us through a very difficult time in our lives. My husband grew up with this way and introduced it to me about 6 yrs ago. If it wasn't for this way I would not be here today. I hope that each and every one of you, that your prayers come true and bless each day that is brought to us. Just take the time to think of all we really have in our lives and be thankful for everyting... I know that I am thankful that I can walk, see, and be able to spend each day with my children, husband, family and friends. Aho
SK - Canada
Thank you "Doc." for your gracious information and your time in sharing this with me! I have really enjoyed learning, reading, and understanding the Native American Church. Keep in touch!
AH-HO!!! Well relatives I'd like to greet you all with a warm, heart-felt hand shake, door-in to door-out. May your family and friends be blessed with many blessings in life. May you always "walk in beauty" AH-H0, I love you, stay strong! ~\\\AH-H0///~
GREETINGS TO ALL MY RELATIONS! I would like to say what a pleasure it is to find a site like this one on the web. I have never seen so many people from all over sign this guestbook and I must say I was speechless. I was raised around Native American Church and had many meetings which I am thankful for to this day. I miss going to peyote meetings and will attend one on Veteran's Day with my mother and father (my Uncle, Billy, will be conducting the meeting). I am truly blessed for having the peyote way in my life and I have learned much from it and am still learning to this day. I hope to meet some of you as we journey through iina' (life). I pray for all of you as you journey through life with your family and loved ones. May the Great One always protect you.
I've grown up without any traditional religion. My parents left it open to my curiosity. I strongly value the Native American beliefs. I am of Iriquios and Seneca ancestry and have always felt it strong in my heart. I hope to become closer to those roots and continue to grow spiritually.
I am Ute/Mexica and I have been trying to find how to say my Indian name in the native language of my ancestors. My father gave me the name of Sunshine before I was born. Any help would be appreciated.
I have been eager, almost pulled, to learn as much as I can about the Native American way of living here on grandfathers world.....I don't know what it is, I cannot help myself, it has been this way from a very young age. I am currently trying to learn more about the teachings of the Native American Church.
Just wanted to give much love to my NAC buddies in Arizona. To the Salabye's, Corn, J. & family, Nelson, the Thomas boyz and the Yazzie's. May the Creator bless you all. AHO!!
Hello all, whose spirit is truly in harmony with nature! I have always lived the beliefs of the "NAC" - even when not realizing it. I am part Chickasaw (n/w Tennesee). My kiva consists of only myself, my son, and my "blood brother" since childhood, and I yearn to know others with the same heart as myself, here in southern Indiana.
Hello 2 all Native American Church members out there!!! May god bless and watch over u!!!!
SK - Canada
Ya'teh my name is K. and I'm Dine'. I've recently been going to peyote meetings and express my feelings to all of the people in there. I love going in there with my family and singing the songs, trying to stay up all night. I want to sing to my friend Susie. Bless you all natives! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone. Your web site is really cool. I like it a lot! My friend Lynn goes to NAC. She is a great person. Take care everyone. Love susie.
Well here I am in Calgary all my Brothers and Sisters. I came home this past weekend just to find a meeting and some prayers and I wasn't dissapointed. I would like to thank my cousins. If you know them then you know that they are good people and I am glad to have them as family. I was grateful to be home. When I am away from home I know now there is always a home for me at the fire place. I can't wait to go back.
SK - Canada
~Hello everyone~ I am of the Towering House Clan and born for Near the Water Clan. Originally, I am from Bread Springs, NM and I grew up in Kayena, AZ. I am eighteen years old and currently attending Arizona State University. I would like to thank all of you for your heart warming comments about the Native American Church (it brought tears to my eyes.) Being away from home is very difficult, but when I found this site and read each comment; strength came back within me. I am so thankful to have the NAC a part of my life and a part of me. The medicine, the songs, the prayers, has influenced me to be a better person and to be a good role model to those who look up to me. I thank the Creator for listening to my prayers each morning and answering them. Please continue to carry on the sacred fire within your heart.
Hello brothers and sisters. It is so nice to know that you are here. I never felt I belonged anywhere until I went to visit my mother in her homeland - Alaska. To see all the beautiful faces that looked like me was such a joy - I cannot explain but am sure you understand. Again, so good to know you are always here. May the great spirit send his blessing down upon us all.....Toots
I would like to thank the Nation for maintaining the Native American Church throughout many years. I know that it hasn't been an easy task and I would like to know if there are any plans in the near future of expanding the NAC to other localities, specifically the East coast.
Germantown, MD - USA
Being There with you.
Indian Wells, AZ - USA
Thank you so much for this web site. I recently found out I am of Seneca descent and could not find information on the sacred that sang to me until I found this site. I hope to learn more about the NAC. Thank you
Hello everyone. I just happen to have found this site as I was browsing & searching for Genealogy sites. I'm so impressed to have read so many wonderful comments from everyone on this site. Rosa
Hello everyone!!! just thought i would say a few words about my Brothers.......I would like to thank the Creator for allowing them into my life and allowing them to teach me about the Native American Church. Kelly and Darwin have been teaching me this for the past 5 years and it took me 4 years to attend my 1st meeting or was beautiful. The music and prayers help me in many good ways. I learn something new every time I am with them because, in their eyes, they are still learning and passing it on to me......thank you, and God Bless
Sturgeon Lake, Sask - Canada
Really great content.
Rome - Italy
This is my first time on this web site. I enjoyed reading the entries from others. I am part Native American (IRIQUOIS). I also enjoy all the beliefs and lifestyles of the indigenous people of the American Indians.
Searching for any living family members that maybe descendants of Nost Jack, Julia Ryce (Rice) or Jackie Jack; all from Utah and of Native American descent.
I am 23-years-old. If it wasn't for Peyote and the Native American Church, I wouldn't be where I am today, Clean and Sober for the last 7 years. It has changed my life and way of thinking. This is the only way I can explain my practice in the Native American Church. Love. Peace. Hope. Charity.
Greetings to mis hermanos y hermanitos Chippewa in the Sault area.
Oaxaca - MEXICO
Hey everybody.....I am a seminole from Oklahoma and go to college at Haskell University in Kansas....I really wanna talk with some elders, and maybe go to a ceremony....Aho
hi to all my relations - I miss our church
Aho...YaaT'eeh...Tansi...All my relatives on the red road. I'd like to say hello to all of you from the door way in, to the door way out. I'm from the Western Agency of the Dine' Nation in northern Arizona. I've been close with this sacred way all my life. I thank the Creator and the holy medicine for all the wonderful blessings to all 1st Nations people. Most of all, I owe a lot to my family of the Dine' Nation and the Cree Nations for all their support over the years. I encourage you all to be the best you can be, each and every color of gods creation, walking this ceremonial road. Take care of this!! It is very sacred and powerful. Until we meet..ALL MY RELATIONS...AHO!!
I am really impressed, in your guestbook, that there are so many people who have so many connections in Native American culture and family backgrounds. I hope to find out much more in the coming months as I read all your web sites. Regards - Alex
Edinburgh, Scotland - UK
Thank you "DOC" for everything you have taught me. I'ts been a while. I hope to see you soon. I'ts a good day to be Indigenous!!
ya'ah'teeh shi buddies...I'm a Navajo that lives in Rochester, Wa. I have been singing and drumming since I was 5-years-old. I always carry a drum for my brothers, I compose my own songs and hope that one of these days you will get to hear them. ah-ho thanks!
Mother Earth!!, WA - USA
Ya'at'eeh to all my relatives....I am happy to read all the wonderful entries written from your hearts. I hope there is an end to this turmoil happening across the waters. Many of our native brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles, and aunties are sacrificing missed moments with their families and loved ones. Keep our military personnel in your payers. Hey-ney-yo-wah!!
Ya'ateeh to all my relations from near and far. It is great to know that many still practice the ways. I was born into this tradition. My grandfathers, father, uncles, and aunts are still teaching me new things every time I enter a meeting. Thank you Creator for everything you have given me and everyone. Thank-you.
To All My Relations. Thank you for this Native American Church (NAC) website, with all our relatives signing their feelings and thoughts. My Son-In-Law is preparing to be deployed into the country of Iraq with the US Marine Corps based out of Camp Pendelton, Calif., he had his NAC meeting and many of my relations helped with prayers and songs.
It's good to be acquinted with such wonderful and humble people from all different tribes. I'd like to express my appreciation to this wonderful way of worship (Native American Church). Keep it up. Give thanks to the Creator and this Holy sacrament. A-ho
I hope some of you will become amateur astronomers and enjoy the wonders of the universe. I forgot, then one day I looked up and realized that we are here but a short span out of eternity. We could spend every day involved with the mundane. Yet, we are still here today, so let's look up at the splendor of creation and remember to take time out to look around and enjoy the natural beauty of creation while we are here. Every moment we are here is a blessing to experience. Blessings to all!
The last time I wrote in here, I was 17. I will be 20 soon. Through the past years I have stayed close to the fireplace and the teachings. I learn from the old people, my parents, and even from those younger then me. I graduated this past year, although it was a long and tough struggle, through prayers, I did it. After graduation I gave thanks in a meeting my dad ran. I sponsored it. We ate well. I am happy for all my accomplishments and I thank the Creator and the medicine for being so kind.
I have been reading the comments and am filled with hope and joy. I so want to join you on the red road. I have been studying and learning about my Indian heritage. I am of Native blood, but do not yet know what tribe I am from. I am searching to know.
Florida - USA
It is in the thoughts, in the songs, in the drum. A new thought, a new song, a new dawn, Beginning of an ending, all is Beautiful. Through the tears, shines my sun, Through my laughter, tears of joy. A memory she is, always a part of me. Today I am me because of her, my mom.
A'ho brothers and sisters. I hope all is well for everyone. Just a little reminder to keep friends and relatives in prayer
I have never felt more at home than when I am in the forest and I have had prophetic dreams since boyhood. I know that I have Cherokee and Creek ancestors but I also know there are others. There is an empty hole in me and only when I am at one with nature or when I was young hearing of the lives of our ancestors, or the lore that survived in other stories does that hole feel even partially filled.
Ya'at'eeh, hope everyone is everyone a good day today. It's good to see so many relatives make use of today's technology. However, wherever we go or whatever we become, remember where you came from and who helped you to get there. Have a good day and God bless! Ah-Ho Gaashi!
Thank you Creator for the compassion that is still demonstrated by all of our indigenous peoples and their surrounding neighbors.......thank you Creator for 'grandfather' and the healing that is given so generously...thank you Creator for allowing my relations to guide me to the tipi...and most of all for leaving the door open to be with the fire.......AHO
My name is Rena. I am 9 years old. I love to listen to NAC music and I can sing. A special shout out to my uncle Juan and my auntie Rachel who are good singers, to my grandpa's Johnny and Chaske, and to a special person who raised me to always believe in the NAC. May God bless you all!
I feel in these times of endless choices, distractions and even turmoil, that it's important to recognize the connection. The native way is knowing that we own nothing, everything is gift from the creator. He is in everything and in all of us. We all bleed the same. If we watch and listen to things around us, we can practice reverence and learn our lessons.
eaaaah Good. Like some of our grandpa's say, "It gets hard sometimes (trials and tribulations of life), but in the end, you Come thru it!" A-ho!
I just wanted to say to everyone that follows this path, they know it is hard but with good guidance we will walk strong and straight
Hello all ya Native's. It is so great to read about the good work this holy medicine has provided for everyone. May the Creator keep you all safe!!
I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to sign the guestbook. I am a NAC church member and was born into this way of life.
God bless all of our Native American Church members.
My husband's great-grandmother was an abenaki from north adams, ma - I would like to find out more about her tribe - so my son can learn about his relatives--CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT THERE
HEAMMAWEHIO, Thank you for having special people remember our elders, traditions, and not forget who and what we are, and who we should be. The strength to have the courage to teach our children of our past and our future.
Raven - Cheyenne
Ya'ha'tey...All my relatives.. May the Great Spirit / Creator continue to bless each of you plentifully... I wanted to express with you, that finding this site is very inspirational and motivating.... to see many relatives share respectful words of kindness, encouragement and thankfulness among each other. I also am respectful and humble with our ways in NAC. Many blessings, Michelle
Hello to all the NAC members. I just want to thank the fireplace that has brought me to my family, through college and the survival of everyday life. I have been a member of the nac since i was young. I recently started learning how to sing which has made my life a lot happier and relaxed. I have a lot of faith in the Creator who watches over my family from Albuquerque up to dzith-na-o-dzithe area where my parents live. Happy New Year to all my family and love you all. I attend meetings often and have gotten to know a lot of people. Good luck to my friends the Canadians and Irvin upon their new release of peyote songs with many more to come. It was a pleasure to have met Kelly and his family and Adonas of canada in the time of the 2005 gathering of nations. We would like to accept your invitation to visit your reservation sometime. Keep in touch. Ophie
Yaateeh to all that live this wonderful way. I would just like to say that I've been a member all my life and have experienced many good things from this way of worship. Everything that I am and everything that I will be, is because of the spiritual nature and power that the holy sacrament manifest. Just want to express to all that use this way the right way and not to abuse it. Keep it beautiful and good things will come your way. Attend meetings for what they are for, to help and for yourself. Keep the good pretty songs alive. Don't ever forget the old ways. take care and hope all your prayers keep you strong.
After many years of denial, my family has finally told me my great-grandmother was taken off a reservation in Oklahoma. I am desperately seeking to learn all I can about my people and their way of life.
Hello! I just wanted to extend a thank you to my family for believing in me and allowing me to sponsor a meeting for myself. I am so thankful the Creator has blessed my with a good job. I am a single parent with a stronger mind and want to say thank you to my sister-in-law) for bringing in the water and saying what you did, it really touched my heart and I love you all. I also want to say thank you to my brothers and sisters who encouraged me to not give up and be strong. And a big hello to my friends from all over, yeah even you Hawaii. If you ever read this, thank you for all you done for us and may the creator bless and watch over you....we'll be thinking about you!! Lots of Love
ya'a'teh everybody how are you all doing me great well yeah i am just writing to you because i like to give my shout out to all the people i have met on the road so i wanted to say hey to the Yazzie family, the Trujillo family, the Lansing family, the Pine Family, the Canyon family, the Gonnie family and to all the other people that i have forgotten to mention all you guys brought hope to see some of you at this years coyote canyon church day or at education day in sheep springs well see ya'll ha go neh
rez boy
Life is something that everyone should try at least once. -- I like your site ;)
Hello all. I have recently learned that my great-grandfather was Otomi Indian from San Pablito, Hidalgo Mexico. I have always classified myself as Mexican (hispanic) but i am interested in learning more about my family roots. I have always been interested in the native american ways of life and have been approached on several occasions by so called elders and have been told interesting things that no one knows of me but myself. I hope there is someone that can help me start my search in the right direction to learn where i come from and the ways of my grandfathers tribe. I also have heard of the NAC now I'm not sure if Otomi tribe would be allowed to become a member but if so i would be so interested in doing so. Mucho Gracias a todos y que dios los bendiga adios.
Lubbock, TX - USA
I would like to say that nac changed my life in a big way. I had a hard time with life and school. Now I have a good life. I started going to nac with my moms bother. Singing and praying got me this life. Thank u all nac members. A special thanks to ANDEREW SR who got me in nac and telling what is good in life. To my mom and dad, thank u for helping me out in life and telling me to go to school and helping me go back to school again. To my girlfriend for helping me the way in life and back to school and back in to dine way of life.
Many prayers and blessings to those NAC members across turtle isle. We have much gratitude to this holy sacrament for our lives. We are facing much opposition here in the inner city; prayers are much needed. With much thanks.
Oliver and Georgenia
Toronto, Ontario
Native American Church changed my life forever. I am blessed to have experienced the sacrament and to be so close to the Creator. I am currently living in michigan and would like to be more involved in church.
Flushing, MI - USA
Ya'at'eeh.... Ah-Ho.... Good Relatives....Good Like Dat' Chu' Know....I wanna thank - God For Giving the Breath Of Life....Ah-Ho....Well first of all ....How are you Relatives doing....I'm Alright....You Alright....Well God Bless you in a Humble Way....Ah-Ho....Well If I said to little or if I said too much....May God balance it out for me....Ah-Ho....May there be beauty before you and beauty behind you and beauty on top of you and beauty on bottom of you and beauty all the way around you and beauty coming out of you and beauty coming within you....May you walk the (Corn Pollen Road Of Life) Ah-Ho.... Respectfully - Ervin
Little Water, NM - USA
I am so blessed to have sat at ceremony with my NAC family this past weekend. We remembered our brother Jesse, who left for the Spirit World a year ago. I thank the Creator that I was able to sit up and offer good thoughts & prayers for All My Relations. I thank my Grandfather for encouraging those beautiful songs, which I was able to share with my family, for the first time in three years. I offer Faith, Hope, Love & Charity to all those who follow this way. May We All Walk in Beauty.
BC - Canada
YEAH!....'AHO!!!!.....ISGOOTLIDATCHUNO!!!! It's spring time again and i hope all is well with each and everyone of you. I would like to extend a great big greeting to my cheii Alvin and my brother Eldridge. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. I hope to sit and pray with you again real soon. Until that day, take good care of yourselves and your families. HAGOONE'
Dear Native Friends, We moved here from Minnesota in Aug.2004 and we been searching for a Native American Church which may be located near Prescott,Az, Can any one out there tell us more about this ? My Wife is of Mescalero Apache Decent. My Wife would like any information about this Tribe would be of great help. Her Dad was born in old Mexico and wondered if the Apache Indians were also down there too? Any information would be very helpful as my Wife is 74 years of age and would like more research on this Any help you can give us would be appreciated.Thank-you and may the Great Spirit be with you always. Hope to hear soon from you Love You All Always, Allen & Juanita
Allen & Juanita
Prescott Valley, AZ - USA
Hello, I don't know a lot about the NAC. I didn't know there was so many....that is cool. I went a couple of times with my grandpa in Rocky Boy. My dad and mom always taught us to live good and pray. Thank you.
I have found a site I will come back to. My father (Dine) was a member of the NAC. I have an uncle well known in the Four Corners area. Even though my father is no longer with us, I listen to a recording made by my aunt which was recorded outside during a meeting, with my father singing. How powerful the songs are. During my days when I am down I listen to this tape recording of my father singing. I also enjoy listening to NAC music. I just want to thank all those who have made CD's for sharing your beautiful songs with us. I am wondering if a woman will come out with a CD of her own.
I'm out here in vancouver bc Canada, I've been a church member for about 3 years now. I truly love this peyote way of life.
bc - canada
hello...just happened to come across this page. I am a ute from ignacio co...also a member of the church.
co - usa
My mother and father grew up in Town Creek, Alabama. It is my understanding that our family has a rich native heritage and I would like to know what tribe(s) came from that area? My father died August, 2004, and he was the last living elder of my clan and he took to his grave a lot of family history. I am desperately seeking my roots, please offer any assistance. Thank you very much.
Indianapolis, IN - USA
yaa'teh shi dine and extended relatives of the native american church of all nations. I'd like to thank the song makers of all tribes and sharing with us your most valued thoughts and prayers. i would like to thank the members of the N.A.C. of canada for sharing their beautiful songs. we invite you and your family to the navajo lands, for our annual conventions on june 24, 25, and 26 of 2005!! a-ho
az - usa
Hello everyone, It's nice to see that are a lot of people out there that go to Native American Church, I was raised with this church. God bless you all.
nm - usa
hello all nac members, it's good to see that there are a lot of members from many different places. I'm a member and i like to attend meetings a lot. I enjoy singing and learning new songs. I'm now in utah and want to meet and learn about other tribes/culture. I just thought i'd share a couple of words with friends.
young chief
utah - usa
Ya'at'eeh my relatives .. I felt compelled to add my thoughts to the list of wonderful entries on this site. I hope you are all doing well on whatever day you read this entry. I would like to say that I, for one, am joyous of all the moisture Mother Nature has shared with us. We look forward to a plentiful Spring for our animals. Let us keep praying for our families, livestock, homes, and one another. Peace be with all.
Continental Divide - USA
Yaateeh, I am of the Bitter water clan, edgewater clan, maternal grandfather is salt clan, paternal grandfather is the Redhouse clan. I am from Shonto, Az. I would just like to say a big hello to all that attend Peyote meetings. May the great creator bless and watch over you and your loved ones.
Shonto, AZ - USA
How-Ho, Brothers and Sisters. I was by accident reading my fathers "Recollections from the Peyote Road" publication on the internet and it made me feel very honored to have been associated with NAC's sacred ground and medicine. Thank you again and God Bless.
George, Jr.
I would like to say hello to all nac members. I am suprised to see how many members there are. I've been told that it is good to share songs and prayers with one another, and learn each others' songs and pass them on to the next generation. I would like to say thank you all and god bless each and every one of you. Aho
Ah-Jo... amigos del norte, le quiero contar que me parecio muy potente lo que esta en la pagina WEB, comparto plenamente con lo dicho, me gustaria poder stablecer un vinculo mas fuerte con ustedes, tambien me gustaria recibir informacion sobre la fecha 21 Diciembre del 2012, que pasara en esa fecha? Un abrazo hermanos y fuerza. AH-JO
Chile - Sudamerica
I give Thanks and Praises to the Great Spirit! I am ever most humbled to know the way of the Good Red Road. I have been attending NAC for over two years. I have met NAC members who were cured of cancer(s), which no doctor can explain. A-HO!
Hello to all the folks across Turtle Island .. Spring is here and soon the Thunderbirds will be calling in the rains .. just wanted to say May you all be Well and Happy in this new season. Blessing to Farley, Chrissie Ray, Robin, Chum, Uncle Shane, Jimmy, Marie, Ollie, Georgina and all.
I would like to say hi and loved ur site. May we all live in peace and get along so our children can grow up in peaceful generations. Let us stop this fighting and get on with life. mitakoson
Vancouver, BC - Canada
A-Ho my dear relatives and sincere greetings to all. It's been quite a while since I visited this wonderful site. I would like to say to my nali' Alvin, it was a good meeting I attended with my brother Leland in January!! I'm looking forward to more to come nali'. My brother Clint, it's been quite a while since I've seen you. The last time was at the conference at Chinle, Az (two years ago). I hope to hear from you and your companion Koletta soon. God bless the both of you. My nephew Fastwolf, hope to hear from you soon too. My Ho-Chunk relatives in Wisconsin, my dad Johhny, my nephew Cory, my uncle Truman and his boys, and to everyone else!! I have to get back to work now but I'll try to check the site sometime again. God be with you and your families. laters Eld.
I want to say A-ho to the Ponca and Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma for your beautiful songs that your people have kept alive. These songs have been passed down from generation to generation. I gives me a sense of peace and joy every time I sing them or hear them. Ahee hee'
AHO,To all of my relations in the U.S., and Native People all around. I've been in & around the N.A.C. All of life. I'm a young person, but I have seen & heard about many wonderful miracles that god bestowed upon our people. Some in my own family, and many others. All I want say to others, especially to the younger people is that we all need to hang in there, learn our ways, because one day younger people will look to us for guidance as we look to our older people. Keep praying and singing to the almighty one. AHO ALDE OK,USA
Thank u for a site that I may learn from. I am new to the nac but I am now growing on the red road. mergwetch
MB - Canada
Greetings, I was very pleased with everyone's comments. It made me very happy and excited for all the well wishers. I was very surprised that I even recognized some people who I have been out of contact with for a long time. May the kind creator continue to watch over us and keep us healthy and happy.
This holy sacrament saved my life and taught me some of my culture, showed me how humble I truly am.
B.C. - Canada
AH-Ho !!! Yeah!!! Good!!.. to all you Native American Church members for your sincere comments on this wonderful site. OH!! and to all you composers, singers, and drummers....keep making musik... ;)
Boozhoo from Minnesota .. We finally have a opportunity to teach people about our ways here in minnesota .. on the Boise Forte Reservation we now have a Atisokanigamig (legond house) that is open to the public, and in the winter the elders tell stories. It is a small start .. but all journeys begin with the first small step.
Hello, I'm a member of the Native American Church here in Arizona. I only go to meetings here on the Navajo Reservation. I would like to go to a different location to attended a meeting, to met new people and here new and different songs. So if you can let me know of any type of conventions going on or if your going to be having a meeting let me know.
Tahnsi!! I just want To thank the creator and our holy sacrament, peyote. Happy New Year to all NAC members out there. May our Creator Bless each and every one of you. Just to let our relations know that we (my family) are going to have a NAC ceremony on behalf of our late mother during mother's day wknd may of 2005, and a feast and giveaway. You are all invited to attend
Hello, all N.A.C. members across the world. Just found the site. Hope to be able to hear from fellow members.

Aho. I want to say that I was raised around Native American Church ways all my life. My grandfather, George, was a road man and ran meetings and taught me a lot about our family fireplace that came from the Kiowa Tribe. He taught us to always respect yourself first and then you will respect everyone else. I come from a great, proud family heritage in the Native American Church and Indian country. Keep up the faith my bro and sis in the NAC.
Red Rock, OK - USA
Have been visiting this site for the past two years now, and reading up on many of the "inspiring messages" from so many people whom I have met in (MB. SK. AB. BC, and the NWT), and in the Navajoland. Thank you to FT and family, who have introduced me to the NAC way of worship - it's very beautiful.
Lutsel K'e, NWT - Canada
Good Site. I've seen quite a few people I know. I have been a member for a while now, and I'd like to wish all my children a Very Happy New Year. I would also like to tell my first grandson; "Welcome to the world Dan #3." I thank god & medicine for you and your life, as well as all my other children & relatives. Hello to my friends, Lux, Chico, Kelly & Darwin, and all you other boys as well, oh ya can't forget Bobby and Archie, Leslie, Kiowa Mike, Billy Boy, and all my other homies from Rocky Boy. You have all helped me out in one way or another. See you all in a meeting somewhere in a good way.
Rocky Boy, MT - USA
Hi. I enjoyed the many great comments made by NAC members related to the use of this "Holy Medicine," peyote. We have an opportunity to educate people who know very little of the medicine and let them know the good and healing it brings to our people. I encourage each and every one of you to continue following this path. No harm can come to you if you follow your prayers. But remember, we, as church members, are judged on our actions, so let's lead a good example. The steps we take are the steps of our children, we lead them by example. The best of the New Year to you all and remember us in your prayers, because we all have struggles. "Meewasin Oma"
Paskwawaskihk Reservation, Sask. - Canada
Great Creator, it's all good, because of your Love, Great Creator. Have Mercy on us and teach us your ways. Lead us from darkness to Light, from death to Everlasting life, Absolute. May the Truth prevail and our Love Be Free and Strong. All my Relation..
Tonasket, WA - USA
aho god bless all and have good and happy new year
pablo, mt - USA
Tan'si & Ya'at'eeh from Hobbema, Alberta, Canada. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all! Once again we have visited this wonderful site and enjoyed reading all your comments, they're really inspiring and humbling. Many blessings to each of you in this New Year. May Kind Creator bless and watch over you. Hai Hai! Respectfully ~Koletta & Clint :)
Koletta & Clint
Hobbema, Alberta - Canada
Hello. I am looking to establish friendship with a bro or sis in the chicago area... I'm lokata and don't know any people or places here who know the ways of our people. Ideas?
Chicago, IL - USA
Wishing this new year brings harmony and it comes painted with beautiful colors to all. Are any reunions or NAC services held in the Chicago area?
Chicago, IL - USA
I would like to say some spiritual words of wisdom to all the peyote eaters. Just to say i like this site, ahho, nizhoniful. 'sup to my brutters quentin drummer boy, ahho, suppo and to lee ahha and all the eagle brutters Aaron, roland, charleston, shane - ahho, bobbies for taking care of the eagle tribe, and to my father alvin, ahho, i would say, ahho, keep up your religon in dloeyazhie, ahho
Crowpoint, NM - USA
I would like to say ahoo to everyone in the guestbook and ahoo to my relatives all over the us and canada. I really enjoy every aspect of the church so i just wanna' encourage everyone to keep up the praying and singing.
Oklahoma - USA
For me it is a blessing reading about your faith. Unfortunately in my country, native people never received attention. And many tribes are beeing "accultured" (aculturadas) by so called "civilization". A.- Brasil
curitiba, pr - brasil
I was wondering if there were any truth seekers in the Anchorage, Alaska area.
Alaska - USA
Pawhuska, OK - USA
Aho, I wanted to say that the Great Spirit bless and watch over our Native American Church and our membership. I really love the ways the Great Spirit gave to us for healing and good health and happiness. Hello to all of my NAC family that I know and pray with, you know who you are. I am putting out a solo album this coming spring. Everything is ready and I hope my NAC relatives enjoy themselves listening to the music. May the Great Spirit be with all where ever you are at all times. During hard times, may you fly with the eagle to bring you out of your troubled times. May the softness of the eagle plume comfort your heart and mind so that you can see clearly. Tunkasina be with you and watch over you.
Winnipeg, MB - Canada
Hello everyone, i just stumbled upon this website and i am extremely interested in this church. It seems to me that this is exactly what i believe in, but i didn't know there was an actual organization that does too.
Hello to all. I wish all of you peace and comfort and a Happy New Year. Not forgetting to pray for those affected by the tsunami. I will be attending an NAC meeting in Watonga and will be sure to remember them and all of you there. Blessings for you are in my heart. I feel like I am going home.
OK - United States
Thank YOU Creator!!!
Carol and Family
Greetings friends and relatives, I hope that all are in good health and mind as we surpass another year. May you all have a successful and wonderful New Year. These are hard times for many aboriginal people and those that are in harms way we the Native American Church must continue to pray and bring hope to all friends, relations, and always remember our warriors that fought and are fighting for our beliefs and way of life, as well as the elders that continue to share and teach our way of life. A-ho--- Take care and may you have a wonderful Seasons Greetings.
Winnipeg, MB - Canada
Skeno, okwanonyo so-o go-gwego...I'm Seneca, Fire chief for many roadmen in area, just had winter meeting in Pearl River last week. Good to see so many relations respond to NAC site. It's all connected...Longhouse, Sundance, Peyote, Yuwipi, Pow-wow, Sweat. Thank CREATOR for our blessed ways!
A-ho, Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my relatives. This year has been a good year to me. I have experienced many beautiful things with this medicine recently and I would like to thank all my brothers, sisters and close friends for their constant support. Also a-ho to my new extended family..the Youngbird's, my new nephew(s) Kealen and Evan for blessing our lives with their birth. Also Many Blessings to my brother Archie ... I enjoy attending your services brother... being around you and your songs, laughter and wisdom that you have. Thank you for being who your are. Also to the Bitsio and Largie's..thank you for the fellowship that you have shown me through the years that I have known each and everyone of you. Thank You All and God Bless. Many blessings to the Russels and EagleChasings, to Lee and relations, to Ben, your wife and children, to the Murie's, to my relatives in Cordilane ID, Tyrone, Jeff and family in Albuquerque, to my brother Cory, brother Chad and Jered..together we make the Four Skins (that's a big shuck). Irvin and Family, and to all my other Nephews in Naschititii, NM...You are all turning into fine young men and I am proud to sit next to you. To all other relations that I have not mentioned ..a big A-ho and blessing towards your way. GOD BLESS EVERYONE
Hello from the newlyweds, and many prayers to Buzz for conducting our NAC wedding ceremony August 28, 2004. It is so wonderful to see that there are so many brothers and sisters in the NAC, and from so many places. We are glad to see there is a place on the Internet for us all to be together. The holy medicine "Peyote", is so powerful to unite us this way. I (songbirdwoman) did not grow up with these teachings, but feel ever grateful to know this way. I have tried many religions, but finally found I can learn my native traditions and still have Jesus in my heart. This is where my heart and soul feels very alive. We pray for all the Helpers of the NAC to be blessed with good things, and travel safely to the meetings they conduct, so they can return home safely to their loved ones. We will be having our Honeymoon in Flagstaff Arizona, hopefully we will find a NAC ceremony while we are there (not sure of the date yet). We send our love and our prayers to every single one of you. All my relations...
youngredeagle & songbirdwoman
B.C. - Canada
Ya'at'eeh, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my NAC relations. Koletta from Cananda, uncle Bob from the Yakima Nation, Sisters Twila and Chante from the band of Coville Indians, brother Chatoe from the Otoe Missouri Tribe, and to all my relations on the Great Navajo Nation. I hope everything you pray and sing for comes into reality with the coming New Year. May god bless all your veterans and soldiers during this holiday season. I also hope that all families with soldiers in Iraq get the many blessings that they deserve for sacrafices they make and may God touch the hearts of those who have lost the ones they love and bless them for the greatest sacrafices they have made. God Bless you all.
Inscription House, AZ - USA
Sweetgrass Prayer

Creator, maker of all that is good
I wash my eyes to see the beauty in all of creation
I wash my mouth so that I choose my words with care
I wash my hands to create and be gentle
I wash my legs so they'll be strong to carry me through life
and I wash my heart to be kind, loving and forgiving

All My Relations
Saskatoon, SK - Canada

Greetings of Happiness & Health during this Holiday Season to all the relatives across this Turtle Island. To all the Roadmen, Fire Chiefs, Drum Chiefs, Cedar Chiefs and Water Women may Creation Bless you and your families for all the good work you do wherever you are. To all those who pray at the Sacred Fireplace with the Holy Ones Bless you and yours. Peace A NAC Sister
Toronto, Canada
Well, first I'd like to say that I've been introduced to the Red Road since I've moved to the Southwest and I've never found a stronger connection to mother earth and all of creation. And I'm asking The Great Spirit to guide me futher down this road despite the hard lessons that it provides. I was wondering of how to find out or to get information about the N.A.C. to be able to join or attend prayer meetings? May the Great Spirit watch over all of us in this changeing times! AHO!
Moab, UT - USA
Hinton, OK - USA
Hello my NAC brothers, sisters, Roadmen, drum carriers, fire keepers, and water women. I just want to say that I thank the Peyote medicine and the preyers of the roadmen, who gave us the strength, health and happiness to do the things we enjoy. I've been a part of this sacred sacrement all my life, I guess you could say I was born a NAC member. My mother is a member, my father is a member, as well as a peyote singer. I would also like to extend thanks to both my parents and brothers for always being there through the rough times. a-ho Washte Merry Christmas my friends
Mosquito Reserve, SK - Canada
Ah-ho, Skoot Serdom! To all my relatives around the Native Land. Take care of yourselves. We're all Natives. I would like to thank my uncles Andy(Chewy) and Alvin(Moose) and my brutter Alden(Chief). And Leland(Sleepy). Sapo Brutter. Abooboo to my bobbie, Albert (Cowboy). I like going to peyote ceremony rituals around Indian Country every weekend. Take care to all of my relatives. Wish you luck in all of Native Country. Ah-ho!!!!!
Calumet, OK - USA
Hello, I'M here to say that, I would love to one day visit such a place. I feel cold and lonely here in New York City and I'M definatly in the mood to find myself spiritualy. Thanks there be to God for a place like yours in this earth.
Bronx, NY - USA
I would like to greet everyone reading this with a hearty ya'at'eeh. I have read some inspirational entries and wish all good health and strong spirits. A reply to Tanya...I wish you well in your quest to become a United States Marine. I'm sure you will do a good job. If you get a chance, call me sometime. The program I work for is in the phone book....The Gathering Place. Ya'at'eeh to my children. Take care of yourselves. I hope everyone is ready for another round of Winter. May the creator watch over you and guide you on your life's journey. Peace Out....!
Continental Divide, NM - USA
A-Ho, I have been away from the red road for quite some time and I am trying to get back on track. I haven't been to a meeting in quite some time and have lost contact with my fellow brothers and sisters that brought me into the wonderful healing world of the NAC. Judy, I will never forget you, someday I know we will meet again (*!! I have two young children and one on the way and would love for them to experience the wonderful things that great-grandfather brought to me through the NAC. I feel incomplete at this point in my life and I am struggling for direction and guidance especially for my children. If there is anyone in the Chicago area I would love to hear from you!! I love your website and it is wonderful to feel all of the love from all of you!! Mitake Oyasin! (*
Shorewood, IL - USA
My name is Melissa. My grandmother was Lakota and my father part Mohawk. I was adopted at the age of 10. I do not know what it is to be Native American for that reason. I would love to learn.
Palmetto, Fl - USA
thank you for being here to kick the knowledge of mother-earth and father-sky ..i really enjoy reading the knowledge of the elders and all who contribute to your web site hope to visit the church one day soon so i may learn more .to all my relations AHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wichita, ks - usa
Ya'at'eeh. I would just like to say that it's good to see this many relatives who have faith. I'd also like to say "Sapo" and "Ah-Ho" to my nephews Alden (Chief), Leland (Sleepy), Quentin (#1 Drummer), and Shane (Mr. Largo). You all are inspiring and I enjoy attending ceremonies with you guys. Stay in school and make us proud. GO WINGATE!
Gallup, NM - USA
It was so interesting to come across a website filled with so many NAC members and it's amazing. I too, was raised around NAC. Like many of you have said it has helped me to get where I am today and for that I am thankful. I also came across some of the people I know on this website and I would like to say "hello" to them all - Uncle Alvin and Marie and many others.
Pine Hill, NM - USA
Wow, I like this site. I'm a 21 year old hip hop/club/radio dj in Phoenix. I was raised going to the NAC since I can remember. My father is a roadman from Pinon and so is my Nali'. I know that god created me a Navajo for a reason and soon hope to follow in my fathers footsteps. Just want to say thanks to my father for his guidance. Wallace and Marilyn, Oscar and John.

Tansi! I'd like to say greetings to all of you that take the time to read this message. My name is Kelly. I am a Plains Cree of Saskatchewan. I was elected as delegate at large for the N.A.C. of Canada. The Daniels and Benson families would like to send their best wishes to all members of North America. I released a CD entitled Native American Church of Canada - Meewasin Oma. The second album will be released in April 2005. I have a loving wife and four beautiful children. We enjoy praying and partaking of the sacred sacrament also going to ceremonies in Canada and USA. We are planning on attending the Gathering of Nations in April. Darwin, Elmer, Ashley and Adonis will also be there. We invite you to come and meet us. We enjoy meeting new relatives. With that I say A-ho! God bless!
Sturgeon Lake, Sk - Canada
I would just like to say Thank You to all my church relatives who attended our meeting. (Birthday Meeting 11/13/04) I am thankful for our Creator for allowing me to have my children. I enjoyed all the beautiful songs and appreciate the prayers. And, a quick hello to my friends from, Kaibeto, Page, Shonto, Salt Lake City, MV., Yakima, San Fran, Gallup, Crownpoint, Shiprock, Canada......and everywhere else. Thank you.......May our creator bless each one of you.......
Alfreda, Justin, Colby and Kristan
McDermitt, NV - USA
What's up everybody! My name is Cherish. I am the red running in the water clan, born for tangle clan. I attend NAC and I'm very happy that I was raised with NAC. I know my NAC songs, my whole family is with the NAC. I started going to meetings when I was ten year's old. Thanks to my aunt. She told me that it will help you get through everything, so I started going to NAC Meetings and my aunt was right. It really helped me. Now I'm very proud of myself, that I made the right choice. I want to say thank you to my aunt, my grandma, my grandpa and my whole family for supporting me in learning my culture. WOW! I was surprised that there are a lot of people attending the NAC. I hope you will learn more. God Bless You all. I hope your prayers will be answered. Cherish
My name is Keith. I am Cherokee and would like to become a member of the Native American Church.
Joplin, MO - USA
I have looked into the culture and religion of my ancestors. Though I was not raised with the values of the NAC, I am compelled to believe in them after much research. Is there some way for me to attain more knowledge of the NAC and its practices? If so, I am interested in finding out more about this noble society. Thank you for this page to allow me to express my feelings. It must be an awesome force that can sway the feelings of a man after only a months-worth of understanding. Thank you once again.
Cincinnati, Ohio - USA
Ya'a'teeh. My name is Rochelle. I am the Big Water clan born for the Black Streaked Wood clan, my maternal grandparents are the Red Bottom clan and my paternal grandparents are the Red House Top clan. Would like to say HELLO to all my family in Ganado, AZ, St.George, UT, and my cousin brother in North Carolina. I miss all of you guys. Much love alwayz. Well I just came over this site and I thought it was a nice way for the native people to talk about the NAC. I was really surprised how many natives all over the world were in the NAC. I'm glad a lot of natives still remember about our native ways. It's a good thing. Just hope the natives carry it on to the future. I grew up in the NAC ways and I am glad to be a native american. I just hope this will always help me with all my trouble and take all the bad spirits away and let me go back into the NAC meetings. I miss going to them with my family and coming out in the morning feeling good about yourself. So, to all the natives out there, keep everything up and don't let our culture die. Ha'goo'nei to all my Native peoples. NATIVE PRIDE ALWAYZ. Stay up strong, don't let anything bring you down!!!! (R.I.P) My brother Roger J.R.1983-2002 and to my homeboy Malcom (R.I.P) 1988-2004!!!!
Good Days to all the relatives who pray at the fireplaces of Healing and Love. I thank Creation that I found this site. It helps to know you are all out there with your beautiful Prayers. Big Hello to Eaglespeaker family............. Sending prayers to you Brother Wanblee. Great Creator bless us all.
Toronto - Canada
I would love to join the Native American Church. Can someone please leave a comment telling me how?
Teaneck, NJ - USA
Kayenta, AZ - USA
I would like info on the Choctaw Indians . I'm doing a report. Choctaw Indians rock!!!!!!!!!!
Vilonia, AZ - USA
Hello my N A C Brothers and Sisters just saying hi
proud Nakota boy
North B Ford, SK - Canada
Sun Turtle
Cincinnati, OH - USA
Ya'a'teeh Shi Dine'ii. I would like to say that the NAC has help and guided me through life to the point where I am now. I was raised with it and still appreciate life every day. I would like to thank the Great Spirit and all the holy people of the earth. Thanks for the courage and wisdom. Thanks to my mother giving birth to me and I appreciate my late father, and for the Great Spirit giving and breathing air into my body for the creation of my soul. Thanks for teaching love and respect. Dine be'iina' hozhoogo sila- The teaching of our native ways is in good balance of harmony that there shall be beauty, peace, happiness, and love. Ha goo nei.
Ogden, UT - USA
Yahteeh,shi ayaa Gli'yil'dasbah yinsh'ye dine kecho balagaana kecho ayaa Tanya yinshyee. Kiyanni inshlo' hash'kilsh'nii bashaschiin. Klogi da sha che' shuz dine da' sha nali. Quetah ayaa ajikee inshli. Hi my name in Navajo means "one who walks among the warriors" My name in english is Tanya. I am the towering house clan born for the mud clan, my maternal grandparents are the weaving people clan, and my paternal grandparents are the bear clan. I AM 18 YEARS OLD AND A GRADUATE OF THOREAU HIGH SCHOOL AND ALSO THE FORMER MISS NATIVE AMERICAN FOR THOREAU HIGH SCHOOL. I will be leaving for the Marine Corp very soon. I just came across this web site and had no idea about it. But I have read everything that all had to say about the Native American Church. It's good to know that many of you are still carrying on the fire place. I was raised the "peyote way", and I sing my songs and say my prayers every time I attend a prayer service. I also had many prayer services done for me as well. I would like to say yahteeh to my uncle Mr. Alvin and I don't know if the name Steven is the Steven from Tucson. And if it is, Yahteeh to you and your family. I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO THANK THOSE OF YOU WHO PRAY FOR OUR SOLDIERS OVERSEAS. AND TO CONTINUE TO REMEMBER THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS AS WELL AS YOUR SONGS!!-AHEHEE-and HA-HO!
Thoreau, NM - USA
Ya'at'eeh Dine, From Chaco Canyon, north of a place called 'Ashiih libahi' or gray salt area....Hello to all in life....
Crowpoint, NM - USA
Greetings to you sister. We would like to say thank you for the time you spent with our family. It was a blessing for us to come together again at our son Solomon's 3rd birthday meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you again in October. May God bless you and Clint. Our prayers go out to your family in Hobbema, Canada. Steve and family Clay * carebears *
Hobbema, Canada
Hi, my name is Maria & I'm looking for a drumming circle in Albuquerque that accepts beginners; I'm a "transplant" from California & I don't have a car, but I live near the 66 Bus line. I am interested in the healing way.
Albuquerque, NM - USA
ALL of the things talk about, I am feeling and it makes sense to me. We are so much more than just physical beings. I have tried to treat others as I would like to be treated, with love and respect, and as I am getting older, I am not so prone to anger. I try to focus on love and harmony, even in a world that seems to offer only chaos. It is good to find others who want harmony and love to exist still. THANK YOU...
Huntington, IN - USA
Hello! Again, I am signing the guestbook. A special hello to all my friends from Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Manitoba Canada. Especially Ralph & Elaine, Lee & Jake, Elizabeth & Family, Donovan and Family, Sheryl & Family, Olivia & Family, Jan & family, . I haven't been traveling to meetings for about 3 years and dearly miss you all. Thank you all for your encouraging words at times in my life. I have used your advice greatly. I will be sponsoring a meeting for my children, Kristan and Justin on the Veterans Day weekend here in McDermitt, Nevada at my home. This meeting will be to celebrate their birthdays, and for prayers that they will excel in academics. I would like to thank my brother Delvin for all the prayers that he has said for my children and I. May our Creator bless each one of you with happiness, wealth, and love.
Alfreda and Family
McDermuitt, NV - USA
Hello I am part Otoe-Missouria Indian and I am trying to find the Native American Church in or near my hometown area which is Laguna Niguel, California. My Great Great Uncle Truman was a NAC Leader a long time ago. He was known as White Horse and Soaring High. He was a Road Man in the Native American Church. Thank You, James
Laguna Niguel, CA - USA
Greetings from the Great Pacific NW. I'm looking for a meeting in my area but don't know how to find one.
Seattle, WA - USA
Hello. Anyone know of any nac elders in winnebago, nebraska?
Stormlake, IA
Can you tell me what the language that the Anisazi spoke was called?
Ellenwood, GA - USA
Just Wanna say AH-HO to all my friends and relatives. Washdai!!
Gallup, NM - USA
hello fellow brothers & sisters....i am co-sponsoring an NAC meeting Sept 18th, here in Kamloops with my is a thank you for the medicine, the Holy Sacrament, for everything in my life....i will be asking prayers for the next chapter with my companion, prayers for a child, and a good life...
Kamloops, BC - Canada
YA A TEH to everybody. i would just like to say that i too used to think that peyote wasn't for me because i did drugs - yep, what a shame. My Family would have meetings but i would never attend. i would just say i don't feel like it, i will just help my aunts cook, even though i never did. i was so confused and i told my uncle and he said he could help but you have to participate, so i agreed. he and my mom set up the meeting for me and he did the fire. later through the night i started throwing up which i was told was cleaning me. then when the staff came to me i stopped and cried and said that i was sorry to my mom and dad and that i take back everything i did and will not do it anymore. after that i sang even though i only knew 1 set. i got a-hoed after i passed it. i was told to concentrate on how i wanted to be and that it was going to clean me out, so i thought. and then about an hour later i threw up again. since that meeting i have been brought back on the road and am free of drugs. i have been attending meetings ever since then and improved my singing.
Meeting in vancouver bc, dec. 4th 2004. sponsor-eaglespeaker family.
Vancover, BC - Canada
Yaateeh shi ke' doo shi Dine', Tabaaha nishli, kinyaanii bashishchiin, Taneezahni ei di shi chei, maiideeshgizhini ei da shi Nahli. I would like to say that the fireplace has helped me to be the person I am today. I am 19 yrs. old. I was born into the NAC ways. My father is a roadman and my mother is always right next to him. There was a time in my life where i thought that drugs and alcohol were the things for me, that my friends were right and my parents were not. Until one night i lied to my parents and went out. Less than 10 miles from my home, my friends and I were in an accident. I lost one friend. One was 24 yrs. old and now has the mind of a little 2yr old. The driver was charged with murder and the other is a student. My parents were told that I was not going to make it, but they set and mtg. and I was healed. I am now blessed with a daughter and a husband. This is just to let you ALL know how powerful the fireplace is and what it can do. Take care of it and pray often...your prayers are heard.
Ha hogazhii, ya'ateeh to all NAC members. We also agree with everyone's comments about how the NAC has helped them. The way they enjoy the songs, attend family meetings and share prayers with loved ones. We were brought up to appreciate and respect the instruments and the fire place. Mother peyote is here to help you and guide you through life. We would like to express our greatest appreciation to see teens, college students and our native warriors on website. Diyin hihil holoo doo, Our prayers are with each and every one of you. Nihi dine'i hazho'i nidaakai. Aho!! 8/22/2004
Nate & Steph
Dine Rez - AZ - USA
I pray for guidance, for a good heart, for all my relations who find themselves oppressed by the system. Father peyote will help if we strive to overcome for our sake as well as our children's future.
mccamey, tx - usa
I am a single parent with three children. It's hard but the native american church has given me courage to move on. I have always heard the beautiful songs the saddleback girls sing and would like a tape, if possible, to help me in my difficult time to clear my mind.
mv, ut - usa
Great site and guestbook. My great grandfather, Albert, of Winnebago Nebraska would be very happy to see the Native American Church on the World Wide Web!! Keep up the wonderful work! Best Regards, Robert
Yaateeh' Shi Ke' Shi Dine, My name is Pam, I am Waters Edge born for Towering House, my maternal grandparents are Coyote Pass Jemez Clan, and my paternal are the Tangle people Clan. I am from Vanderwagon, New Mexico, which is 15 miles south of Gallup. My little sister and her husband recently moved to Denver, Colorado to go to school, and I would like to know if there is anyone in the Denver or surrounding areas who has a residence where my parents would be able to conduct a prayer service for them. If so, please contact me via email. Ahee'hee. God Bless your hearts and families.
Vanderwagon, NM - USA
Ya'at'eeh doo Tansi to my Good Cree Friend in Rocky Boy, Mt., Theron. I wanna thank you again for your prayer service for my daughter, your niece. My family sends their greetings to you. I hope you and your dad are doing good. I hope someday, you will come back to MV area and do another meeting, catch up and visit. All is well with me, still working at same place and go home and visit the folks. May Creator bless your path each day and Mother medicine keep your faith strong. Our paths will cross again. Hagooneeh!
Mon. Vly, AZ - USA
this is so cool to see so many church members alive and well here in america. i first learned of the NAC when i was 16 and that first night i still remember. i've been to many more since then and i always learn something new every time. i don't go as much as i should, but i keep it near to my heart and talk to my children about it.
el reno, okla - usa
Hello. I don't know much about the NAC but my sister's boyfriend is a part of the NAC. I am half Navajo/Shoshone. I have other traditional beliefs but having our Native ways is such a good thing. I have two small kids and I teach them my traditional ways. Thanks for your time.
Bless the essence of the Creator which flows through our veins and awakens our spiritual centers to the light of truth. The heart of the Creator shall propagate the impending transcendence that awaits the warriors of the soul. The healing of our Earth shall commence upon the gathering of our collective consciousness into the memory complex of our creator. The self is a part of the greater whole. Steven - Cherokee
Maitland, FL - USA
Hello. This is all new, yet not so new. Where can I meet some of you? Close to the Chicago area. Thanks.
Batavia, Il - USA
I'm a full blood native american. I'm learning so I can tech others about the Great Spirit, and show our children the truth of our way. Great Spirit be with you all.
Freedom for all indigenous people.
Luzern, Switzerland
a dream of 12 names, only two of which i can remember, delphine and eliezha, brought me to this place. i don't know why - but maybe someone here can enlighten me.
fla - usa
Ya'aht'eed Brothers and Sisters of the NAC. I want to express my deep gratitude to Creator God, this NAC Way and all the Elders who kept the Ways alive, despite the persecution and genocide, for all of us that receive the Blessings through the Sacred Medicine. I am especially grateful to the Medicine for healing my wife of a, so-called, incurable debilitating disease and restoring Life to her...the ultimate gift! Thank you for this web site! It is so inspiring to hear the heartfelt messages and encouragement as well as reading about the people who have rediscovered their Native Spirituality and how it has been such a positive impact on their lives and the well-being of their families. Again, THANK YOU Creator God for making a way for this person to pray in this manner and to be associated with so many wonderful people. A'ho
Rimrock, AZ - USA
Keep sacred the medicine. Keep sacred the experience. Medicine Man, lead your people in the ritual. Heal them. Let no acts of men hinder our journey to spiritual health and understanding.
Seattle, WA - USA
To my fellow NAC members, I have read many of your comments and I am also Thankful. Thankful also to my parents and grandparents who raised us with much respect. I was born into NAC and taught the meaning of not mistreating one another. Through the NAC, I saw a lot of unexplained happenings. I think of how special this holy medicine is. I have no words to say how I feel about NAC, only that I want to be there every weekend, trying my best to help myself and others around me. They told me to always say thank you, don't forget Marie, my father would tell me. This fireplace is very fragile so take care of it, as it does take care of you. God Bless You. Marie - navajo/cree
Albq, NM - USA
First of all bless All. I just recently found this web page and I think it is great to have a web site for the Native American Church. I live in Arizona and don't often go home to attend meetings which I miss dearly due to work and school, but when I can, I go wholeheartedly. I grew up with peyote and must say it has helped me and my family tremendously. I find it hard to find people to share the wisdom and its experiences here except for my family. The Church brings a family together and it helps spiritually, emotionally and mentally. God Bless and may you all Walk in Beauty.
Flagstaff, AZ - USA
Ya'ateeh Shi Dine' I member of NAC all my life it has help me in many ways keep up the native spirit and continue your support for NAC.
Salt Lake City, Utah - USA
Hello there from the Apache Reservation: I would like to find out if there are any NAC meetings nearby. And if my children can attend. My children need guidance back into their lives. We are being destroyed and torn apart by the system.
Dulce, NM - USA
Good Morning everyone, I'm a student at NAU getting ready to enlist in the military. I thank all of you for taking the time to write comments, and i am going to need the church more than ever when i go to war. best wishes.
flagstaff, az - usa
Bring no Harm! Fight for the cause of planet Earth through research, information, education and participation. Bridge the digital divide internationally. Promote the welfare of all plants, animals and humans. Promote the use of alternative energy sources and products. Advance a holistic approach to problem solving.
los angeles, ca - USA
A Mi'kmaq from the Northeast Woodlands, Love this site, and all the brothers and sisters! Can you feel it coming? We-la-lin, Muinis
Monticello, ME - USA
First of all I would like to Hello. My name is Henry and I am originally from Vanderwagon New Mexico, which is 20 miles south of Gallup. I would like to say THANK YOU all for having a web site for Native Americans who still believe in "OUR" TRADITION. Many days an nights go by and I wonder what's the best thing we can do for our families and loved ones...[?] At the age of twenty four, who knows how many thousands of years our Tradition goes back. I've always wondered about technology and modern life, how it could be combined...[?] The truth of the matter is, that when I was a teen, I never thought I would know these things. I've always thought my "friends" would be there for me, Now I know. To this day what matters the most to me is my family. My love...My hope...My faith...My charity...That's what I've learned...The balance in this "sometime's" un-balanced world. I came upon this web site looking for something. I believe that something is here and now, so I take advantage knowing someone will feel the same, cause "we" are all alike. I believe this is a true blessing...knowing that technology has found its' way into our tradition - and vise versa...I pray constantly to the Creator to bless the Native Americans with education-knowledge-wisdom-and integrity hoping one day "HE" will help me with the same. I ask him to give us the strength to accomplish "our" daily routines cause...It's not always easy putting food on the table or keeping the house clean. We're always preparing for his presence...When really he lives through "us", inside each and everyone of "us..." I was raised in a home the size of a station wagon, dirt floor and everything, for fifteen years by a single mother. It was always a constant struggle out here and everywhere. My MOM always told me "It's not how big your home is, it's how much love you have in it...I never understood in my teen years, running around drinking, smoking, doing drugs, etc. To this day my MOM has a hogan with an add-on the size of two tractor trailers. She lives there with my sister, two nephews and a niece! The three of us built "our" home in 95' having sheep and horses with the nicest corral in the state of New Mexico, that I built... Now??? I live out here in Albuquerque in a one bedroom apartment with new everything!!! Through all the hardships I've/we've gone through I "ALWAYS" have the NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH to turn to. "THEY... SAVED MY LIFE..." I don't know how but..."they" found me. My uncle has been a roadman for forty years and...I don't know how he get's through it sometime's, when he's sick and all. SO...I just want to share that with you guys cause...You are family...AND...Anything that you love...Hold on!!!Do what you do best, raise your kids as good as you can because...If every MOM is like my MOM the best things could happen for you and your family...AND...I can't forget the DAD'S...No matter what, I can't forget my DAD. Having the motivation is what got me here and now...May God bless him the best way he knows how...The same with you all...May your/our traditions be alive and strong. May we see the light of the mourning everyday for the rest of our lives...God gives us the strength to become men and women for the future of our children and grandchildren...Bless our GRANDPARENTS WITH ALL YOUR POWERFUL BLESSING'S, we wouldn't have gotten far without them...Thank you lord for blessing me with this web site...I know someone will get strength and hope from it... ONE LOVE...
Ya'at'eeh shi k'e....sure good to see and read many kind words on this site. I want to throw a shout out to my children, Alden, Leland, Michelle, Andrea, Amber, and have all brought so much happiness to me. I want to congratulate my son, Alden. You made it son...this is your first major accomplishment. Now you have to think of what you want to do after high school. I would like to congratulate all graduates from high school, college, or universities on this great Turtle Island. Keep the kind thoughts going. Have a great day (or night) depending on when you read this. A-HO!!
Continental Divide, NM - USA
We would like to extend our congradulations to you Alden for finishing high school and also we are glad to hear you have someone special in your life that you can share your thoughts, feelings with. God bless you and may you always have good health, happiness in your everyday walk of life. From us way down south in Tucson at San Xavier mr & mrs steven joe and boys * clay * shonto * solomon *
Crowpoint, NM - USA
Greetings from Lakota country! Iyuha iyuskinyan yaunpi he! Tona ni Lakota na le lawapi oyaki pi hanta iyuskinyan nape ciyuza pi. Ate wakantanka ni ya waste kte. Mitakuye Oyasin!
pine ridge, sd - USA
Blue Gap, AZ - USA
Well, I must say I love this site a lot. I have a question. I'm part Seneca and getting married soon and I was wondering about american wedding vows. Are there any for the Seneca Nation? I want to do something from this side of my heritage. plz help if you can. thank you.
rew, pa - usa
To all you chii'zi's and all the jons of Din'e Nation...glad to read all the words of wisdom. I am full-blooded Navajo from Jeddito Arizona. Live in Denver for years now, my family is very active in to all my brothers and sister's across the world, god bless and take care of yourselves wherever everybody is....Our prayers are strong and are always heard, don't forget...Peace always - Martina
Denver, CO - USA
I am only just beginning to become aware of NAC, and of the real heritage the Native Americans have given us all. I am part Native American, although it is very difficult for me to obtain exact information, I feel I need to gain more knowledge, and in so doing, I will know myself better. I am thankful you are there.
Vernon, AL - USA
Ya'ateeh and good morning. I'm Edgewater born for Bitter Water. My cheiiz are Red house people and Naliiz are Towering house people. I am looking for NAC around the Phoenix area. I don't have time to go home and attend any meetings for educational reasons.
Mesa, AZ - USA
Hi! How are you? Hope everbodys OK mentally and physically. I want my Grandma To be OK and keep your family in mind and watch out for each other.
Kansas City, KS - USA
Hello, I have been a memeber of the Native American Church all my life. I would just like to say "hello" to all my Brothers and Sisters of the Native American Church. So "Hello". Miigw'itch (Thank You) and Enjoy and Live Life to the Fullest!!!!
Spirit Lake, ND - USA
HI! I am of the towering house people caln born for the salt people clan. I have been reading this web page from time to time and the native american church has helped me a lot in the past three years, with my mom's death and all. It has helped me out a lot.
Grants, NM - USA
I was just checking out what kind of web sites would come up for NAC and came upon this one. I took the time to read through most of of the visitor entries in the guestbook. It was rather interesting to see how many people across the coutry and even internationally visited the site. I am a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin. I was raised with the beleifs of the NAC. I beleive that it is the Creator that has blessed us with this way of worship. I have much respect and am very thankful for these blessings. All glory and praise to the Creator for the blessings we receive. May God bless and watch over each of you.
Ya'ah'tee to all my brothers and sisters of Native decent. I've read this page time and time again and its wonderful how this room is always filled with so much love and compassion. Its amazing how the fire place can bring so much together from all parts of the world and just have a feeling of belonging and family. I was raised by the fire place and the peyote, but lost the path when my father who was a roadman stopped doing his meetings. He lost touch which in turn, we his children and his family did. I finally got him to run me a meeting when I was 25 going on 26 for personal reasons, my family all attended and we were over joyed to see him do this. It brought tears to many eyes, especially who his brother who helped him thru the whole meeting. Since that time we have not gone back. But we, meaning my family and I will go back, guaranted. Thats where we belong, thats all we know. I just recieved word from my lil brother yesterday who called me and told me that my father will run a meeting in my home town in Dine' Nation (Navajo Rez). I was so elated I cried after I got off the phone, so this is where my happiness brought me. I wanted to share my happiness with you, my brothers and sisters, and ask that you keep my father in your thoughts, prayers and songs, so he can continue back on that wonderful road of healing himself and others. May all of you Walk in Beauty Forever Always. Thank you in advance for your blessings.
Dine' Nation - AZ - USA
We enjoy the N.A.C on the omaha nation rez. Even though we are from Lakota country. We enjoy both N.A.C's on both sides. We are sorry to say that the omaha tribe has lost one of the most respected roadman on the rez. Valentine Parker Jr. He left this world on the 18th of May. We send our sympathy to the family and to the relatives. Mitchell is in charge of the services. May 21,2004 will hold church service on his behalf. Thank you for your attention. May the creator be with us always.
Harrison, Terry, Glen
macy, ne - usa
Its so nice to see there are a lot of NAC members out there. I am Navajo, and serving here in Iraq at the moment. Just reading all the entries in the Guestbook brings back alot of good memories, and how much I miss going to meetings. I didn't get to come home for my meeting, but my mother and father held one for me, and I am so thankful to them. I know I will have a safe trip here and back, and next time year this time I intend to be sitting in a meeting again. Thanks for all your prayers and songs.
Bagdad - Iraq
O'han I wanted to say that I'm pleased at some of the stuff I see. Don't misuse the medicine. Much love, Keep it spiritual, keep the growing, going. aho!
Pine Ridge, SD - Native America
soon the star people return, to restore the balance. you red warriors/star people blazed along trail through time, great waiting almost come to end.
taz - australia
hi, my name is summer. i am from canada and have been in oklahoma for awhile. i was born into native american church and haven't been to a meeting for 10 months. my dad told me that there a lot of nac members here but i haven't met anybody and i would really like to go to a ceremony very soon so if any one can help i would appreciate it very much because i am lonesome for my family and for nac.
tulsa, ok - usa
I am a member of Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. I work with an Area Youth Ministry.
Hamilton, AL - USA
Doc, Thank you for opening my eyes. I have been asleep for a long time. I forgot how important traditions are to family and friends. Your talks and stories of grandfather have helped me be a better husband and father. Thank you
St Louis, MO - USA
Hello everyone, my name is Joel. I am of Piscataway. Every time I look through any NAC web site, I am glad there are people who can still see the earth as a living energy, rather than some stomping ground for our [civilized man's?] minor disputes.
Piscataway, NJ - USA
Wow, I'm so touched by how many NAC members there are on this great continent. I am 21 yrs. old and have attended meetings since I was a little girl. Hearing my grandpas, uncles, brothers and sisters sing and pray brings a great joy in my heart. I will always cherish the wise words that have been spoken in the meetings. From great roadmen, elders, and everyone else, A-Ho!! May the lord bless each and every one of you in a life of happiness and strength..
Flagstaff, AZ - Native Country
I didn't think I would ever find a web site like this. I live where there aren't many native americans. I grew up going to NAC & was surprised when i left there & moved here with my family how most white people were against peyote. I would just like to say THANK YOU. Now I have learned something new today.
chino valley, az - usa
Hello to all you NAC members. I just wanted to say to remember our solider boys and girls in your prayers. May the great creator protect them as they perform their duties. aaho' god bless..
Dine Nation, Az - USA
Hello to all my relations. I have been going to NAC for several years now and have learned much. I have a lot of respect and I am teaching my children the way of life of our church and traditions. I know it's a never-ending process of learning. Thank you and always walk in beauty. May the Creator be with you all. Dine' and living by one of the sacred mountains.
flagstaff, az - usa
I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to my daughter Shelly for everyhting she's done for our family. My family wishes her the best of luck in the future, and her education. Your songs and prayers are beautiful. I know the creator thanks you too. We Love you! Always keep up the good work.
Monument Valley, AZ - USA
Hello my fellow Native American Church Members. My name is Larianna and I am born for the Mud people, Born into the Salt people clan. My maternal grandparents are of the bitter water clan and my paternal clan is mexican clan. I think that this is a very good site. I would like to say hello to my dear brother. I thought I would come to this site and give a shout out. I would like to say thank you to Qaunah Parker, who helped the NAC into being. I have been attending Native American Church ever since I was born. I started singing when I was 2 years old. I have a brother in the Army who just came back from Iraq and his name is Shane. He is in the 4th Infantry and he is a Military Police Officer.
Bloomfield, NM - USA
meeting in vancouver bc. come and enjoy the ocean and the local cultures. 2nd week-end in may. see you all there.
vancouver, bc - canada
YA'AHT'EEH! My name is kimberly. I am of the edge water clan, born for the bitter water clan. I am originally from Dennehotso, Az. I recently got married to Brian who served 4 years in the usmc. I was raised around the native american church, introduced by my late Grandpa George. I just wanted to say hi to Koletta. I really enjoy listening to your songs. They are probably the ones that got me motivated into singing. George made a big impact on my life, he lived with my family since i was a baby and taught me a lot. I learned to accept people, to help everyone, that everyone is family and that life should not be taken for granted; that the next day is never promised, and that everyone is equal no matter who they are.. My grandpa gave the name "hummingbird" to me because of our fireplace. A man by the name of Coglin introduced it to our family. To this day my father is running the Kiowa fireplace. ~lil'hummingbird~
It is good to read the comments of my brothers here on these pages. As the world of man becomes increasingly desperate and full of greed we must keep our hearts focused on the life given each of us and know every day we are truly blessed to witness another sunrise here on Grandfather's world.
Pine Rd - USA
Hello to all Native Americans. I desire to trace my ancestors. How can I do this for I do not have names. I believe I am Navajo. Love, hope faith and peace to all. Nancy
Beaver Falls, PA - USA
My grandmother and my grandfather taught me NAC isn't competition. It doesn't matter who sings what song better but all that matters is for the patient to get well. Are we not All a family? I would love to know what you all think. My name is Dela from Chinle Arizona. I am full blooded Navajo. I am Mexican Clan born for Cliff Dweller People. Thank you much. Take Care.
Chinle, AZ - USA
Peace and Blessings
Pray for one another

Badlands area, S.D. - USA
Thirty-one years old, I am today
With three children
Guiding me through
Fulfilling days.

When, where, and how
Did I learn
To live
Such a productive life,
I ask myself each day.

I flip through a journal
In my head
To visit times
Of carelessness, confusion,
And pain.

I watch myself
From a distance,
The absurd choices
I-ve made.

How could I have changed?

The answer
Within reach
Keep slipping
Through my mind.

Where does the strength come from to continue to live each day in a positive way?

The encouragement
And understanding
Of the little things
That shape
Our future
In positive ways,
Are far from my mind.

These little ones
Who patiently wait
For the return
Of the gifts
They shower
Us with
each and every day.

The gift
Of love,
And hope
We forget
To give.

Tired and exhilarated
At the end of the day,
Now revitalized
With motivations high,
Am ready to continue
This productive day.

Work, school, home,
Children, rest, happiness,
And relaxation
Are routines
Our children
Patiently instill
In us.


Our children
Sugar coated All over,
Inside and out.

Yet we hold back,
Parents, teachers, and adults, and I,
Unwilling to cuddle
Next to our children,
In hopes their sugar
Will quickly rub off.

So easily
We could learn
To live productive lives,
But our minds
Continue to wonder
In search for
An answer
That is waiting
At home.

G. Sloan
Navajo Country, AZ - USA

Good afternoon, we are the Sloan family from TC AZ. We'd like to extend greetings to our Winnebego friends in Wisconsin Dells and surrounding areas...Mary (god-mother), Gladys & Children (Yvonne, Yvette, Cory, and children). May the great creator look over you in your journey on Earth. Your time and effort in introducing the NAC way to us (dad, LeRoy and Genny {Me}), is greatly appreciated. The NAC way has opened a never ending positive life for me, my brothers and sisters. And mom, Gladys, is one who so generously let us into your lives to instill some good values. You will never be far from our thoughts and prayers, as we remember you always. Nizhoni go shi' nanakah do (In good thoughts we will resume our journey in positive ways...) SLOAN FAMILY in TC AZ
i would like to say hello again to my relatives - whats up - i go to school here in crownpoint high school - i'm a senior this year and i am really glad that i made it this far - i just prayed to the lord that i finish and it worked - yeah i would like to thank my girlfriend marsha and my uncle aaron and my cousin quentin for pushing me to go to school - well i have to go now and go to school - laterz ah-ho
Crownpoint, NM - USA
I was working on my paper at UCC and thought I would click Native American Church, wow! Here on the internet! I was introduced to the NAC by my late boyfriend Shawn. He truly was a great singer and truly loved to pray. He loved to sing songs with his brothers Todd and Randy Jr. and uncle Percy. I am so happy to see and hear that the NAC is going strong everywhere on turtle island. We still hold meetings up here but has been along time since I sat in one. I love you Shawnee, your bobbi:)
Kamloops, BC - Canada
Yah! Good Aho I'd like to say ya'at'eeh to my little brother Leland it's good that u found the place to express how u feel about the Great Fire Place. Yeah I miss going to meetings...being here on Base it's hard to attend a meeting...but hey continue to pray for me. Remember me in your prayers and songs...And a Hello to all my relatives...of the Red Road...the Valley Boys and the Junior Valley Boys...(Yazza, Billies, Billahs, Plateros and other Crownpoint ones) Hagoonee'
Crowpoint, NM - USA
I would like to say whats up to all my boys in crownpoint new mexico ahho bobbys yeah well and also to my girlfriend marsha sup baby and to all the natives around the us ahho laterz
crowpoint, nm - usa
Just wanna say hello to everyone and stay on tha path of tha peyote road and keep jammin, and keep prayin. also i would like to thank all ya'll and thanks to lou, ben and blackhorse brothers for making music so styled. thank u aho"
Navajo, NM - USA
hello all u NAC members how r all of u just saying hello too all u beautiful ppl in nac land catch u all laters
cold lake, alberta
Aho' my natives across the country and beyond. I believe that there are many teachings inside the medicine. May it open your eyes to a healthier, more loving, more caring and faithful life. Listen to the people's prayers' and the people's songs. It is truly a harmonious melody that soothes the mind, soul and heart. Without the Creator, I couldn't be stronger than i am today. May all your prayer's be answered and God be with you.
Dine' Country, AZ - USA
I would just like to say hello to my fellow people. It feels real good to hear that there are a lot of NAC members out there and that through the power of the NAC prayers and songs you can truly live in harmony and the medicine will truly bless you and your family. God Bless you from my family to yours.
Tempe, AZ - USA
I want to say hello to everyone, your comments are encouraging. I want to say whats up to my father Alvin and my bros. alden, quentin, and aaron whom I like going to NAC meetings with on weekends. this is a good web site. may the great creator be with you. AH-HO
crownpoint, nm - USA
I have been raised with the NAC since birth. I have come to know many members and roadmen within our church services. I have gone to many other states to participate with my adopted relations. I have known one fire place which I still enjoy which is the Otoe. My father is a roadman with this fireplace. It was passed to him from my late grandfather Koshiway of the Otoe Missourri tribe of oklahoma. We still carry on his teachings and his wonderful ways of worship. I enjoyed reading some of your comments. All I can say is keep the faith and hope and you will go on a long way. Hope to meet some of you.
Page, AZ - USA
A-ho to all my Native American Church homies. i just found out i am 100% native american. i love nature.....alot!!!
Wynona - USA
ya'at'teeh! N.A.C members. My name is Serina. I would like to say hi to the world of N.A.C and keep up the good work and I am very impressed with the web site.
Shiprock, NM - USA
I only go to my grandma's once a year, unfortunately My grandpa died last year but we didn't have enough money to go to South Dakota to see him. It made me sad not to see my grandpa one last time. May all of you have very good days.
God bless you!
Nashville, TN - USA
I have found it interesting reading the material on your site. I found the 'elder's talk' very interesting; a very practical and positive view on our role on this earth. I have heard about the fifth world prophecy and 2012 - it's encouraging to hear about real change that can bring about a better life for all. I have great respect for the Native American's and feel that all of humanity can learn from each other as long as we speak truth and in love. Good luck for the future for all.
London - UK
I would just like to say hello to my fellow people. I live here in Illinois and moved here from Sanders Az. It's wonderful to hear from people I haven't seen for a while. God bless you all
Oquawka, Ill - USA
It is good to see many Native American Indian peoples joining together for the sake of Mind, Body and Spiritual togetherness. Everyone within the four directions are family members, but I haven't met them all as yet. Osiyo Brothers and Sisters and Relations of all God's Children. In my Mind and thoughts I am constantly working to do things right, but I am not perfect, I make mistakes. In BODY I am connected to several races of man, because I am a mixed blood Cherokee, Native/American Indian. If we can't meet in the physical, then we can meet in the Spiritual through prayers, and allow the Divine power of the Creator to bring us together.
Warm Springs, GA - USA
I was so glad to find this site. In my lifetime I have searched various religions here in Oklahoma and can honestly say that for me I have found no peace in their teachings. Since I was adopted and cannot prove my heritage, other than what my adoptive parents have told me, I have been reluctant to ask for information about the Native American Church because I didn't want to be intrusive. It seems to me that this way of living is what I have been searching for all my life.
ya'a'teh shi aye ashkii yinshiyee tachinii nichli tabahaa bascischiin yateh dolleel naana - hello to all my native friends - my name is ashkii. i would just like to say that this is a really good web site. last weekend we set up a meeting in our hogan. the meeting gave me the courage to sing. i sang some old songs that everybody knew and was singing along with me. i just wanted to let you all know that the fireplace is good. in a meeting when there are empty spaces around the holy fireplace thats where the holy ones are sitting. ah ho
shiprock, nm - USA
Ya'at'teeh! Hello N.A.C. members. My name is Dexter. Shi Dine'. Shi Tahnezahnii nishli', Deschinii' bashichin. Doo' Asheii'da shi'chei', doo' Ta'ba'haa' doo' shi neli'. I'm 24 years old. I've learned so much, but there is so much more too learn about the peyote way. ( Jeffery, Leo, Eddie, Curly, Clark ) - in loving memory. I learned the important qualities of N.A.C. - Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Compassion, Respect, and others lessons learned such as Attitude, Behavior, Conduct, and Discipline. Peyote has helped me in so many ways. Shi'ma Azee Sincerely, Dexter

LeChee, Az. - USA
To all my Red brothers and sisters: Dont stop walking the red road. Let's dance and pray with our ancestors.
la, ca - usa
It is great to see all my brothers and sisters once again in the love of Wakan Tanka. We, as a people AND as a whole, must re-unite and come together as one, as our proud grandfathers have taught us. We must not let our history, our people, our culture and our heritage die. We must not forget who we are. We are red in our hearts and will always be. We must take a stand to take back what was rightfully ours, we must not let our ancestors who have taught us so much die in vain. Through the Great Spirit (Wakan Tanka) we can be a mighty nation again. We can be a light to the world. We must show others our love and appreciation for our Creator and our land. And my brothers and sisters......It is our Great Spirit who has made the land we live on not the white man so it is up to the Creator to decide what to do with the land. With the Creator in our hearts and on our minds we simply can not go wrong.
binghamton, ny - usa
I am thankful that the great spirit gave me another year here on grandfathers world
rapid, sd
Aho! To all my brothers and sisters! I believe the power of prayer and the power of grandfather to be rewarded when need comes to our door.
I come to ask all brothers and sisters to pray and believe. Staying on the red path is hard and when we fall off, take that mishap as a learning from grandfather, pray and go on...don't give in, but give yourself to you and grandfather. You will be rewarded. A great reward that can not be sold, but earned. This also applies to those locked away. Release yourself to the great spirit - the spirit shall let you fly with the eagle and happiness. For those families your prayers will help, don't give up on your relation. I ask for all of your prayers for our people and for my work to help. All in need is for my health to be better so that i can continue and for all of my relations shall my prayers and tobacco/sweetgrass burn. I work with those that are ill with alcohol/drugs/abuse issues. Also with those that have mental problems. My oldest son gave me this cp and I found your web site, thank you grandfather. May the great spirit be with all of you and yours always,,,and forever! AHO! MITAKUYE OYASIN

I am Mestiza and I believe in the Native Ways. I'd like to give thanks to our Creator for everything I have. I pray for the Red Warriors overseas, may they be blessed and brought home safely. I pray for world peace and harmony. I'd would also like to pray for the sick people that they be healed and taken care of. May the light of healing shine down on All my relations. Sandy
Austin, TX - USA
Ya'a t'eeh shi relatives. I'm here in San Diego and I just wanted for my relives to pray for me, I need your help. I'm serving with the U.S Marine Corp. Well got to go now thanks.
Crownpoint, NM - USA
Would like to find local nac in west tx, also looking for beatric and son from pineridge res
McCamey, TX
I just wanted to say whats up to my friends Aaron and Leland, Quentin, Andy, Sam and to my father Alvin. Well this is a pretty cool site to see
crowpoint, nm - usa
Ah-Ho!!! Ayyye, My name is Rachel and I'm very proud of being apart of the NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH. I'd like 2 say that this is a pretty nice site. A big shout out to all tha "Half Moon" Men and Women on tha Pine Ridge REZ, "Ayyyyye" "May The Good Lord Bless And Watch Over You And Be With You At All Tymes" Ah-Ho!!!
Pine Ridge, SD - USA
just appreciating all the comments about our Native American Church. i've participated in the church since i was a child. my grandparents (my nallies) taught me the ways of the preyers, the fire place and the beautiful songs, especially listening in the early morning hours near dawn.
Dine' Nation (Kaibeto) - AZ - USA
A-ho, good health and happiness to all my relations for another beautiful year. To all my brothers and good people that I have met, thank you for being who you are and for your influence. May the Creator Bless all of you in your goals and dreams. To my good brothers Jered, Chad, Cory "Doc" Holiday, my relations in Naschitti and in Eagle Butte, SD. Look forward to praying together again.
Albuquerque, NM - USA
keep up the good work throughout the nation
flagstaff, az - USA
Good morning out there to all my relatives from the east to the west, north to the south. I just wanna extend my greeting to each and everyone of my relatives. I am 17 yrs old and a strong believer in the NAC ways. I was born and raised into this great way of worship and I'm very happy to know there's such a place where I can go when I can pray and be at peace and harmony. I just wanna thank the Creator for makin such a great ordeal for us believers to have a place to turn and pray as one. Thanks for this time to express myself, may the Creator bless each and everyone of u relatives. Take Care and bless our native soldiers
Winnebago, NE - USA
Tansi! I'm plains cree from Redpheseant reserve. I have been attending prayer services for 6yrs. Through my experience with the church it has changed my life. My husband was raised this way all his life. So we both have strong respect and belief. We are both members of the native american of canada. I am the treasurer for this church. I strongly believe in living in harmony with each other, no matter where a person comes from, we have an equal voice. So with that, take care
northbattleford, sask - canada
A-ho... May the songs come to you and to others...
Prescott, Az - USA
May the Great Spirit watch over us all through out the New Year and the years to come. A-Ho!
Newark, DE - USA
Ah-Ho! Happy New Year. May the creator be with you throughout the year and always keep you in good health.
Gallup, NM - USA
A cool drink on a hot day...ahh
Milwaukee, WI - USA
A-Ho! Happy New Year to all!
Sanders, AZ - USA
many prayers and blessings to the Holy Sacrament, Maskeegee, for all in my life. I have followed this path, following the teachings of my Grandfather Tommy Nez, who adopted me in the indian way, as a Grandfather. I am so grateful of everything and everyone that this Beautiful medicine has brought my way, the teachings, instruments, songs and family. May we come together soon as a family to help our Mother Earth heal, and rebuild stronger than ever before. Yate.
kamloops, bc - canada
hello! brothers, Sisters I'm proud to say that I have strong belief and respect for the Native American Church. I'm full San Carlos Apache. May our prayers and song's be blessed into the New Years to all friends, relatives
san carlos, az - usa
I believe the nac is the road to helping me. I live in the Phoenix, AZ area.
mesa, az - usa
Hello. I've grown up believing in NAC. Today my faith, belief, and respect for NAC is truly strong. May our prayers and song be blessed into the New Year (2004). My father and brothers are attending a meeting at this time. Happy New Year to all, May the Great Spirit watch over you.
Flagstaff, AZ - USA
My Grandmother was of the Northwest Blackfoot Souix but my nationality does not matter so much as my beliefs. My beliefs lay with the Indian people in that man must work in harmony with nature for nature to work its harmony in man.
Monticello, NY - USA
we are sponsoring a nac service for our nephew on new years eve. we would be honored to have all our peyote brothers and sisters join us in prayer. God Bless You. see you on new years eve on the san xavier indian reservation.
tucson - AZ - USA
Tansi, hello and how are you. I am a plains cree native from the Muskoday indian reserve. Prince Albert Saskatchewan. I've experienced 2 meetings, a thank you meeting and a prayer meeting. I really respected and learned lot's. Not only have i learned something, but it really helped me in my life.
North Battleford - Canada
Greetings to you all. I had the medicine many years ago and realize the healing power of the medicine. Thank you and peace to your family, Randy
Orlando, FL - USA
Wishing all of you the happiest Holiday Seasons and as you think back on this year you will find it wasn't all that bad...the Creator has provided wisdom and guided you through the trials and errors of life. That you find the peyote way is solid and moral teaching is uncompromising because it is true to life. The peyote way teaches that we are the only limitations to our faith so it teaches us to always strive to be the best we can be. This wonderful gift from the Creator makes us realize that sitting through the prayer ceremony, in a tepee or hogan, our life is focused on possibility. So my friends, the Creator has given you another day to this wonderful life, rejoice and be thankful.
Shiprock, MN - USA
I'm currently residing here in Scottsdale AZ. I am hoping to return to the Rez after I finish College and return to my people and family. George and Omar were the roadmen who always did the meetings for me and my family. As they passed, I began to distant myself. I just wanted to say aho to each and everyone of my native people for sharing their stories and their prayers. Now I feel more strongly about going back to where I belong....Back to NAC. Thank you. I would also like to wish everyone: Happy Holidays and a Blessing and peaceful New Year. GOD BLESS OUR WARRIORS!!
Kayenta, AZ - USA
My husband Joe and I both grew up around the Native American Church, and we are raising our children up this way. Our life is the NAC. Thank you to everyone for your prayers in this humble way.
Crandon, WI - USA
Ya'at'eeh to all my relations. I stopped in today to read more of your inspirational entries on this site. Shi's good to read what you had to write. I will definitely pick you up on my way to a ceremony in the near future. Thanks for remembering my brother. He is graduating from ASU this fall. I would like to extend my thoughts and my prayers to all those who have taken the time to express their heartfelt thoughts through your messages. I pray that the songs, prayers, thoughts, and words expressed in the ceremonies may take care of all who have hope, goals, and a thought for moving forward.
Alvin Billie
Continental Divide, NM - USA
Just thought of saying Ya'at'eeh to my fellow relative's Koletta, Clint, Dad& Mom Dale&Eula brother Louie, Adam, Virgil, Donnie, Brian, sister Senaca, and Nephew Virgil, Delphine, Ann, Wallace, Dr. Calvin, Ronnie, Monty, Leroy, Halfred, Leroy, Dr. Wilson, and many more relative's I haven't mentioned. God Willing I see you guy's in a meeting again have a good one!!
Whitecone, AZ - USA
good morning to all my native people out there. let u all know that anything is possible through our great mother peyote and our good and loving warm fire place that we all have, where we can sit with our people and share our thoughts, prayers, and songs together and partake part of our sacrament that we have. all, we have to do is put our faith into our mother peyote and be patient and never give up what we want in life, even though we all live through our hard and good times. I have seen a lot of good things through this and the fire place which i call grandma and grandpa also. it has taken care of me and my family ( wife and son) through this we prayed and shed our tears that one of our prayers had been answered that it gave us or blessed us with another child which my wife and i are very thankful of. and we have met a lot of nice loving people through this fire place. God bless all of our roadman or chiefs that conducts meetings for us. they too have a tough task every time they sit in front of the altar. thanks for all their teachings and blessings and their patience through the fireplace they that have. We all can't say that the fire place and the altar is ours as it belongs to the almighty. we just take care of it the best way that we can. As long as we can do that it takes care of us too. And, would like to thank all of our elders for their teachings and prayers. And, we all know that we have made mistakes in our lives one time or another and we learn from those mistakes. I know cuz i have lived that road and i know what it feels like and i can't say i am a perfect person. And, again through this fire place and our mother peyote and letting our prayers be heard, our songs be heard and our thoughts be heard, we can overcome an obstacle in our life. Would like to thank all my fellow veterans of all branches. May the mother peyote and fire place take care of you. I, too am a veteran - did 4 years in the marine corps and now i'm serving proudly with the us army and i got called to duty. I would like to thank all our love ones that our supporting us through this time and for their understandings and their sacrifice that they have made for us.( moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and our kids) thank u all for your support. like to thank my lovely wife and son for all their support that they have given me while im away from them, and yes it is hard to be away from them, i love them very much and miss them and our baby that is on the way too, thank you mother peyote and the warm loving fireplace and the altar. I may not have been the best husband and father, but i try my best to be. And, i am fortunate enough to have a strong wife ..e..
mittenrock, nm - USA
Hi i would like to say is thanks to the people who helped in the meeting that was held for me thank you very did help alot..
kayenta, az - USA
Greetings to the young man, Carlo from San Antonio. Thank you for your thought and prayer. We enjoyed our weekend in San Antonio last early summer especially meeting the young people at the sweat who were clearly so sincere and heartfelt. We send our prayers and hopes for your futures, that your minds stay clear and focused, your hearts remain innocent and loving, your bodies stay strong and healthy and that the creator guide your paths so that your spirits can clearly follow. Greetings to Jose and companion. Our home always welcomes.
Concha & Randy
Santa Fe - NM - USA
I would just like to say that I like the NAC way. Because that is the way I was brought up. I only wish that all our native people were into the Native American Church.
Freddy Blackbear
watonga - o.k. - USA
To My Fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Native American Culture in which we all share and runs through our veins and genealogy. i would like to say hello and to remind all of you as Native American relatives, we travel and live around all the different tribes whether we are from that tribe or not and must recognize each other as part of one whole nation and continue to promote our people in a constructive peaceful, positive way. We have come a long way and are still on this earth oct 2003 - one of your grandchildren, son and faithful American - Mark S Miller
Mark S Miller
Pittsfield - MA - USA
virginia baggett pomes
petal - ms -USA
I have seen the good peyote has brought to my life. How it changes a person to be good. I am glad it is a part of my life thanks to my dear friend Ezra. I wish young kids could see what I see. Maybe then it would help them turn their lives around. But if I had a chance for native american kids to see what I wrote, I would tell them to stop what they're doing and sacrifice one night and go into a tepee and see all the beautiful things in our religion.
Marilynn House
Towaoc - cortez - USA
I have been on a long and painful journey my whole life living in a society that I cannot agree with or believe in. I feel the energy so intensely it is difficult to handle at times. I needed to say something because the search for my great great great grandfather has brought me to this site. I became interested in finding him just for my own personal knowledge and connection. I really want to thank everyone for reminding me that consciousness does exist in this very often fake reality. I am out here in Alabama and I just wanted to say I appreciate this website very much. Thanks.
Laura Larsen
Enterprise - AL - USA
I would just like to thank you for changing my life. You must have positive people around you at all times. I would love to learn more about Mother Earth and her ways.
Eureka - mo - USA
Aho to all relatives nation wide, with honor and respect. I am eternally blessed to be on this path, and to share and exchange ideas, thoughts and prayers with all of the beautiful people who are in this community. I want to say Hi and Aho to Randy and Concha from Santa Fe. I sweated with you back around April and May and I hope that your travels and experiences are nothing short of beautiful. Please come down and visit us at the grounds here in SA whenever you can or write. Sincerely, Carlo
Carlo Munguia - San Antonio
tansi, my name is lawrence miguel. i'm a cree, stolo, nooksack and i'm also half filipino. i have been goin to meetings since 97. i started goin to meetings in horton ks amosngst the kickapoo and potowatami people, since i have been going to meetings i have made really good's hepled me out with my life..i jus wanted to say tansi hau yat eeh boozhoo aniin buenos dias to all my fam bros eric byron randy troy lawrence terrance ian jb myron y rollin danny boy ronnie ned leroy sievere and to tha res of my NAC FAM (to the allens - i am randy whitehorses friend)
lawrence miguel - poulsbo
Washington - USA
Hello My friends and relatives, good greetings and a hearty handshake to each one of you. How times seem to go by quickly when you are busy! I was looking at some of the entries and seen more names I know, My nephew "Fastwolf,Gary" how are you nephew, I pray the great spirit is looking down on you and your family. I miss going to meetings with you and you coming around to talk, I hope to see you soon nephew. Shi' Nali' Alvin Billie how are you and I hope you're doing fine. I hope someday we get to sit in a meeting again with your brother. I hope you feel strong and feel like going on again. Whenever you feel like going to meeting come by my house, two houses up from Mark Steven's residence. I have to get back to work now but I HOPE TO SEE MORE ENTRIES LATER ON AND GOD BLESS EACH AND ALL MY RELATIVES. LATERS, "ELD"
Eldridge Etsitty - Tsayatoh
AHO My Relatives, I am of Cherokee/Black Seminole descent and have traced my Cherokee family back to 1712 and the dawes roll. I am privileged to have many Native American friends and hope to see you all in June 2004. Stand strong our people for we are not just the First Americans but the Real Americans. Grandfather protect you all and keep you in the light. Donna - ba shin chi gea leesh - seeks a dream - the name given me by my cree brother Bill Thunder in the clouds of Billings, Montana
Ya'at'eeh shi kei doo shi Dine'eh, My name is Kelvin and my clan is of the Yellow Meadow plp Clan born for the black streak plp and my Maternal grandfathers are of the towering House plp and my paternal grandfathers are of the Zuni clan. As behalf of myself I grew up theses ways of the Native American Church along with my brothers Jimmie Augustine Jr. and Delvin Augustine for about...LoL all our life! We like to meet plp of other tribes that attend this way of life. We also like meeting our own plp all across the Dine Nation. So greetings to all! So with that brothers and sisters of the Native American Church Aho! Haagoonee'.
Kelvin Augustine - Crownpoint
My great great grandmother died on the trail of tears. I am desperate to know the ways of her and her people.
Brandon Hyman - New Orleans

aho i am new to the red path and love this site where i can read and learn from the thoughts of my brothers and sisters
betty rainwater - pikeville
to all my relations, thank you. I have known of the nac since i was 15. I am 33 now. I am struggling down here in New Orleans. I?m originally from Vermont and developed deep respect for the earth and sky in the green mountains. I am deeply missing my relations. I lived in Tucson for a time and am trying to get back out in the southwest mountains, probably New Mexico. May u all be blessed
Todde - New Orleans
La - USA
Ya'at'eeh to all my NAC relatives...I was reading a few of the entries and felt compelled to add my thoughts. I hope my relatives find peace and happiness in this day of questionable leadership. I am very fortunate to have been raised in the "peyote way". I have tried to keep my children around the fireplace and hope one day, they may do the same for their children. I know a few names I have read on this site. Greetings to my brothers, Gary Fastwolf, Brian Sloan, , Sam Enrico, Andy Parkett, Sammie Largo, Steven Joe and family down Tucson way, and to my dad Elbert Whitehorse. I want to say a-ho to my cheii Clint Burnside. I especially want to say "sup" to my son Alden, Leland, and my daughters, Michelle, Andrea, Amber, and Aaliyah. Take care. May the Creator make a way for each of my relatives to continue on this road of life.
Alvin Billie - Continental Divide
I am descendent of 3 native american grandparents. And one of irish. I live and believe the native american way, I live by my visions. I consider myself one of the blue eyed indians of our time. My beliefs are in the water, the grass, and the winds. I live this life, I feel as a stranger in my own land as I have never been given my native name. I ask for the prayers of the native church, I pray for knowledge, wisdom and sanity, for myself and all of my native brothers and sisters in our great land. I pray for visions of wisdom in my 6oth year in this life.
James M. Murphy - Clarksburg
Hello to all Native american people. I thank you for all the support and your prayers. God bless our troops, Thank you N.A.C.
Robert - Gallup
N.M. - USA
Recently, as I have grown to learn more about myself and the world around me, I have become increasingly interested in my native american roots. My mother is enrolled in the Eastern Georgian Cherokee tribe, a fact which has come to cause much disturbance to me. Since I was small of have been taught of native american beliefs and values, receiving medicine pouches. I have recently been informed that while I am an Indian, the government fails to recognize me as such, because of my georgian status.
Kacy Ritter - Austin
I bumped into this page today. I am a member of the N.A.C but I haven't gone to a ceremony in quite a few years. I live in the city. So if you know of any ceremonies that are in BC please let me know. i am 32 years old and i am from the Samahquam Tribe from Canada
mixalh - Mission
BC - Canada
I am looking for someone near N. Central Tx. who is a member of the NAC. I would like to talk to them about healing.
Becky - Sunset
Tx - USA
I have been guided to learn more and to seek spiritual knowledge. Any guidance whatsoever you might give is appreciated. Thank you, Brad
Bradley Maines - Houston
I Just attended a meeting that made me enjoy the power of the Creator. this young man came into the meeting his first one and he was having a very tough time sitting up I kept encouraging him to sit up but he said he was tired be cause he fell asleep on the side of the road and woke up because it was raining Any way I told him didn't you hear the sponsor say at the beginning of the meeting that only the people that supposed to be were sent by the creator and that the rain that woke him up probably made him get out on the road and catch the ride that allowed him the opportunity to attend his first meeting he was very distraught and explained that he was a fire fighter and he couldn't explain what he was doing in central Oregon I advised him to ask for help inside the Tipi (Pray) In the morning he was still stressing and almost got a job with one of the brothers at the meeting but another brother pulled in from Vancouver,BC. it wasn't Alaska where he was wanting to go but it was one big step close
Arn of Yakama - wapato
wa - USA
to all my nac family. going to toronto ontario to conduct meeting end of august
feaglespeaker - vancouver
b.c. - canada
Hello to everyone out there! I came across this site while browsing and I am very impressed with the site. It was interesting to read through the guestbook although I didn't get a chance to read all of it. I'd like to think that I am a part of the Native American Church though I rarely attend one but I feel our prayers are heard no matter where we pray. I am a divorced mother of four great kids who struggles to make ends but I am proud to say I do make it each day with the Great Lords help. I would like to say hi to family members back in Salt Lake City and Phoenix areas. God Bless you all....
pearlanne francis - Chinle
I was just bored at work and had nothing to do. I ran across this web site. I read some stories. WOW! I have not been to a NAC meeting. I felt bad. I want my kids to be exposed to it. I have wandered away from the real family.
Susan DeDios - Dulce
I'm responding to the comment by Randy and Concho Allen. That would be great to meet another NAC member. I have been going to meetings up here for the past month every weekend. I'm going to another on in Yakima in two weeks. I usually go with a navajo friend from Fort Defiance and a couple cree guys. I met Gerald Primeaux and he has been inviting us to meetings around the area. So another face with us would be great..another singer. Randy Whitehorse - Bremerton - WA - USA

Hello to all NAC members out there. I was just trying to contact once again Allan Begay where ever you maybe. Last time I seen you was at Fort Hall, ID 9 or 10 years ago. Well you know who I am and I just wanted to see how you are.
Washington - USA
I like your web page.Keep up the good work.
Greyfether - Northampton
Aneen, I am a 21 year old that has been in the church since I was about 5 yrs old. I have to say I am thankful everyday for the church and our grandfather peyote. It has been a rough, but also very beautiful road. It's amazing to see that their are so many others out there that partake in something so special.I am having a baby soon and I thank the creator for allowing me to bring a new life in to this world, and especially to this way of life.This is my first time visiting this web site, but it won't be my last. Take care all my friends and relations!!!
Walks scared spotted horse woman - Spirit Lake Rez
whatz up? I'm yazzie from the "Big AZ", out here on the Yurok Tribal Rez., in Humbolt County, Nor-Kal, USA. We've been here since early June and be here 'til late Oct. Oh, we...meaning the guys from NMCB-22, a C.A.T. Unit of the United States Navy Seabees. We've been mobilized for Op Iraqi Freedom, been back... 2 Wk. turnover, sent here to do civic duties(so, we won't be considered bad guys...), and standing by to do it again. If it were'nt for my... Beloved-It FAITH, I wouldn't be able to MAN-UP to the Ops. we do! I have many love ones back at the rear and take their prayers, love, and support to heart...and as my guiding light to help protect our poor and pitiful way of worship. EO YAZZIE WEAPONS PLATOON,AUTOMATIC RIFLEMAN NMCB-22 Air-Detachmant USN "The Fighting Seabees...We Build, We Fight With Compassion For Peace And Freedom!"
merlin yazzie
sweetwater, az - USA
Greetings, we saw the message from Randy Whitehorse inquiring about meetings in the Washington area. Randy, our son is in the Navy stationed in Washington and we just sent him info on people up there who are NAC. If you have an email address respond and let us know and we can email you how to get in touch with our son. Maybe we can connect and be of some service.
Randy & Concha Allen
Santa Fe, New Mexico - USA
A well spoken quote from WALKING BUFFALO revealing "truth" in our awareness of nature, something far apart from linguistic, historical attempts to define, organize and institutionalize realty.
"Oh yes, I went to the white man's schools. I learned to read from school books, newspapers, and the Bible. But in time I found that these were not enough. Civilized people depend too much on man-made printed pages. I turn to the Great Spirit's book which is the whole of creation. You can read a big part of that book if you study nature. You know, if you take all your books, lay them out under the sun, and let the snow and rain and insects work on them for a while, there will be nothing left. But the Great Spirit has provided you and me with an opportunity to study in nature's university - the forests, the rivers, the mountains and the animals which include us."

Richard Schwartz
Butler, NJ - USA
hello fellow NAC ppl - just a reminder too all canadiens and all u people in the NAC there is gonna be a conference on july 19 and 20 at the mosquito rez in saskatchewan. also i was told that there will be an election for the church - come and support the canadien chapter .......we need lots of support also a big hello too the manatobains whom had a manitoba NAC conference on june 28 it was a success ...hope you can all make it there see you laters DAVE,,,,,,
davejanvier - coldlakefirstnations
alberta - canada
I've enjoyed reading through the comments here. I am a non-indian that was fortunate enough to become friends with NAC members out west that welcomed me into their church. The kindest and most generous people you'd ever want to meet. The NAC really is a beautiful way of worship and I hope to go to a meeting again one of these days.
Yah ta he shi dinet! Hello my name is Randy Whitehorse and I'm of the Navajo people from Page Arizona.I just got out of the Navy;now I'm attending ITT Tech in Seattle WA. I was born into the Native American Church and it has done great things for me and if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I want to know about upcoming meetings around the WA area and get to know people who are involved in the church. Thank you.
Randy Whitehorse
Seattle, WA - USA
First of all, I was sitting here feeling down about the day I had today. Somehow I found this site and after reading all the messages here I feel so much better. Some of them made me cry too. Someone once told me that if I truly believe, that this medicine and my prayers will get me through. Thanks to all of you. Before I go any further let me not forget to mention where I come from. I am full blood Paiute from the great state of Nevada. I am a single parent and I have 3 kids. My oldest is 1/2 Crow and my two youngest children are 1/2 Navajo (Dine). I would like to say to all of the young people out there..its good that you are learning these ways. I am very proud of you. Have faith and good things will always come to you. Lots of people say this church saved their lives. Thats how I feel too. And I thank the Creator each and every day for my life. I feel good now that i wrote a few words. Thank you and may all of you feel good today.
A Paiute Sister
i believe this life of ours is a gift,and we need to come together as family, brothers & sisters, before it is too late. to place our differences aside and realize the beauty of this medicine, of this Grandfather, and can and will heal our hurt, our pain or hearts &amp; minds. that everything is how we think about it. so if we chose to think in a manner of love &amp; respect for ourselves, each other and this Holy Sacrament, Everything is possible. I thank my elders, who gifted me with teachings, medicine, and how to pray. they opened their minds &amp; hearts to me, so i can help others this way. I thank Creator for everything and everyone in my life. May all Mother Earths children have joy in their lives.
carolyn hines
kamloops, bc - canada
hi i dont know if i've came to the right web site but i realy need some help. me and my fiancee soon to be married are having problems, my fiancee has got in to 25 thousand pounds in debt, i didn`t know this untill 2 weeks ago but we love each other so very much but find that this debt is going to break us, is there anyone out there that can please help us or give us advice on how we can over come this? thank you so much for taking the time to read this. yours sincerely ernest..
london - england
My family invited to join them on an annual trip to Oregon and Washington states. I am wondering if someone would know of a NAC Prayer service in the Yakima Nation this coming week(end) July 1 - 4/5. Please let me know.Thank you.
Inez Nez
Teesto, AZ - USA
Just to let you all know that for a life time i have been looking for the understanding of how it could have happened what did happened to you all, the destruction that entered your homes was far beyond a nature manifesto, but for the future of new generations we shall prevent this haunted spirits of flowing around and destroy other homes...

The education that has been provided in this site is of such achievement and I wish you all, the native americans, the brightest and beautiful future which I see that will come, Better for the Better everyday!

I see now that only the future can save us all from the past, as when the past was a nightmare we shall wake up and follow the path of a new awakening.

I could be considered a native as my spirit is with you all, as my land was invaded and my people destroyed, i too look for peace and freedom!!
With Love,

Miguel Da Silva Paulo
Vila Do Conde - Portugal

god bless all the relatives of native american church, past, present &amp; the future. aho!
shane patterson
Winnipeg, mb - Canada
Ah-Ho Thanks for inviting mee steve, but sorry I wasn't able to make it down to Tuscon. Gary Fastwolf
Gary Fastwolf
Gallup, nm - USA
Hello! I ran across this site by chance it looks great. So many people all across this world who are members or intrested. I come from the cheyenne/araphoe/otoe tribes of Oklahoma. I am a member of the NAC of cheyenne/araphoe chapter of Oklahoma I now live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and 2 children. I have been around the church since I was little girl now my family attends church when possible because the church has not reached parts of Ontario, like Toronto but I do know of folks here who do attend NAC they have become my extended family we call each other brothers and sisters, because no matter where you go in this HUGE world there is teepee erected somewhere so when you walk in an sit down for that nite of sacrafice YOU KNOW YOUR HOME, so i come to relize that I am not that far from home. Lately I have been having hard time I have lost my grandmother to cancer and in our NDN community we all know to well that our grandmothers and grandfathers raise us teach us and become those parents...
Toronto - Canada
Hi there members enjoying reading the letters. A special hello to our sis Koletta and also to Natasha and the Saddleback family. AHOO.
Cold Lake, Alberta - Canada
My wife is a Yaqui from Maricopa Arizona. She was adopted as an infant and her records sealed. The only information she could obtain was that her mother and father were from the Pasquala Yaqui tribe. Over the years she has longed for the fellowship of her people. Now that we have four children she wants to teach them about their roots but cannot establish her tribal link without her birth mothers name. Can someone help? Thank you.
Tim Southerland
Gadsden, Al - USA
Yaateeh, I would like to invite all Native American Church Members to our 54th Annual Native American Church of North America Conference on June 13-15 2003 Cortez, Colorado. The conference will be held at Montezuma County Fair Grounds 2 miles East of Cortez.
Hozhonasha NAC Youth Council
Utah - USA
My parents have passed on, but they have said I am 1/4 Chippewa, my father was raised on the reservation in Mt.Pleasent Mi. I have no way of finding out any truth of this, because whenever we asked my father about it he would say (some things are better not talked about), I guess what I am writing about is to find out if there is any way to find out the truth. My father passed on in Sept. 1979. He was born (he thought) in Feb. 1900 or 1901, if I could get any leads on how to find out, I would be forever greatful, thank you very very much, respectfully Barbara J. Mick, 2591 Potter Rd. Leslie Michigan,49251
Barbara Hawkins Mick
Leslie, Mi - USA
I am interested in leanring about the NAC. I am not Native American, but I have great respect for all. My mind and spirit are open and I have a thirst that can't be quenched. Thank you
Louisville, KY - USA
Nizhoni Hey!!
Martina Manycows-Yazzie
Blue Gap, AZ - USA
Houston, TX - USA
i enjoy listing to NAC songs, it really relaxes me. i especlly like A World of Love and Beauty By, Leroy Nelson:)
Gallup, NM - USA -
i have been following this way of life since thanksgiving of last grandpa Tommy Nez has shown me the beauty, the healing, the miraculousness of this medicine, this Holy Sacrament...I am greatful of Maskeegee in my life...i will continue to pray that this beautiful medicine is harvested properly, used respectfully and spoken about and shared graciously, for future generations. love &amp; goddess bless carolyn hines
carolyn hines
kamloops, bc - canada - 5/14/03
Humble greetings brother gary@family, we came across your name on the web today we often wondered where, what you are all doing these days. We would like your family to join us in prayer for our son Clay summer laughter 7th NAC birthday prayer service on June 6,2003 in Tucson. God bless you, Steven Joe.
GALLUP, NM USA - 5/14/03
Ya'aa'teeh to my relatives. i'm 16 yrs of age and i'm born for the deersprings clan. i have been around NAC ceremonies ever since i was 9. I attend the ceremonies of my late grandpa George L. Koshiway. i just would like to say hi to Chadoe and Koletta Saddleback. Chadoe write to me at Juliette Sombrero P.O.Box 744 tonalea, az 86044. i would also like to hear from Koletta Saddleback. She has encouraged me to learn some of her peyote songs and sing in the ceremonies. So i would be very greatful if i heard from both of you. God Bless everyone! Laterz, Juliette Sombrero
Juliette Sombrero
Navajoland, AZ - 5/12/2003
Greetings To Alden Billie of Gallup,NM we would like to invite you and family to our son Clay Summer Laughter Birthday prayer service on June 6,2003.God Bless You &amp;Family. FROM:Steven&amp;Aggie Joe &amp;Family.
Agatha M. Havier-Joe
Tucson, Arizona USA - 5/12/2003
looking to join need to have the richness of the experience i feel i can find in nac
steven flanagan
state college, pa,?usa - 5/12/2003
Greetings. I am curious and ponder the many aspects of conceptual beliefs especially those enhanced through external influnces. I believe we all posses the many gifts required to express our gratitude to the creator for life lessons and the journey. Thank you for allowing me my words. Be well Respectfully WohakozaSapa
Rosebud Rez, SD, USA - 5/8/03
I would like to tell you how enthused I was to find this site.I was first introduced to the a Wichita family in Anadarko OK Easter of 1993. It really changed my life. It made me aware of the power of prayer. I'm trying to get back in touch with my brother-in-law Waldo Daukei. He's a Kiowa/Cheyenne from Anadarko. The last i heard from him he aws living somewhere near Farmington NM. His father was Horace Daukei.
Robert Hendricks
Monticello, FL, USA - 5/4/03
Hello my name is Michael Benally. I am 13 years old and i live in shiprock new mexico. I came upon the special and truly powerful fire place just a while ago. I was lazy ,ignorant, and cruel to others. But now that i came upon this fire place it changed my whole life and the way i look at things. I am so glad that my uncle first started to take me about two months ago. I am so glad at how so many people are in the Native American Church and that they are keeping the creator in mind. The fireplace has taught me so many things. And i am glad i it came into my life. This all i wanted to say. And always follow your tradition.
Michael Benally
Shiprock, New Mexico, USA - 5/7/03
Hello, My name is Jamie and I'm in Winnipeg Canada. Afew Years ago I Had the opportunity to attend A meeting Near my home community of Sagkeeng First Nation. I was conducted for My uncle who was in the final stages of cancer. I would like to say that this ceremony has moved me in a way that no other ceremony has done for me in long time. I am not comparing this sacred ceremony to others but only saying that I had not known that this powerful ceremony existed. I am asking someone on this site from my part of Manitoba or surrounding area to contact me to let me know of a meeting in which I may attend...Meegweech!
Jamie Fontaine
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 5/2/03
Hello, to all fellow NAC members.
Cindy &amp; Johnny Davis
Choctaw - MS?Pearl River Rez - 5/7/03
What a beuatiful Sight there are so many touching messages. One of my favourite songs is the Sunrise Chant.

Ah heh ta ho ta heh
Heh ta ho ta heh
ah heh ta ho Aya he ta neh
Ah ya ha weh oh heh tona weh
Ah ya ha weh oh heh toa weh
Ah heh ta ho ta he
Heh ta ho ta heh
Ah he ta ho Oya he ta neh
Ah he ta ho Aya he ta neh
Ah ya ha weh oh heh tona weh
Ah ya ha weh oh heh tona weh
Ah heh ta ho ta heh

Could someone please translate this to English for me. I would appreiciate it so much.
In Love and light - Simone

Simone Tonkin
Sydney, N.S.W, Australia - 4/21/03

ya a teh shi ae rezboy yinshe tachinii nishlii tabahaa basishchii aho to all the dine and 499 tribes of the united states iam 13 years old and really like to participate in meetings. they are a way of life for every living native. please to the young children like me keep this tradition living on forever and never leaving. may all you people who join the n.a.c be blessed and may always have beauty around you. Aho
navajoland, az, USA - 4/18/03
I must say that some of my views and beliefs have changed. Even to the point that I forsake some things I have said in the past. Right now I would like to express my respect for the NAC. I am non-indian, but I have grown up listening to the peyote and healing songs of the NAC since I was young. I discovered the music to be very peaceful and uplifting. They are recorded, but they have power. I hope peace comes to everyone here. Thankyou, Nathan Cowlishaw
Cedar City, UT, USA
Our Creator has it's fingerprints on this website. Thanks to those who are responsible in bringing this site out where the NAC people can share their thoughts and prayers. Modern technology has entered our lives where we all can communicate and transmit our prayers anywhere on Mother Earth, and it is definiately the sign of the Creator blessing us, the Human Being. I want to make my appreciation known to our Cheyenne roadmen who were unselfish, understanding in coming out to the Four Corners area introducing the teaching of peyote way to us. The Peacocks, Hoffmans, Takes Gun, Turtles and many others, thank you. We consistently remember all of you and your families in our prayers.
LG Morgan
Teec Nos Pos, AZ, USA - 4/15/03
yah tabacco clan,born for the red bottom people,just wanted to say hello to all my relatives here in the states and those warriors and warriorettes over seas.all my relations
paul johnson
crownpoint, nm, USA - 4/14/03
Help! I am getting married on May 30th 2003 and I cannot find a Native American Wedding Official to perform our ceremony. It is important for me to incorporate some of my heritage into the ceremony, but I know of no one in Iowa able to perform such a ceremony. If anyone has any ideas, please contact me.
Oskaloosa, IA, USA - 4/12/03
It is good to read some of the comments here in this Guestbook. Recently, I have begun to meditate upon some of the foundational teachings of this wonderful medicine and Native American Church. I encourage everyone who uses this medicine to uphold the principles of Faith, Hope, Love and Charity. By retaining the conservative teachings of NAC, it will remain a strong source of spirituality of our kids and grandkids, for generations to come. I am still a young man, without a wife or kids and limited life experiences, but these are some of the thoughts and feelings I would like to share with the kind-hearted people who read these entries. The medicine is very beautiful and has taught me a lot. Aho!
chad pfeiffer
I would like to say hi to the world of NAC and to Bob Onley and Albert Bub Mills Tash an Allen to the whole Yakama chapter and to Courage hope things work good for you oh yeah an to Malcom an Farleys Mom and her grand children peace love an haromony sweet morning water an light laughter to you all god bless all the world!!!!!
The Elk that sings
Chu-Chua, rez, canada - 4/10/03
Aho, thank you to all NAC members for your prayers for our young Navajo Warriors and safe return of my Son (PFC Jewelryman, Eugene Lee) U.S. Army. special Thank you to my grandpa Guy Redhouse a NAC roadman and My brother Dave Hicks NAC Roadman of Tuba City, Az. KEEP praying for our worriors reguardless of colors and may the holy spirit be with you day and night. thank you,
LeRoy E. Jewelryman
Cowsprings, AZ - 4/8/2003
Ahooo!!! My Native American Church relatives. "HE NE YO WAH!! This izzz an awesome way of life to worship to God and the integrity of creation. It's been a pleasure to be part of the fire place, the soothing sound of the waterdrum and gourd rattle. The music had uplift my human spirit to live in balance and harmony...hope to sit with NAC people anywhere to pray and jam to the Great Spirit.."HA YAAAHH!" I'm an Ojibway/Cree who is 22 yrs old, here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Travis Harper
Winnipeg, MB, Canada - 4/7/2003
im wanting some info on joining, osiyo, allan friendly bear, i live in south carolina. my address is 498 howard st spartanburg sc 29303
allan friendly bear
spartanburg, sc - Sat 03/30/2003
I just want to say again "aho" to each and everyone of you from the doorway in, clockwise doorway out! Each time I visit this wonderful site, it gives me great pleasure in reading your spiritual and uplifting comments from all you wonderful people who walk upon our mother-earth with dignity and respect. It is always nice to visit this guestbook on occasions. I just want to say a special thanks to all the NAC members throughout North America and Canada. I especially want to thank my special friend Koletta Saddleback for inviting me to Hobbema, Alberta, Canada during the winter holidays. I enjoyed the prayers, mediating and the singing. "It's good like datchu know!" May all of you be blessed with good health, wisdom, and knowledge again. Thank-you.
Clint Burnside
Tucson, AZ - Fri 03/29/2003
Hi I'm so happy today. My father had asked me to bring in water for him this past weekend. I then realized that I belong and that I still have a lot to learn, and also how to humble myself. I've been following these ways since I was about 11 and being apart of these cermonies have helped me get through anything and everything. I'm only 17 but I know where to go when i need help.
Tina Sunchild
Red Pheasent, sask canada - Wed 03/26/2003
I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter and myself. A few years ago our family lost our "Angel Baby" because she got sick and couldn't get rid of it. I've been having bad thoughts/feelings because my daughter is two months old and she is sick. She has been fighting this cold for about a week now and it isn't going away. I am scared because she is so little and I remember our previous loss. My baby is strong, I am weak, please pray that I might find strength to overcome these feelings.
Tulalip, WA USA - Wed 03/26/2003
MAUI, HI USA - Wed 03/26/2003
To my family in Strawberry Plains: I am with you in my heart and I will come to see you again soon. Love, Katja
Katja Kaye
Wedel, Germany - Wed 03/26/2003
aho brothers and sisters i have just been told the first white buffalo calf to be born on indian land in pine ridge reservation was killed i ask for prayer for the calf and to find the one who did this thing wado
betty rainwater
pikeville, tenn USA - Wed 03/26/2003
Ah-Ho relatives,well i just got on this site not to long and been reading some good entries. I'm Dine', Lakota, Oneida &amp; Ojibiwa, and I've been around the Native American Church all my life. Again, I like to say Ah-Ho to all of you and to enjoy life. Gary Fastwolf
Gary Fastwolf
nativeland, USA - Wed 03/26/2003
Ah ho my brothers and sisters of the four nations. I have prayed to the stone people and am now on the red path of the medicine wheel. Thank you Father Sun, mother Earth, Spirits of the four directions and all my relations for bringing me here today. Teach me and allow my ears to hear the great teachings
Mark Barrett
Centerville, Tn USA - Thu 03/20/2003
Quisiera escribir en Ingles pero concidero que no podria plasmar mi sentimientos. Gracias por su camino, por la medicina y por todo lo aprendido. Gracias por JORNADAS DE PAZ Y DIGNIDAD. Los quiero y que el GRAN ESPIRITU LOS GUIE Y CUIDE RECUERDEN QUE EN MEXICO REZAMOS POR TODOS LOS HERMANOS DEL CAMINO ROJO.
aketzalli Hernandez
Coyoacan, d.f M?xico - Thu 03/20/2003
I would like to thank our heavenly father for allowing me another chance at trying to make my family work. I hope that he will also provide me the strength to choose my family rather than choosing little pleasures that would hinder my relationship. Just a reminder to never give up. I have been praying for this chance for almost a year and here it is.
Tulalip, WA USA - Thu 03/20/2003
I take this time out to say Tansi to all my relatives all over. I am part cree and part saulteux, I have been a member for quite a while now I wish the very best of you all. Keep on the right path and dont be scared of anything if you eat this medicine, it will protect you and guide you through all your rough times in life from what i heard growing up. I thank this way for where i am today and keep on praying everyone May the good lord watch over you all AHO!!
Utin Mac.
Quinton, Sask CANADA - Thu 03/20/2003
Mojave, Ca. USA - Thu 03/20/2003
Great site! Very well done indeed!!
Walden, NY USA - Thu 03/20/2003
How may I become a member of the Native American Church? I am decended from Wah-Wli Mary Christina Otterlifter Born about 1738 in the Cherokee Nation, NC. And John Joseph Jesse Vann.
Christine Curry Rogers
Lufkin, Tx USA - Thu 03/20/2003
Aho! to all my brothers and sisters, memebers of the n.a.c.I enjoy reading comments from so many people who seem to be lost and looking to find answers in our ways.All I can say is ask Creator for the direction He would lead you.I agree we should not reveal too much about our n.a.c. I also am fearful our ways may be exploited by those who do not understand our pain from the europeans mistreatment of native peoples in the past, to the present. Look at our present situation in the middle east.I continue to pray for peace, and the protection of our native brothers and sisters in the armed forces. I love to hear my son sing" solder boy" in our n.a.c ceremonies.My heart and prayers remain with you who serve our country.May the Creator watch over and protect you. Aho!
josephine James
Markleeville, Ca. USA - Thu 03/20/2003
Hello my relatives! I just wanted to say hello to all the Native American Church members. Especially to my brother Elbert Whitehorse, Norbert, Gilbert, ect. Also to my Uncle and his family Ernest Begay. Another holler to Lyman Benn and his Family + Bally and his Family. Oh I almost forgot my sweet Denton. Hope all of you are doing well. Hope we all attend another meeting together. All is well. May God bless you all.
navajoland, USA - Thu 03/20/2003
Just to let the people know of the passing of one of our great leaders in the NAC. Anthony Davis (Whitethunder) Feb.15, 1911 - Feb.27, 2003 of the Pawnee tribe of Oklahoma passed away last night in Pawnee, Oklahoma. Anthony was a well known well loved leader in the NAC known in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Navajoland and all of the west including old Mexico. He actually ran a tipi meeting at Teotihuacan at the great pyramid in Mexico in Oct. 2000 during the Peace and Dignity Run. He ran several NAC meetings in Mexico prior to that and after. He was one of the Oklahoma tribesman responsible for helping the Navajo (Dine) secure the right to use peyote in the 1960's, having run a meeting at the time for then tribal chairman of the Navajo Raymond Nakai. He was president of the Native American Church of the United States (Texas) for many years and a spokesman for peyote ways all his life. Anthony was colorblind all his life in that he embraced people of all races and included them in all his prayers and ceremonies. He had a special fondness for the Mexica people because he claimed that heritage in his background too. A part of NAC history is gone now and a much loved grandfather, father, uncle, brother and friend has gone to the spirit world now and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Anthony.
SILVER CITY, NM USA - Fri 02/28/2003
Greetings. We wanted to pay our respects to Anthony Davis. A 92 year old Pawnee. He passed yesterday (2/27) in the afternoon. He was known throughout The Nation and had also been chairmen of the Church of North America. He was know as White Thunder. Many will miss him.
Randy &amp; Concha Allen
Santa Fe, NM USA 87501 - Fri 02/28/2003
Ron Craft
Livingston, MT USA - Fri 02/28/2003
I am a proud Native woman and I am Ogalala. I have always had my grandparents to ask questions to. And I feel very lucky for that. Because of them I want to know everything about who I am.
Jill (Weepping Willow) Joiner
oakland, ca USA - Thu 02/27/2003
Yaateeh, My name is D'marco Gee. And I'm a member of the Native American Church Of NavajoLand. I'm 12 years old. I'm sure Clint Burnside knows me. I go to meetings with him somtimes. God Bless You and a million Aho's to you. Study Hard
Fort Defiance, AZ USA - Thu 02/27/2003
Aho... Grandfather thank you Aho Mother thank you...Aho...
Little Bit White Owl
Golden, CO USA - Thu 02/27/2003
read some of your many open messages. I am very interested in recieving information about the church. As I have often heard of it but no way of contacting anyone of it until now. As I have been,and still traveling on the path of the wheel
houston, texas USA - Thu 02/27/2003
Ya'at'eeh. We should put up a sweat for all the world leaders and let them talk about finding peace or put up a teepee and have all of them sit in on a ceremony..........that would be awesome.!!
haashke ashkii
Dlo'a'yazhi, NM USA - Thu 02/27/2003
Sekoh Orye, Khwe khwe, I am Kanyen Keha-Mohawk Iroquois - Haudenosaunee and have met a few Navajo who are card carrying members of the Native American Church. Your site is interesting. My people are mixed in their politics and Religion , however we , like many are experiencing a rejuvination of Language and culture, and try to keep our History and Heritage. I enjoyed your web page. To the continuation of American Indian people and arts and lifeways. Peace and Power Onen ki wahi Skennen kowa MHI Bruce
Jacksonville, FL USA - Thu 02/27/2003
"Aho" My good friends and relatives I'm very Happy to say that I'm a proud new Grandparent again I have a new Granddaughter in my life my oldest grandaughter makes me feel so special I hope that I can Build the same kind of feelings with the rest of my grandchildren I know that all of you other Grampas'&amp; Grammas' know my feelings to those of you out there who don't know I hope the Great Spirit can bless your Life with a Beautiful Grandchild "Have a Care" Your "BRO" ARN All My Relations
wapato, wn - Sat 02/15/2003
Ya'at'eeh, shike' doo shidine'. My clans are Towering House clan, born for Red House clan. My maternal grandparent's clan is Yucca Fruit people clan, my paternal grandparent's clan is Big Water clan. I want to thank you for posting this website.. This website brought tears to my eyes. Memories of all the wonderful ceremonies of been to and sang my heart out in....Being so far from the beautiful Sacred Mountains breaks my heart sometimes. I miss the sound of the drum, the rattle and the sounds of beautiful songs. Being an American Indian in the Military has its up and downs but my prayers and beliefs in Native American Church keep me going strong. Reading some of the comments made me "feel" the relationship that we all have. Helping people and praying for good fortune. Thank You, God Bless all of you and God Bless our Native American Soldiers (Warriors).
OKINAWA, JAPAN - Tue 02/11/2003
I just discovered this web site. I was glad to see a couple of names that I recognized, and to be reminded of all the blessings that we have through the NAC, including wonderful friends and families. I am enrolled Colville , of the Arrow Lakes band, and have Assiniboine and Cree ancestry, of which I know very little about. But "Greetings" to you all, and Bless you and yours. All My Relations, Diana
Diana Toulou
Nespelem, WA USA - Tue 02/11/2003
the world and the holy alter is the only way the path is clear to see as i sit in class many things people don't know about songs that come from the earth and songs of the wind to help us go the right way and stay on track thank you all!!!
Zachary Littleben
rock point, AZ USA - Tue 02/11/2003
hi, i'm very interested in joining the native american church. i've already been studying it and am interested in legally becoming a member, even though i don't have native american descent. how can i do this?
zak vaughn
meridian, ms USA - Tue 02/11/2003
Hi, I am Japanese and working Japanese Museum. I am going to South Dakota in July. faith, love, peace wish no war.
Hiromi sharp
Sherman Oaks, CA USA - Tue 02/11/2003
Really enjoyed browsing through your site. Lots of information and an nice desgin. Keep going!
Samantha Williams
USA - Tue 02/11/2003
dear friends, I walk the lands of our grandfathers and grandmothers. I hear their speaking to us. My eyes see the joys they saw, and enjoyed for many years. How lucky I am. I am truly fortunate, beyond fortunate to have been able to experience "the old way." Ceremony, ah ceremony, it goes beyond words. I thank those who have brought it to me. Time is drawing near, once again to thank the Great Spirit for all he has done. Spring is upon us, time is drawing nigh.
sincerely, bluebonnet

austin, tx USA - Tue 01/28/2003
I met a man and his wife in the home of a very trusted friend, and I believe this is what he was trying to tell me about. I wish to learn more about my ancestors and about the awakening. I was led here.
Earth Feather
Destin, FL USA - Tue 01/28/2003
YA'ATE'E'H Hello My People and NAC followers.Thank you for letting me be part of you by having my say about NAC. NAC is great way of life because it shines the light on every thing for you. It shows you that you can accomplish things you want. May the Divine Creator look over you and your loved ones and guide you to the successful road of life. Peace and Love among Mother Earth.
Bluff, UT USA - Tue 01/28/2003
Warmth to you. Not sure if I know the Navajo Way. If it means being concsious of actions, if it means walking (not in haste) through life and never finish learning about it, if it means respect and wonder of all life. I can embrace it. I try to live this way. I believe I would be proud I was born a Navajo. But I am a caucasian and am proud of this too. I visited here to learn a little more about mtself. I will come back to keep learning. I hope to tred lightly on the ground that teaches me.
Keyes Lloyd
Santa Clara, CA USA - Tue 01/28/2003
hello people i was wondering if anyone is going to attend the national nac conference in texas
cold lake first nations, alberta canada - Tue 01/28/2003
It is good to see that people are trying to reach the outside world to except our traditional ways of life. But remeber that not to show or expose to much.
Lame Deer, Mt USA - Tue 01/28/2003
yo nac peoples im very happy i found it the page to peyote friends i wish it the best for all you nac peoples on this page god will bless you
ja smokeyday
yellowquill, sk canada - Tue 01/28/2003
An excellent web site. Keep up the good work.
James Mamone
San Antonio, TX USA - Tue 01/28/2003
Hello! My name is Zachary Chadoe Toahty. I'm Otoe-Missouria, Ioway, Sac &amp; Fox,Kiowa tribes of Oklahoma. My grandpa was the late George Koshiway from Red Rock, Oklahoma. My indian name "Chadoe" means I'm the leader of the buffalo in our tribe. I'm come from the buffalo or che clan in the Otoe-Missouria Tribe. I come from a proud family in the Native American Church the Koshiway. My grandfather was Jonathan "Jack" Koshiway, grandmother was Carrie Koshiway. My grandma was Lavina Koshiway Dailey, Berdie Koshiway Gawhega, Corrine Koshiway. I was around our family fire place and was told about our family fire place that my grandfather and grandpa used today. I met a lot of people thur my grandpa George in the NAC during several times. Who ever want to get in touch with me you can write me. My mailing address is this: Zachary Chadoe Toahty P.O. Box 121 155 Indian Avenue Lawrence, KS 66046
Zachary "Chadoe " Toahty
Red Rock, Ok USA - Tue 01/28/2003
Hello there fellow natives.....My wife and I were seeing if anyone could help us in our situation. I just moved here and was wondering if anyone knew of any peyote meetings in the Los Angeles or San Diego Area. If you could help us I would most likely appreciate your help. We are both from the Dine` Nation and trying to look for Meetings in our area. Hope to hear from someone soon.....Thanks and Ah-Ho..!!!!
Carmen and DeWayne Begay
Anaheim, CA USA - Tue 01/28/2003
Please help me pray for my family. I am a single mom that is about to have another baby (Valentine's Day). I pray for the strength to continue on the road toward accomplishing all of my goals. I pray that good medicine might come my way for remembering how important it is to provide a better future for my children and my family. I am thankful that the creator has allowed me the opportunity to see another sunrise.
KahSoonYah Sconawah
Tulalip, WA USA - Fri 01/17/2003
hi there fellow brothers, "wake with a smile and the day will never frown"
gator, FL USA - Fri 01/17/2003
yateeh. shi kei shi dinee.. ..i just wanted to say that some of you may know me..but for those who dont know me my name is kirby and i found this site by a friend of mine well i practically grew up the peyote way of life..all my life and to dis day i still follow it and it keeps me going each and every day so today i wanted to tell u some teachings that was brought up to my attention well first of all i just thought that id say if we, dine' tribe are dine's then we all are related as brothers and sisters so its good to know who u are..and where ur coming from..and some dine's are shy of who they are..i just have to say have pride in who u are cuz our language is so unique..that without our language we wouldnt have won the war and i just wanted to remember our veterans..ahehee..well my granpa once told me, "if u take care of the fire..and keep it going at all times then in-return that fire will take of u where ever u go..". he also said "even if i go back to the creator..i will always be in this fire dont hesitate to ask me
Kirby Chapo
Crownpoint, NM USA - Fri 01/17/2003
Much luv to all my Navajo People, and the rest of the N8tives in the area. Keep your faith, and our heritage, its all we got, thats all the whiteman left us with. Shame to all the N8tives who act white, or any other race. Be strong and united. NAC is a faith i believe in but, i still have to think about the "Navajo Way", which i was brought up on, but experienced meetings while growing up. My father Bennie and my uncle Elroy Begay both showed what it was all about. Was pasted down from grandpa, and his father, i guess. So believe what you have faith in and what will help you. PEACE to all other TRIBES
Broderick Arvessto
Dine', Az USA - Fri 01/17/2003
I live in the Jacksonville Fl area and I am looking for a Shaman If any one can help me. I really am in need of help Thanks and Have a safe and peacefull day
Jacksonville, FL USA - Fri 01/17/2003
May you have: Peace above you Peace below you Peace all around you aum namah shivaya
MIsty Rae Allen Cech
Boulder, Co USA - Wed 01/08/2003
May you have: Peace above you Peace below you Peace all around you aum namah shivaya
MIsty Rae Allen Cech
Boulder, Co USA - Wed 01/08/2003
Hi I just would like to thank the people that came to my home Dec.20 for all there help and also the people that prayed for me, most of all my brother Ricky who asked them to help me. So guys if you read this thank you from the bottom of my heart I will see you soon. Rondi
rondi barnes
kahnawake, Que canada - Wed 01/08/2003
Hi! My name is Cindy. This is the first time I've visited this site. I too desire to visit the NAC tipi, pray to the six directions and talk to Jesus. Could someone please direct me to an NAC location in FLorida? It is also necessary for me to experience a sweat ceremony as I must participate in one before I go on my first vision quest. Any info anyone on this site can give me will bless me. Mitakuye Oyasin!
CIndy O.
Largo, Fl USA - Wed 01/08/2003
aho everyone i would like to know how to join the native american church i am also getting ready to marry a sioux indian and would like to know if anyone knows what the sioux wedding ceremony is and thank u
betty rainwater
falls creek falls, tn USA - Wed 01/08/2003
Greetings to all my relatives and long time friends. I also extend my greetings to new friends. Well, what a year we had! I want to thank god and our way of religion for taking us this far. I haven't visit this site for awhile but just this evening I had the chance to view the new entries and seen some familiar names. My Brother "Clint Burnside" if you happen to come across this entry e-mail me. Well I don't have much to say but god bless each and every one of you. A-Ho!!!!:) Eldridge
Eldridge Etsitty
Tsayatoh, NM USA - Wed 01/08/2003
tansi i am woodland cree from northern alberta and now i am nac member i love this way of life peyote is something that is very holy and has changed my life for the better. i thank the creator for this gift. it is for all nations in the native americian church that i found salvation in peyote my savior the doctor of doctors the medicine of medicines. now i don't go to white man church to talk about jesus i go to nac tipi to talk to jesus. iam also a tradional cree i speak cree i go to sweets, fasts, pipe cermonies, shaking tents and this summer a sundance. may or dear heavenly Father bless our church. aho
curtis cardinal
calling lake, alberta canada - Tue 12/31/2002
I have a young Lady friend that has sever Migraine Headaches. And would like to know if there is any one out there that can help with this. I would like to find some Herb medicin for her. She is a sweet person. I'm 70 years young and running like a bear. I herd of the church at Red Lake Mn. If you can help. Thanks to anyone that can help or even the ones that can not. Matoe.
Art Giles
MARGIE, Mn USA - Tue 12/31/2002
Happy New Year, 2003! - Greetings in the name of Cherokee Chief Red Bird of Kentucky, Old Cherokee Nation, you MAY find some genealogy and history of the Bird, Blue or Wildcat Panther and Bear and other clans at: WWW.CHEROKEECOUNCILOFAMERICA.INFO - Bye Cousins, VMO
V. Martin Ogrosky
Charlotte, NC USA - Tue 12/31/2002
Hello....I am very impressed with the web site and want to know how you join NAC...
Phoenix, Az USA - Tue 12/31/2002
mother Earth has TREATED me kindly throughout my journey. May the morning sun ALWAYS find you with a smile!
Richfield, MN USA - Tue 12/24/2002
I'm Teresa Hall,a descendant of the North American tribe of Blackfoot Cherokee and I would like to wish everyone a pleasant and safe Holiday Season. Also I would like to know if I could join your church and if there was a Chapter available for me to attend here in West Virginia, and if so, where is it located?
Teresa Hall
WV USA - Tue 12/24/2002
AHO! My father is Arnold Sconawah of the Yakama Indian Nation. This is my first submission into this guestbook. If you know my "PA" tell him I love him and pray for him everyday. Be careful for the holidays and remember that "Life is a struggle!", never forget to appreciate the simple things. -KAT-
KahSoonYah Sconawah
Tulalip, USA - Tue 12/24/2002
just want to say it nice to see some people keeping their believe. alos wanted to say hello and merry chirstmas and a happy new year.
tashina redshirt
kaibeto, az USA - Fri 12/20/2002
Thank you for such a wonderful and blessed site for all of us to enjoy. The Order of All Nations
Lady Rev. Mitzi Edwards, Mother
USA - Fri 12/20/2002
You have brought sunlight into the darkness of life. Your website is very inspiritational to the native american people.Please keep up the good work.
Pat Dixon/Jackie Alexander
Abilene, TX USA - Wed 12/18/2002
Just want to say "hello" to all of our Native church members out there and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the creator bless and watch over all of you and your loved ones this holiday season. AHO............
NAC Member from Yakama Country
Yakama, WA USA - Wed 12/18/2002
"Hello" "Merry Christmas" To all NAC Members and a "Happy New Year"and looking forward to Praying with you sometime in the future I"M happy to see my nephew's corespondence in the Guestbook (Malcolm Moses) "Good Tidings" and I"ll see ya next year "AHO" HO,HO,HO,
Malcolm Marten
Marion Drain, WN USA - Wed 12/18/2002
AHO my Good Relatives Iwould just like to say hello to Malcolm Moses I"m standing here Talking to your uncle Malcolm Marten He's been over here in Yakama a couple of months now and told me to tell you hello He says to tell you Merry Christmas The Chippewa-Cree are pretty good people he gets around bustin up wood and helping the sponsor get ready for the meeting always Willing to help out oh yeah Aho Farley &amp; Jimmy-Joe just got on the Guestbook over at Ralph &amp; Elaines Talk to You later OK ARN
Wapato, WN USA - Wed 12/18/2002
AH ho! good 1 I'm also a yotey boy to,half moon ways.Idon't have a email adress but I have a regular adress,not to boring,''huh''? ne ways it's PO box 1634 pine ridge south dakota 57770. write any time I'll write back, in a good way, like that, about any things.
james red cloud
pine ridge, sd USA - Wed 12/18/2002
ya'at'eeh, first of all i would like to introduce myself, my name is lisa begay, i am Mexican clan born for Coyote pass clan, my maternal grandfathers are coyote pass and my paternal grandfathers are manygoats. i would like to extend my greetings to everyone who visits this page. i know this is my first visit to this page and believe me i enjoy all of what you have written. i enjoy going to prayer services, my father is a roadman, and most of my uncles are roadman as well. i grew up in the beauty way of life and which i am proud to say i am a member of, the Native American Church.
Lisa Begay
Navajo, AZ USA - Thu 12/12/2002
Hello to everyone from Oklahoma and I would like to say God Bless each and everyone of you how are reading this and to those how are not also. Iwould like to tell all the young people stay on the road of LIFE cause with the creater you can go a long way. A-HO for reading and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !!!!
Vee-Girl Ahboah Moore
Kiowa Country, Ok USA - Thu 12/12/2002
I love what you are doing fighting for indian rights. We are doing the same in Canada right now. May God Bless and keep you
Rev. Fred Wilson
Windsor, Ont. Canada - Thu 12/12/2002
Keep up this great resource. I bookmark your site, best greetings, Heim Arbeit
Germany - Thu 12/12/2002
My Family is French Canadian and Wyandot. I would like to know if there are any Native American Church. I want to get back to my roots. I started getting into the the spritual musica few months. My first CD is Bless the People. Harmonized Peyote Songs. Brings me a lot of peace
Claudia Robichaud
Staten Island, NY USA - Thu 12/12/2002
Iwould just like to thank all of the NAC members who ride this Earth with us today especially those of you who grew up in this BEAUTY WAY
arn of yakama
wapato, wa USA - Wed 11/27/2002
'Aho Matuk Whahussen' I am a 17-yr old AmerIndian/Hungarian-German who is very proud of his heritage. I am Kickapoo of Oklahoma. I must say that this sight is absolutely fabulous, and the "Words from the shaman" touched me as well as many others I have presented it to. I'm sure I speak for all the natives in this wrongfully-owned country when I say we need more straight forward sites like this. Thank you for your words of wisdom.
shane edward bolster
long beach, ca USA - Wed 11/27/2002
Ya'at'eeh, shike' doo shidine'. I am Martricia Dick, 18 yrs. old Navajo, of the great Navajo Nation. i am of the Tangle people (taneezhnii) born for the Red Bottom People (tlashchii). My paternal grandfathers clan is Kiiya'anii and maternal grandfather Tabahii. i'm currently residing in Albuquerque NM, at the University of NM as a freshmen. i've been raised in the NAC and respect it very much. my grandfather H. Begay of Sheepsprings, NM along with my uncles, have taught me so much. but i wouldn't have known this church if it weren't for my parents, who brought our family about this way of worship. i learned to sing, and still do, since i was 15 yrs. old. i learned long before this, but i didn't think i had enough courage to sing, until my thoughtful uncles talked me into it. as time pasted, and many prayer services that i been in, my relative always tell tell me that i healed someone, or even them through my songs, and i am truely greatful for that. i am very thankful to have a church like this one.
Martricia Dick
Newcomb, Nm USA - Wed 11/27/2002
The beautiness and the spirit of the medicine, I understand whom I am as Dine. Peyote sacrement has been good to me, and I only take care of it with all the NAC belongings as well, and I know If I take care of it good, it will take care of me good as well. It taught me some old traditional peyote spiritual songs, which became to be the spirit of my late dad James "John" Tso, I always think when I am in the midst of the spirit of the holy medicine, when I hold the staff with sage, feather and gourd or singing of my late dads songs, I feel my late dad's spirit is with me..The only place that I would feel my late dad's spirit is in the peyote ceremony. I know the peyote sacrement will never give up on me, when I need its comfort, the medicine helps me a lot..Peyote sacrement and ceremony is my way of life everyday of my life. I'm happy to say "ahoe" to the one that created this plant..Praying that the holy screment will be here for a long time for my grandchildren so it will take care of them.
Andrew (Tseyi'niitsoh)Tso
Cahone Mesa, Utah USA - Wed 11/27/2002
I am trying to contact jon wyclef. I talked to him on the phone a long time ago but lost his number and my way.
steve miller
fredericksburg, Va USA - Wed 11/27/2002
the goverment of this country wants us to point fingers at each other, not at them. we are all of us the children of the creator, who have lost their way. and i have no idea what my heritage is, do any of us truelly know
frances miguez
ft lauderdale, fl USA - Wed 11/27/2002
Please send your prayers for our michigan chapter of the NAC morning star-our rights to these ways are bieng challenged on the state level court system. Thanks
Brian Carver
Petoskey, mi USA - Wed 11/27/2002
American Indians share a history rich in diversity, integrity, culture and tradition. It is also rich in tragedy, deceit and genocide. As the world learns of these atrocities and cries out for justice for all people everywhere, no human being should ever have to fear for his or her life because of their political or religious beliefs. We are in this together, my friends, the rich, the poor, the red, white, black, brown and yellow. We share responsibility for Mother Earth and those who live and breathe upon her. Never forget that.
Leonard P.
Native Land, USA - Sun 11/10/2002
Just wanted to say HELLO on behalf of all us Cree people over here in Hobbema! It's always a pleasure to visit your site. A big hug to all my Dine' relatives on the Navajo Nation, I had a very enjoyable and memorable summer, thank you very much for making me feel welcome. I'll be sure and try to visit again soon. And a special greeting to shi-buddy, Clint Burnside, thank you for being my personal tour-guide all summer long *LOL* Thank you for being there for me, for allowing me to sit by you ~meditating ~praying ~singing ~and just basically for everything, Aho!!! May Kind-God bless and watch over you all each and every day... Hai Hai ~Pisimiskwew~
Koletta Saddleback
Hobbema, Alberta Canada - Sun 11/10/2002
She:kon, hello!!My name is Little Fire. I am of Mohawk descent. I would like to join the Native American Church because I was taught and raised in the Native way by my grandfather who was a full-blooded Mohawk. I would also like to know where and if there is a Native American Church in Penna. Because if there is a Native American Church here I would love to join and to be in it. My mom is non-native so I don't have any status with the Mohawk nation. My dad was also full-blooded Mohawk. My mom tried to raise me in her religion which is Catholic and I am not very comfortable in that religion. I feel like that I don't belong there. I know I am an Native American in my heart and that is how I was raised. I have stayed in my culture all of my life and I even raised my children the same way. I am also raising my one grandaughter in the same way. So I was just wondering if you know of any Native American Churches that are in my area and that I could join. Thank you. Little Fire.
Little Fire
Leechburg, Pa USA - Sun 11/10/2002
I am very impressed with this site and would like to know how to join the Native American Church. Please e-mail me and let me know.
Skullyville, OK USA - Sun 11/10/2002
For those who know me and those who don't, I am in love with our Indian women. They are the foundation of our culture, our tribes and our families. Without them we would not exist. And for me, the world would be an extremely empty place.

Think about it, guys. Our mothers endured greater physical pain than you or I can imagine bringing us into the world. As soon as we took our first breath, they overcame their own discomfort to hold us and share their love. Can we do any less?

Remember our ancestors. They revered the women. They hunted for them, and they protected them and loved them with great passion. Back then the women had a voice within the tribe. Today that seldom happens.

Today we have drugs, alcohol and legal issues. We have mistreated wives, forgotten girlfriends and abused women everywhere. Don't think we live in a traditional world. We don't, because we forgot the importance of the Indian women.

The three most wonderful words ever spoken: "I love you." Not "I love you only" but "I love you." I said it to my children, and I say it every day in my prayers for those I care about. Once I did not say it enough and suffered a huge loss. Love heals old wounds, cleanses the spirit and helps me feel good in my heart. I love you -- I love me!

I love women, some more than others, but all with respect, compassion and commitment to express my gratitude to their existence.

I see the children who share their innocence. I see the elders who guide us with their wisdom. And I see the future of our people. We will survive.

More men need to look within, see the place that needs fulfillment and say to their special someone, "I love you" -- and mean it.

Each day will become brighter; eventually you will truly love and respect our women. That will be the day to remember, when our world is filled with hope, compassion and commitment.

Say it. "I love you."

Mother Earth is where we come from, and we will return to our Mother Earth.

Thank you to all of our Indian women.

I love you.
Men of all Nations
All Nations, All USA - Mon 11/04/2002

I really like the sight. I was woundering if anyone knows of a church like this belief in georgia. I am interested but need more info. My family heritage is cherokee but i have lots of questions to be answered on my journey as i am seeking. May the Creator watch over you all........Steven
Columbus, GA USA - Mon 11/04/2002
ft, carson, co USA - Mon 11/04/2002
I am really glad that I found this site. I am Native American with a Black and White ancestry. I am currently writing a book about the Native American community called Piney Woods that my ancestors founded over 200 years ago. When I was a little girl about 7 year old, I had a vision in which I saw my ancestors dancing in a field, in fact, I saw the whole village including the drummer with the drum between his crossed legs. I was in fact, standing in my grandmother's back yard and literally witnessed the vision in broad day light. My mother was able to see them also, only after I showed her what I was watching. She almost had a heartattack. Due to this vision I was given the name of Spirit Dancer by Brooke Medicine Eagle. I love the Creator with all my heart and I am able to see his beauty in all things. I am now 45 years old and I have tried all my life to find the Creator in a disciple, holiness, methodist, baptist and catholic church but I could not find him. However, one day when I was Sometimes the Creator gives me poems and he is the inspiration for my book. Below I would like to give you a verse to one of my poems:
Sometimes my free spirit,
Travels back in time,
When Man first roamed the earth,
Seeking shelter and finding birth.
Not for one second do I believe,
My ancestors accidentally wandered,
To this continent across frozen seas,
Confidently I believe they were created here,
On this same land where my feet now firmly stand...
Love, Ruby North Carolina

Ruby Whitehurst
Jamesville, NC USA - Mon 11/04/2002
yateeh' first of all i would like to say hello to everyone and i would like to introduce myself to everyone my name is kirby chapo im 18 years old im from casamerolake, NM i have followed the peyote way of life ever since i was 3 years old and i enjoy it, my clan is tlashchii' nishlo' todichinii' bashishchiin'. i also want to know if there are ne meetings anywhere in the four corners, i would like to be at your meetings and meet new people, i never knew there are this many people that attend meetings, i like it! it makes me feel good so if theres anyone whos having a meeting let me know i would like to sing, pray, with you! ahehee' (thanks) for listening.
kirby chapo
casamerolake, nm USA - Mon 11/04/2002
Yaateeh Hello my brothers and sisters. I am a Dine' from the Dine' nation. I just want to say hello to all Native Americans. Thank you for letting me sign your guess book.
Delilah Cly Begay
Bluff, Ut USA - Mon 11/04/2002
Ya'at'eeh shi relatives! I just want to say 'Aho to each and everyone of you. I just want to let you all know how much I enjoyed reading your comments. It is very spiritual and uplifting. May you all have many blessings and longevity in life...
Clint Burnside
Tucson, Arizona USA - Mon 11/04/2002
Ya'a't'eeh Shi kee shi dine'e shi Brian Sloan yinishye adoo' ei Dii ashkii Alden Billie wholyehiigii ei shi yi ateh ako ei binaji ya'at'eeh sha dah bi doo ni. Alden Billie I met him some years back and we have atented many meetings together. He is a good drummer and a good singer and lives his life with his mother, brother, and sisters in one trailer. Pray for this young individual. He is currently attending school also pray for his schooling and sports. He plays football and really likes for people to pray for him. U might know his father Alvin Billie. He is also related to Limberg Billah, Samson Enirico, Sammy Largo, and some others. We attend meetings as much as we can we respect each other and ourselves.
Brian Sloan
Crownpoint, NM USA - Mon 11/04/2002
ya'at'ee peyote eaters. hows everybody? me im good. well ive been raised in the nac ways. i learned how to sing at the age of 10 i think, by my uncles. they are good singers to. my uncles names are sampson enrico and anderson parkett and aaron billie.
alden billie
thoreau, nm USA - Mon 11/04/2002
We (brothers and sisters) grew up in this way of belief and parents had to hide in order to practice belief when this belief came to the Navajo Nation. My parents were told by my great grand father of this belief long before it was heard of on Navajo land, he said, "a spirit was sent to the east, it will return when existing beliefs are starting to vanish or corrupt by what is to come with the whiteman. When it comes, take care of it for it is the last of all that was put forth by the creator, losing it will mean the end of our way of life. Take care of it!" At this time, I am very greatfull of this belief for I belive it has giving me an opportunity to be greeted as, "Father." Take care of it! On behalf of my late father, Alfred Begay.
Chester A. Begay
Phx, AZ USA - Mon 10/21/2002
The circle of life is held in form by the most natural way to approach this life. The traditions of our people must reemerge and enlighten this pre-occupied world with the true meaning of existence. Don't believe a thing that the dominant society wants you to. It is all an attempt to control the minds of its inhabitants. Search within your heart and find your true spirit. Remember, religion isn't a set of systematic beliefs, but experience married to wisdom.
Justin Hardin
Newalla, OK USA - Mon 10/21/2002
Kway-Kway- hello..... Here in the NE- it is raining. we are gratefull. May we all walk the Good Red Road in these hard times together. May we look to those we can help and defend, rather than curse and fear....The Ancesters are with us- we are never alone... i am gratefull- for all of you... be well..... journey well. Off to Mighty Jo's for POW-WOW today- to sing.......
Winter Eagle
Dover, NH USA - Mon 10/21/2002
Soy buscadora y estoy aprendiendo del trabajo que est? iniciando Camino Rojo aqu? en Colombia. Que se restablezca la conexi?n del Aguila del Norte y elC?ndor del Sur.Me alegra infinitamente que exista una UNA, y quisiera que hicieran llegar m?s informaci?n. Bendiciones!!!!
Natalia Wilches
Bogot?, D.C., COLOMBIA - Mon 10/21/2002
My love to you, my love to all, I kindle you in all your makings, from where some meet to others destructers, working out your daily ills, going and coming to get your thrills, give mine up, I never will, watching you all at separate base, continuing in journeys, an indefinate trace, to the borders of the walls that hold us in, to the tyrany of a lock box with the key found withen, continue your journeys my fun loving friends, to the depths of your wonders, in the paths to there end.
Nathan Gutierrez
Huntsville, Al USA - Mon 10/21/2002
Cherokee Indians were strong belivers of faith. They prayed every day to their god about the trail of tears. many died through that depression as they were forced to move off of there land in to other territory. some indians stayed and were bold. they lived in the appalachian mountains.
jamillia warren
richmond, Va USA - Mon 10/21/2002
Ya'at'eeh, Lucas Nelson yinishye, kinyaa'aanii nishli, nanaashtezhi tachiinii bashishchiin, ashiihi da shicheii, tohtsohnii da shinali. Shima doo shizhe'e ei Leroy doo Mable Nelson wolye. I would like to express myself here in a spiritual manner.. My name is Lucas M. Nelson, my clans are Towering House Clan, born for Red Streak Division of the Red Running into the Water Clan, my maternal grandfather is Salt Clan and my paternal grandfather is from the Big Water Clan. My mother and Father are Leroy and Mable Nelson. My father is from the Beshbitoh, AZ area (7 miles west of Steamboat, AZ). My father also has an album released with the Cool Runnings record company located in Window Rock, AZ. It consists of 24 Dine' and Comanche peyote songs. ( My mother is from the Nashchitti, NM area (50 miles north of Gallup, NM). I am from the Tohatchi, NM area (30 miles north of Gallup, NM). I was raised in the traditional Dine' way of life in connection with the teachinbeen handed down fro generation to generation we have multiple gods (Deities), twelve in all. There are also many, but to document them would take a long time. When the first people came through the first three worlds they went through hardships so we could reside in this current world. So this world is like heaven to the Dine'. When we go to the Spirit Land we do not go up or down. We stay in this, the Glittering World, where we originated. I enjoy participating in the Native American Church ceremonies because they make me feel good inside like being proud of my Dine'heritage. Being able to speak my Native language and comunicate in a different language. It is my belief that a persons native language should not to be spoken in a harmful manner. When you speak to a person using your native language in a harmful manner it hurts more than when you say it in English because when you say it in your native language you mean it more. So never speak to a person in a harmful manner at all, especially little children.
Lucas M. Nelson
Tohatchi, NM USA - Mon 10/21/2002
Hello out there to all the NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH members. And I'd like to say A-ho "Pelamiya" Thank you for your Beatiful songs that you two sing on all your tapes A-Ho. I'm 14 years old and I don't misuse the Peyote. That isn't my way of Praying to the Creator "Tunkasila." I have much respesct for all the N.A.C. Members Out there in the Native Land. I'd also like to say Thank you very much to my Brother Juan Mesteth for teaching me all he knows. He kept encouraging me to sing and I Thank him very much A-Ho Brother A-Ho Relatives Believe in "GrandFather PEYOTE" don't missuse it. May the Good Lord Bless And Watch Over You. A-Ho Rachel Mesteth
BeBe Conary
Pine Ridge, SD USA - Mon 10/21/2002
The way I feel about this medicine is hard to put down in words. I have been in the church for 20 years. Over time I have seen a lot of changes even if I have not been in the church long. My elder roadman wasn't just some guy with cool looking instruments and a pretty singing voice. He was a strong medicine man with power that he did his best to impart on me even if some of the other members had jealous feeling about it. He passed away some 4 years ago in his old age. I feel his powerful spirits still moving around whenever I get into my work for the people and my ancestors. Some of the things I have seen go on in and around this medicine I cannot support. I urge everone who has respect for this medicine to keep a clear mind and not to abuse this peyote. It's not dope or booze but I know of a lot of people who abuse it in that way. I see alot of fakes who try to fool people. It is not how we were instructed to use it. Watch your thoughts and feel with your heart. Your spirit eye will see more than your human one.
Red Medicine
az, az USA - Tue 10/08/2002
Would like to Thank all the people who pray for my family. I also want to say hello to the Barlows and Smiths around the Shonto and Kayenta area. My thoughts and prayers go out to my brother Micheal Smith who is getting married. Thank You to all the people in the native american church. THANKS AND HELLO TO ALL.
Toni Smith
Arizona, AZ USA - Tue 10/08/2002
Thank you for the site. I am part Cherokee, part Blackfeet. I am trying to find where my spirit is tied to the great spirit. Searching for truth, not fables. No disrespect to other faiths, but I have tired Christianity and find myself furstrated. I am very interested in becoming a member of the native american church. please e mail me with any info that you feel would help me on my way.I am interested in tracing my indian heritage, but I do not know where to begin.
Knoxville, TN USA - Tue 10/08/2002
yateeh shi dine ke' shi kirby yinshe ado doone nishlini e ya tlashchii ninshlo toodichinii bachishchine, hello my dine people my name is kirby and my clan is red bottom and bitterwater peoples clan so i wanted to say all of you guys and nice teachings and that what im looking for. I was raised up through NAC all my life and i like and i just wanna say that to everybody who goes to meetings that we are one and strong many may judge us but we just pray for them. ha'gone do' ahee'he
kirby chapo
casamarolake, nm USA - Tue 10/08/2002
Hi I'm Tina I'm 17 years old and I've been part of the NAC since I was 11. I've seen a lot of mircles happen in there. I've seen people who weren't suppost to live and I see them w/ their families and to me this is one of the most important things in the world to me. My father is a roadman. Thank you my creator.It's been real
Tina Sunchild
North Battleford, sask canada - Tue 10/08/2002
Well to say the least the world is raging with wars and rumors of wars...but here in the tipi we have a chance to see truth for ourselves, so we can have a good understanding with one another..for this I am thankfull...thank-you
auburn, wa USA - Sat 09/28/2002
Yaahteeh Shi Dineh! Greetings my people!! I would like to thank you for letting my express my thanks for having this site. Being away from home I have missed a lot of meetings, but I'm looking forward to hear from anyone in the Kansas City area about NAC meetings if any. Again thanks and may you have a blessed day!!!
LaVell Light
Kansas City, MO USA - Sat 09/28/2002
You guys are very good at this and you tend to have a lot of information. I really enjoy reading about what other people say that have the same religion as me!
Jesse Snake
Black River Falls, Wi USA - Sat 09/28/2002
Hi there I`m here because I`m looking for Native american friends to share stories and more...
Simon Langsadl
Marblehead, MA USA - Sat 09/28/2002
I am a Native American (Winnebago) and I really enjoyed your sites. It has a lot of information. Bye!
Erica Rave
Black River Falls, Wis USA - Sat 09/28/2002
Thank you for the site. I am part Cherokee, part Blackfeet and part African. I am trying to find where my spirit is tied to the great spirit. Searching for truth, not fables. No disreepct to other faiths, but I have tired Christianity and Islam and find myself furstrated with both.
Douglas Wesley III
Brooklyn, NY USA - Sun 09/15/2002
I am a Dine' from Bluff, Ut. I enjoy attening meetings every weekend. My thoughts and prayers are said for everyone.
Delilah Begay
Bluff, Ut USA - Sun 09/15/2002
i was very moved by the words i reccently read on this website. i am very interested in becoming a member of the native american church. please e mail me with any info that you feel would help me on my way
Aaron Gonzalez
Hialeah, Fl. USA - Sun 09/15/2002
Through you devoted efforts your site is adding to the sum total of enlightenment in the world. many thanks. zendo
NY, NY USA - Sun 09/15/2002
I am in the Four Winds tribe Louisiana. I would be interested to find out more about the church and more about the history and culture of the Cherokee people than I have been able to find in books, as there culture was all but wiped out before the 1900's. If at all possible I would like info on how my famliy and myself can become members. In our neck of the country most of the cultures have all blended together. It is extremely important to me, being a young american indian male, to better explain my heritage to my daughters. PLEASE HELP A STRUGGLING INDIAN FAMILY FIND A DEEPER MEANING FOR LIFE !!!!!!
Anthony Carpenter
Leesville, La USA - Sun 09/15/2002
With great greetings from within, to all members and non-members of NAC. To have great respect for my elders whom walk upon this earth I shall respect all by an introduction. My name is Fidelia Walker. My first clan is the Mexican clan.. My second clan is Cliff Dweller People.
Fidelia Walker
Rough Rock, AZ USA - Sun 09/15/2002
Today I found this website and read all the entries and found it intresting. A little history about myself- My name is Eldridge Etsitty member of the Dine Nation. Born into Wateredge Clan for Salt Clan, my maternal grandparents are Dark Streak People and my nali's are Big Water People. I come from Lupton,Az but now I reside in Tsayatoh,NM. I have been born into this way of life (NAC) now after 32yrs I still strongly believe in our mother peyote. I went through a lot of hardship and I wouldn't wish that on my wost enemy. A lot of people I know have taken the easy road out (drinking), I simply prayed to God almighty and the medicine for guidence and knowledge. I was glad that my father taught me these ways and his wisdom and knowledge of Mother Peyote were past down to me. I hope just this little entry I've made may change and help someone who neeeds it. I enjoy going to meetings, singing and praying for the people;especially the young and little ones. A-HO
Eldridge Etsitty
Mentmore, NM USA - Tue 09/10/2002
I thank you for this web site. I hope to learn more from it , I am from the Cherokee Nation. I am trying to learn more. Thanks again for being here.
LaGrange, KY USA - Tue 09/10/2002
Yaahteeh Hello and greetings!
Navajoland, AZ USA - Tue 09/10/2002
The original meaning of the word ?vocation? means ?the voice within.? Many cultures have ceremonies and rituals as to how to get in touch with this voice. While this voice tends to emerge during our adolescence, it can speak to us at any stage of our life. The Huichol Indians tell us that there are two kinds of human beings. Those who listen to their inner-voice and those who ignore it. The ones who listen to their inner-voice move in harmony with the flow of life, which is represented by a magical deer, ?hicuri.? They also drink from the magical waters of ?teacata?, the place of wisdom. This is the invisible river from which the Monarch butterflies drink in order to find their way in their migration from Canada to Mexico. This is also the water that the Salmon drinks in order to find his way from rivers to the sea and back to their birthplace. To know without being taught. The Huichol Indians tell us that when we ignore our inner-voice we become ghosts of ourselves. Our mind is in one place, but our heart is some where else. Then, since we have lost our integrity, we become ?beings of duality?, and we enter the world of restlessness and perpetual want. But no matter what we do, and how much we may ignore our inner-voice, our heart never gives up on us. The Mayas tell us that within it lives a Quetzal, the bird of life, and the Quetzal goes on talking to us. The voice becomes more clear during the night, as we sleep and dream. It becomes clear also when we take time to be in silence, when we fast, or when we spend time in solitude. At times it may even assault us when we deal with pain or suffer a breakdown. Our sickness may be an attempt of our heart to straighten our life. When we are rooted in our hearts, our faces bear no duality, no concealment. Mexicans call a face with a heart ?rostro? because the face is rooted in nature and in truth. However, when the face is not connected to the heart, it cannot be a ?rostro?, and it is called ?cara?. In English we only have one word for both of them, ?Face?, although, there is a world of difference between them. If you happen to have a rostro, keep shining brightly in this world. And if you happen to have a cara, your heart is out there calling for you. They say that when you find your voice the whole Universe sings. Make the Universe sing!
USA - Thu 08/29/2002
The Red Saviour loves all people.All who would be loved. He is also the youth of eternal summers. The words of the God Son rang in his ears eons before they were spoken.The path has grown over but the way can still be seen.Seek Jack Straw in the land of the fat mouse. He can be found in a planet inside a studio. His face will hide his years. If you find him- Bravo. He was once in the Land of the Mohawk, and Iriquois.Lead him to lead. He can be all things, but he is of this world, for now.
LEMURIA, FLA USA - Thu 08/29/2002
Hello - I am interested in learning the process for becoming a member of the church. I have enough native blood to appreciate the connection to the land, the alliance with power plants, and the world of the shaman.
Fort Collins, CO USA - Thu 08/29/2002
Yaahteeh Hello and greetings! I've been a member of the NAC all my life. I am greatful that I am a part of this way of life because it has brought me this far in life. I've had many ups and downs in life and I was hit with the hardest the past spring, but because of what my husband taught me about this way of life and making me get a clearer picture of this way. It has kept me strong especially to pray in the ceremony. To me it seemed as though he was there wtih me. I am thankful for that. To be in ceremony I think will keep me closer to my husband. So to all my relations keep praying.
Navajoland, AZ USA - Thu 08/29/2002
We are pleased to find a site/place to lead us back to our ancestors roots. Thank you for putting this together and putting it on the web. Sleeping Bear and family.
Mark and Julie Miller
Munfordville, KY USA - Tue 08/20/2002
osiyao how are you all doing i am a native american of florida i am a cherokee dancer at powoww i belive in my people and the creator love all type of native people i love them all wado too all pease for all of you......greyfox......of florida...
greencovesprings, fla USA - Tue 08/20/2002
Mystical warriors and princesses... hello to you all... take care and stay well... until next time "keep prayin"... Jonezeeboy 08,18,2002.
Malcolm Jones
Saddle Lake, A.B Canada - Tue 08/20/2002
It is wonderful to find so many sites dedicated to the Native American people. I have been fascinated by your culture for thirty-odd years now when unfortunately not too many people here in England were familiar with your old ways. Some still do not understand but I hope over the years I have educated them in understanding you are humans who were (and still are) treated as second class citizens and had your lands taken off you. I thank the Great Spirit for opening my eyes all of those years ago and for helping me find your wonderful culture. I thank all of your Native Americans with all of my heart for the wonderful things I have found out about you and apologise from the bottom of my heart for the unforgivable way the white people treated you. All I can say is they do not know what they are missing, I love you all.
Maureen Lloyd
Manchester, England - Tue 08/13/2002
Greetings. Just like to say I'm glad to see there is more of us then ever before. It's wonderful to see. Great website as well. thank you. We are out here in Massachusetts growing our family freely and spiritually. I think one of the most important things to do is to teach the children. "If you praise the children they will blossom". Always looking for more people to share with. Peace love and light be with you all.
Stephen Sullivan
East Falmouth, MA USA - Thu 07/25/2002
Yaateeh, Shikedoo shi dine My name is D'marco. I'm navajo. I have been a part of the NAC for a long time. I'm 12yrs old, but it brought me this far. I have relitives that go to NAC but it's always good to meet your prayers all the way. I enjoy the native american church of navajo land.Thank you haagoonee 07/22/02
D'marco Gee
Fort Defiance, AZ USA - Thu 07/25/2002
I am thankful that the U.S. government has recognized the importance of the spiritual path that the NAC follows. I wish the path to be freely accessable to all who wish to follow it. I am not native american, but am in sympathy with the native american heritage. I would like to know if there is a NAC community in or near Montgomery, AL that would be open to a sincere visitor such as me. Thank You. Scott.
Scott A. Bell
Montgomery, AL USA - Thu 07/25/2002
I am Chippewa and French and interested in becoming a member of the NAC. Can you tell me how to go about this?
Yachats, OR USA - Thu 07/25/2002
If you know Lance and Mona Blackhorn, they were Native American, lance was in the navy with me. I would like to contact them. my name is Dan Prescott
savannah, ga USA - Thu 07/25/2002
I would like to wish you peace and I pray for a time when both the Government recognizes the diffenerce between spirtuality and drug use/abuse and drug users/abusers recognize the difference between taking a sacrament and persuing intoxication. I would like more information about the NAC. I am, for better terms, an eclectic spiritualist. I believe that all humans in spirit are aware of the same divinity which is life and the universe, and are, in essence, trying to equate them to understandable terms. There are lessons to be learned in the teachings of those who have been immersed in life and in looking inward with the gifts of the earth like Peyotl.
Rev. Zani Ezra
Westport, CT USA - Wed 07/17/2002
I have read some of the peoples comments and must write too. I am indian decent, I do not know what clan - this I long to find. My spirit longs for truth and peace. Too many happinings past and present, I can only pray our people - all native american people will unite in prayer to the great spirit. For this world is soon to change in ways many do not understand. I cry every night in longings and yearnings for truth to win out in this untruthful world. May the Great Spirit continue to bless and give truth to all who desire it.Dorothy M. Hawkins
Salem, OR USA Wed 07/17/2002

what i like about eating medicine is by sunrise i don't hold a grudge against anyone....sometimes people in NAC we talk to much bad about one another and hold a grudge...and this is so much more trouble than we need....I hope if anyone out there in NAC land is holding a grudge against one another, peyote shows you the truth and there will be no more grudge and we can continue on in a good way..with a life giving prayer...thank-you
just your everyday girl
tn USA - Wed 07/17/2002
i am a catholic priest, the pastor of a smal church in southern louisiana (immaculate conception church in charenton, louisiana) many members of our church are native americans (chitimacha tribe) would like to list your website on our church bulletin so our members could view it, would also like to link it to our church website if that is ok with you our site is
bill crumley
charenton, la USA - Wed 07/17/2002
Have any of you heard of Bill Miller? He is a fantastic Native american songwriter. His music is great and his lyrics are touching. If you appreciate good music, you should check out Bill's music!
Charlestown, IN USA - Wed 07/17/2002
Ya'at'eeh, I'm Marcella and currently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have been with the Native American Church about 9 years now. My grandparents and parents has been raised up and brought in it. My uncle has shared a lot with me prior to this NAC and he always says, if the fire is well taken care, then it will take care of you and I strongly believe that. Just came online and found this websites and good to know how people strongly, believe and respect to their cultures. Take care and be strong. By the way, I forgot to mention. Me and my Hubby made a teepee and we are trying to sell it. Its 19 x 24 teepee. Need more info....Hagoone' shi' dineh'......
Santa Fe, NM USA - Fri 07/05/2002
I'm very determined to find a Native American church to become a member of and support, I Live in Ct I am Haudenashaunee,Seneca. My Grand mother is my link. I have had many losses and tragedy in my familt and I am looking for a way to worship the Great Spirit in company of others who share my beliefs. I need healing which I'm getting of course from the Great Spirit and the others I love on the other side. I would like company and support in practice . Can anyone give me the name of some Native American prayer groups or churches near me in CT. Thanks for the consideration of my concern here. Lin Ish
Linda Ishikawa
Seymour, CT USA - Fri 07/05/2002
HOLLYWOOD, FL USA - Fri 07/05/2002
Your Web site is terrific. I am a 52-year-old writer and proofreader and I work for the State of New Jersey. I do not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. When I was in my 20's I lived in Arizona for a few years (Sedona and Jerome). Even though I had some psychedelic experiences in college (Michigan), my experiences with peyote while in Arizona were the most wonderful and enlightening of all of these mind-opening experiences. I was brought up as a reform Jewish person, and I am very proud of my heritage. However, over the years I seem to have evolved into a truly "green" lover of Mother Earth. I pick up trash wherever I go. I believe that the handful of experiences I had with peyote helped to lead me to what I believe is a Native American point of view. I try to pass on my thoughts (about how humans are here to fit in and not to dominate nature...we are stewards not conquerers) to young people whenever I can. These attitudes have really helped me through hard times.
David A. Bass
Montclair, USA - Fri 07/05/2002
Thank You for being there.....and don't forget....TRUST YOUR SPIRITS!!!
Denkingen, Germany - Mon 06/17/2002
O'siyo Everyone I have decided to enter a comment in the hopes that someone can tell me where a NAC in my area is? I live in Pahrump, Nv. 52 miles west of Las Vegas. My wife and I run a Healing Center here. I am interested in attending a meeting at one of the Native American Churches I am of Choktaw desent and am learning my anceters ways. This is just another learning experiance that I need this time arround. May Mother Earth always keep you Feet warm and your Hearts Happy. Peace and Love Hawk
Pahrump, Nv. USA - Mon 06/17/2002
Greetings, just a thought to add to the previous request for help. For those of you that maybe think about taking this road. Ceremonies take time, time and resources. For us it is an honor and blessing to sit up, take the time to pray for our families, loved ones. Like my aunt use to say, work is life, life is ceremony. We are also frequently asked to help, share so that we all share in the blessing. Some might think, well there goes the Indian asking again. But we have always shared, from the beginning of our contact with each other, that is our respect for each other. Next time you take a bite of a tortilla chip, smoke a cigarrete, eat a chocolate bar, or eat spaghetti, think of us. It was originaly a gift. We did not turn it into a commodity. There were prayers that always went with those sacred foods. That is what is missing from them now. So if you think you might want to start sharing in prayer,in ceremony I encourage you to help our friend Michelle. Maybe then this road might open up.
SANTA FE,, NM USA - Tue 06/04/2002
Ya'at'eeh. I ejoyed reading some of your comments. I would like to make an announcement and a humble request: NACNL will be having their general meeting in Rock Point on June 15th, 2002. This is a quarterly meeting at which many members, officials, and affiliates of NAC of Navajoland gather to discuss current issues and events. I am a member of Rock Point NAC's Women's Society and I am kindly asking for your generous help. We are soliciting for any kind of support to make our day a grand success. We would like to host a great luncheon for all the people attending and hopefully gather ample funds to have some educational activities for the young ones that will be attending that day. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ahxehee'. Signed, M.Whitstone
Michelle R. Whitstone
Rock Point, AZ USA - Thu 05/23/2002
Hello, I was very surprised to see that the Native American church has it's own internet site. Your Internet site was very helpful to my research project, and I hope that you shall continue to update and show this site.
Hardrock, Az USA - Thu 05/23/2002
Osiyo, Hia ossda, oginaliee. Hi, This is a good thing, friends. I would like further information on this organization. I am an enrolled member of the CN in Okla and am interested in native religous organizations. Having once contacted the sacramental use of peyote in a cerimonial setting, I found it a powerful light on the inward voice of my heart. It lead me to do what was needed in my life, I did not regret it.
McAlester, Oklahoma USA - Thu 05/23/2002
Aho Brothers and sisters I come on this website again so that maybe one of you guys can write to me ( and tell me where some meetings might held i am a great singer and drummer so if you need a drummer e amil and i will come aho awit'ee agoo
Brian Sloan
Crown Point, NM USA - Thu 05/23/2002
Yah ta yeh'...just wanted to wish all our Precious Mothers a very "Happy Mother's Day" are cherished and respected for bring life into this world...You'll all be in my thoughts and prayers during this NAC meeting. And a special prayer and song will go out to My beloved late-Mother who is with our Great Spirit "I Love and miss you Mom, you'll always be in my Heart"....Zonnie N. Begay (Sunrise: 9/04/45...Sunset: 08/28/95)..
Hoz doh', AZ USA - Sat 05/11/2002
I will pray to God to always lead me to answers. I read about a Hopi boy, who visited the underworld of Maski. Maybe I could have a dream and see Maski myself? I am a dreamer. I pray in a very serious way all the time. I am blessed with happiness. Although I am not Native, I have a very curious mind. I am not trying to be something I am not, only what Creator has inspired me to be. I walk a good path. Sometimes I am sad, other times happy. It all will work out after all. I must confess that I miss the old, old ways. -Nate
Nathan Cowlishaw
Parowan, UT USA - Sat 05/11/2002
I just wanted to say that I found the church, or it found me about 2 years ago. And it changed my life for the better, I wish I had found it sooner. It is a good way to follow. And I hope that everyone reading the posted messages can one day meet and pray together in a good way. Hau mitakuye oyasin.
Ira McArthur
SE, SK Canada - Tue 04/30/2002
HOLA HERMANOS! quiero saber si en la ciudad de Miami existe un punto de reunioN. Con carino MARIEL
MIAMI, FL USA - Tue 04/30/2002
Greetings, just wanted to acknowledge the note from my beautiful and compassionate son. Thank you for the road you walk.I am so proud of you. I am grateful for this way of worship and am grateful and have faith that our prayers will be heard for you, that walk the holy red road and all our relations that somehow that they find their way home so our mother can finally rest, in the peace and beauty that she so strongly deserves. That we all acknowledge each other as relatives. That we serve as strong and loving role models for each other, our children and those to come. Thank you our elders and those that struggle to keep the memory alive. Pompa Dios
SANTA FE, USA - Thu 04/25/2002
Ya'at'eeh shidineh and shibuddies. I enjoyed this website especially the guestbook with all the comments, experiences with NAC, etc. The great holy grounds of the NAC is special to me and all native people out there. We continue to respect the holy medicine in our own way of life and tradition. We talk different languages but come together to pray as one and understand the importance of our spiritual being. We sing our heart out and drum away so our prayers will be notice by the great creator. We, native american people, understand the life around the great medicine (peyote in the english term but medicine in our own language)and how it heals our spirit. We will continue to enjoy the services (meetings)for many years to come. Thank you.
Flagstaff, AZ USA - Sat 04/20/2002
i'd like to know if theres a church in north eastern florida my gandad was half cheroke acording to family tradition. Ihad some friends around the lake city area that invited for a a spiritual awakening years ago for whatever reason i left the area and didnt particpate and have regreted it ever since. Ibeleive it was called a sweat out and i was honored to be invited to participate
james duke
jacksonville, fl USA - Sat 04/20/2002
I am interested in tracing my indian heritage, but I do not know where to begin. I would be overly grateful if anyone could e-mail me some place I sould start or make any suggestions. Sincerely, kimberly
kimberly powell
chattanooga, tn USA - Sat 04/20/2002
Hello! I?m not so good in english but I?ll try anyway. I have gone through some comments in this guestbook, and I just want to see if I this way can find someone to talk to. I have seen a lot of presentations like "I am a fullblood native, I am a 50 % native" and so on. What do I have? Do I have white blood? Yes, I am a white woman, living and struggling in the cold Sweden (no, we don?t have icebears in the streets.!) Do I have any rights to want to know little about you? Is my white body and no relatives in this culture something who stop me from knowledge? Anette
Anette Svensson
Sweden - Sat 04/20/2002
Ya' ah' teeh, my relations!! Hello. My name is Thomascita. I'm from Cahone Mesa, UT. My clans are Zuni-Water's Edge People, and born for the Bitter Water People. I just wanted to say A hoo, to everyone who commented on this site. I myself am a NAC member of Aneth Extension. I was born and raised with the way of holy sacrament peyote, and grandfather fire. I know first hand that this way of life has been a true blessing for me. From when I was first born to present a grown lady ready to got out and live my life. It has guided me and protected me. I have much respect for this way of life. And out of respect for this way of life, those of you wanting to know more about NAC, it's not really a thing that you can ask about and get info. on it, because it's sacred to us. As a person stated before, if you would like to know more, pray about, ask the creator, and if the holy creator wants you to know you'll be blessed with an answer. Im not saying this to offend anyone it's just this way of life
thomascita Begay
Cahone Mesa, UT USA - Fri 04/12/2002
Greetings. I seek help and guidance to learn and honor that which calls upon my spirit. From childhood my life has been colored with visions and life changing events. I wish to learn and honor The sacred ways that call upon me; shaman. I humbly approach this open guestbook in hopes my words will find the ears (and eyes) of those who wish to assist me. I seek guidance on my path. Please, feel free to contact me through email. Thank you to all for your time reading my words and for any assistance your spirit might want to share with me. Blessings of Joy and Happiness to All our relations.
Dan Zapata
San Diego, CA USA - Fri 04/12/2002
Hi, am trying to help a friend find his lost relatives. His father was Ron Westwood and his mother was Rhonda Tomhr, they both died in an accident when he was a child. His grandfathers name is the only one he knows which was Kane Toyoe, he does know he came from a KURRAKIE tribe in the past if that is any help. Any help would really be appreciated, or any information on Kurrakie Indians at all, very hard to find anything here in Australia. Many thanks.
Mandurah, wa Australia - Fri 04/12/2002
Aho to all my navajo and native relatives. I am in the united states navy serving in yokosuka japan for three years just came here.I am also a NAC member and I was raised with it in my heart. Iam here in japan missing the sound of my mothers voice the water drum the rattle and the many songs that I know are being sung at home in the usa. I ask you all that go to meetings pray for all of the warriors out there in the world keeping the rednations safe .God speed
masson manson
ganado, az USA - Tue 04/09/2002
This is what I say, from deep within........... This wedding between old and new cannot work together. With all the Evil that is going on, I feel like I am in an unworldly place, There is human rattlesnakes out there, that wish to eat up all good hearts. Maybe evil will die and sufficate! But for those who hold their prayers close to themselves and their faimily and friends like you all, my sister and brother, and those who have suffered, and died as a result from all the tragedy will find the power! They will live again, because they know about the greatest secret. ================================================================== The Earth is old, it was here before the humans. to know the earth is to feel her pain. I believe that one day the ancient past will become reality again. We will all go back to the simple ways of beauty. The Earth will renew herself. We will walk without the tennis shoes, all people who survive, will have to fight for the survival. This is the tradition of the Earth - to end insanity! She means to destroy it if it needs be. ================================================================= If you go down into the quietest places of the wild, you will feel a vengence on the wind. When you step out into the summer rain, and the horrible lightning flashes all over the black sky above your head, you will be able to feel a vengence in the wind. The Earth will live forever. She is immortal. Humans are the "only" mortal things. Mother Earth will not die, she will not tolerate the abuse of her children who are suffering at this moment, in the grips of human rattlesnakes. ============================================================== The Power of this desert here is strong, I feel it all inside me. Everything is talking to me when it seems silent. I am not angry, nor crazy, but I am patient and honest! I feel a vengence on the wind! The Old people will be saved. The Abused will be protected. I have a right to say this in my own white way, that it is time for change, and God will not stand by.... Maybe the prohecies of those century old Ghostdancers Dancers still have yet to be fullfilled. Maybe the old ways are coming back, because it seems like I can hear the old moanings coming back in moments of silence. =================================================================== With all the sincere dreamers, maybe all Creation is coming together. MAybe the circle of these believers is strong like rock. the Power thereof will be like a universal tide that will soon rip through this reality and destroy all evil. This could be the way of all that might happen. My own prayers are left to the Sun Father. - Nathan Cowlishaw Long Live Wisdom!!!
Nathan Cowlishaw
Parowan, UT USA - Tue 04/09/2002
hi relatives, im greatful i found my nac family on the web. i joined the nac in 1977 at pawnee okla. since 1999 i have conducted 10 meetings and im greatful to say im still learning from the medicine. being far from home i get a little lonely by myself up here on the coast of british coumbia. the people here do not attend nac ceremonies but they repect our ways. im assiniboine,cree and blackfoot. please include me in your good thoughts and send me an e-mail. (single since 99") just thought i would include that for those of you that might be looking for friendship in a good way. hi hi, farley e.s.
farley eagle speaker
vancouver, b.c. canada - Thu 04/04/2002
just wanted to say hello to all you nac people. and also our brethren in other countries,, i.e., mexico , indiginious peoples who use medecine also but with different ways. we are all conected. anyways, im currently away from the nac because i am right now serving in the united states navy. if anyone has any knowledge of nac happening in the state of washington (im getting stationed there as of 6/1/02) please contact me. am interested in attending meetings and sweats. please contact me by email.. hello to concha and randy ,little ben, jamal, and all nac in new mexico and everywhere. mOOOOOchAS gracias.
lexington park, md USA - Tue 04/02/2002
I have been following the N.A.C. way since 1997 and I have found it to be the onlt way to connect with god through the sacrements. I am interior salish (b.c.) on my dads side of the family, and irish on my mothers side. so I have 50% aborigional blood. I also became ordaned as a minister(reverend) on the 6th of sept./2001. thanks, Rev. Douglas Harney
Douglas Richard Harney
weinnipeg, m.b. canada - Sun 03/31/2002
Ya'aah t'eeh to all!! My name is Kimberly H. Barlow. I am Navajo. I was raised around this fire place that was passed down from my grandfather george Koshiway who was from oklahoma. He is physically not present but his spirt remains. He is the man who has introduced me to this peyote way and i have a great deal of repect for it. He is the reason that I know people from all over.I just wanted to say that I hope that people out there can have as much respect for this way as I do because my grandfather always said,"if the fire place is well taken care of, then it will take care of you." I strongly believe that. Just stay positive and strong. Hope to hear from any relatives....Later. :)
Kimberly Hummingbird Barlow
Kayenta, AZ USA - Sat 03/23/2002
Greetings and Salutations to all: This is a really nice site! I am mixed blood Native American. Cherokee, African American, and Caucassian. My Cherokee ancesters were Christian. My Great Grandfather was 50% Cherokee and 50% African American. His wife was a full blood Cherokee. My Great Grandfather did not know how to read but memorized an extensive amount of the bible. He would have his children read the bible to him while he was working on his farm. My mother use to have me read the bible to her while she was doing housework. This tradition seem to have survived many generations. Just for the sakes of information. Some notable Indians that are mixed with African American are Tiger Woods, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Tina Turner. Just to name a few. It is politically and economically easier to struggle for rights as an African American than it is to struggle for recognition as a BlackIndian in America. This is why few people know about the subject. All that aside, I just want to say that it is wonderful to have an opportunity to see a site that Native Americans from all walks of life can come and praise the creator.
Brooklyn, NY USA - Thu 03/21/2002
Cool web site,I will be conducting my first prayer metting this summer and I am happy to exercise our peyote ways. Life is beautiful so enjoy every day God has given us. bob badger box 259 quinton sask s0a 3g0
bobby badger
quinton, sask canada - Sun 03/17/2002
hello all, Deanna here. I read through the website and was very happy from what I read. I am white, whatever that really means, and am not ashamed. nor should any other person be ashamed because of their "race;" we are all children of this earth, no matter the features of our body or the history of our people, or even if we do not act as good people now, we are still children of the Earth, all together. those who are not good i try not to hate, for then the bad only seeps into me as well as they. i do not shut them out of my life, for we need to teach them, they are desperate to be shown the beauty that ........lives within them. i cannot speak for those who acted in the past, nor can i control the actions of those who continue to act upon their bad feelings now. i will try only to teach them, and to resist that which does not feel right. white is not bad. white is only white, and really it is nothing, just a name somebody created to call some people who seem to fit into this categoty. but it is nothing. my life is my life, different from any other's life, no matter what their skin. my mind is my own, and though i am aware of the impacts which our society has upon it, i have not been formed by those impacts but by my own mind and spirit. let us abolish the concept of race and leave behind the divisions. let us not label nor hate nor exclude. in these times all must come together to challenge the growing powers, for some of those growing powers do not care for us, nor any other but themselves. we must show them the way. we can not do it alone.
Amherst, MA USA - Thu 03/14/2002
I need any help that anyone can give please? I am an avid reader,3-5 books a week,95% native american historical. The problem is I have read that the Lakota word "suvate" means "it is finished". but I have also read that "hecheto aloe" means the same thing is this true? If someone can give me the most used meaning of "it is finished/ the end" I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe I am mistaken and have gotten it confused with another native language?
Frisco, Texas USA - Thu 03/14/2002
Hi, I`d like to know where can I find a NAC in my city or close to here. I`m an italian ethnobotany student and I`m really interested in your church. Thanks in advance. Francesco
San Francisco, USA - Thu 03/14/2002
Here is my website on the old way:
Nathan Cowlishaw
ut USA - Thu 03/14/2002
Exist any NAChurch in Mexico? I live in Mexico City. Please, contact me. I am very interested in your Church. Thanks.
Uk Chicchan
Mexico City, Mexico - Fri 02/22/2002
Just a note on what T double D said. The children of the nations are caught up in the ways of wordly things. I understand why the medicine man of the nations choose to keep the ways to thier people only. But, it was not until white man came that such things were secret. even the Maya shared bread with the tables of your ancestors. Your children forsake now the most precious knowledge you carry. PLEASE realize that as a born white, my soul is agless in many forms and many colors. I seek to gain your wisdom and pass on it to further generations that it may not be lost. If it is left to just the passing of your children, I fear, It will be lost forever. The native americans shared a similar information that the ancients shared with many peoples over this planet. I know from my journeys that the true druids had such wisdom passed to them ... through war this knowledge was lost ... todays wicca, an off-shoot of this knowledge is tainted and falasafied by mans hand. I simply seek meeting with the shaman of the nations that I may recover the teachings of the ancients and yeild them in my own self discovery of our creator. Nothing more. you all have my contact info now..... please feel free to comment directly to me. Louis Matz Adopted name Raven Wind Given Name through one journey: Amon Tuatha Ra (if anyone can tell me what or why this name, please email me .... I will not officially adopt it until I know why The name was spoken to me in the vision
Raven Wind
Pittsbirgh, PA USA - Thu 02/21/2002
T Double D You did not leave contact info ..... While not NAC as obvious from my previous email. If you would like to get together within the next couple weeks and discuss things email me. I an staying in North phoenix and working near Lake Pleasent. Dated Feb 20th 2002
Raven Wind
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Thu 02/21/2002
I am a multicultural individual with part of my cultural background being "Eastern Band Cherokee". I have lost touch with all of my Native American ancestry due to a very full and busy life. I would like to make contact with any one out there who could advise me how to go about getting connected with the "Cherokee Nation" to seek help in finding my ancestry, and how I might get registered. I would also like to connect with any Native Americans in the Albuquerque, New Mexico or surrounding areas who could introduce me to any "NATIVE AMERICAN CHURCH" activities. I was drawn the the great southwest some 33 years ago for the reason of connecting with the "Great Creator", but have only been able to do so on my own as a solitary. I work at following the "Great Creators" ways as best as I can but need help in learning the "True Ways". My blessings to the creators of this site, and to those who are followers of the "Way". Peace and Love to all, and especially to our "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky".
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. USA - Thu 02/21/2002
joe boelow
here, tn USA - Thu 02/21/2002
PUEBLA, PUE M?XICO - Sat 02/16/2002
hello my brothers and sisters. glad to have found this website. i am navajo and from the 4 corners area. born, bred, and raised up there. miss home very much and the meetings. too much chaos in this society of worldy pleasure. got caught up in it. greed, lust, and self-seeking is everywhere and it catches you like a trap. need medicine and good teaching again - wisdom, patience, and kindness. if ANYONE knows of any meetings out here in Phoenix, please let me know. some navajos and other natives told me of some, but they did not give me directions. and that's just how it is today. it seems some people do not really like to share with others, as though it is their own religion and not others. it's too bad because that is how we will decline. ignorance...but i love my home in the hills of forest lake where grandma raised me and my mom comes from. the drums and morning prayers are for everyone wishing to seek love and happiness. bless all of you and remember your brothers and sisters who suffer daily...
T Double D
Phoenix, AZ USA - Sat 02/16/2002
While attempting to find links in my father's family to European royalty,I discovered that my father is partly Native American. (No English royalty here) Interesting how a door closes and another door opens... Your website has been an eye-opener for me. The way you express Native Americans relate with Creation is so pure- You make me want to learn more. Thank you.
Fresno, CA USA - Fri 02/15/2002
Hey all journeyman! I am born a white man unfortunetly, I carry a blood line from the past of Flordia Native Americans. I have experienced many a people in many ways in my many journeys acorss both the spirit world and the physical. Born Christian, I hold much beilief in the one creator, but believe that the "church" holds mans will not the creators, hence I split myself from thier influence and discovered the old ways. I have had peeps in the past say I span over 3000 years ... old soul for those who know the term. I am currently in phoenix AZ as of feb 12 2002, and will be here till March. Since my awakening, I have sought to find my creator and feel the true love of our lord. If there are any chapters of NAC or members of the hopi nation that can meet with me please email me a I have been to many of the ancients sites, and wish to meet the true shamans whose beliefs I have adopted into my own philosophies. if members of NAC in the Pittsburgh area read this, please feel free to email me as well. I will return to thier sometime in mid march. Till then my friends May the great spirit watch over you Raven Wind
Raven Wind
Seven Fields, PA USA - Fri 02/15/2002
Over 30 years ago as a student at North Ariz. Univ. I would purchase fine doe skins from a very special man in Parker, Arizona. At one point he offered me some peyote, which, thankfully I accepted. He later asked if I would like to attend a native American Peyote ceremony. I was young, and fearful, and I declined the invitation. With many years of reflection and some accumulated wisdom, I can clearly see how those few experiences with Peyote changed my life, blowing open doors to the sacred nature of my, our, existence. I'm not young anymore, neither am I fearful. Is there anyone in Northern Calif. or Nevada who could help me find a way back to this great teacher?
Douglas Corey
Nevada City, CA USA - Thu 02/14/2002
I am not NATIVE INDIAN SORRY. But my future husband are Lakota sioux indian. And Iam vey proud of him. And love him very much He are so Important in my life. I will be very happy if othter Indinans will write to me? sorry no men. HAER in DEnmark we have a DAnish7indians club where we are maybe 300. I wish all A very happy new yaer. always your friend Anne.
Anne lorenz
T?strup, no DENMARK - Wed 02/06/2002
Aanii N.A.C. Members !!!! I have been a member of the Morning Star N.A.C. for 11 years. My life was changed forever, and just seems to get better everyday, thanks to the Creator's love. The Holy Sacrament Blessed my life and "Shows me the light to life." H O C H I - M I I G W E T C H !
Southern, Ont Canada - Mon 02/04/2002
Your sit is nice. I love it.
Breanna Skacy
Ganado, Az USA - Mon 02/04/2002
nice web site,just surfed in trying to look for my uncle johnny whitecloud.if anyone knows his ph# please contact me.thanks
grand canyon, az USA - Sat 02/02/2002
This medicine is good...this medicine does not have an opinion, this medicine knows how to show the people their true selves, and this medicine can not be bought and sold.even though we try to make it that way. Along time ago when Grandma and baby grandaughter got lost, it was this medicine that showed them back home...And so this morning, I hope this for each and everyone on of us who come across this posting...That we should find our way back home, before the tragedy, before the hurt and pain, before misunderstandings, before the self-hatred and suicide...bacl home where the fire is always burning and the scent of stew and good thoughts waft through the air..children laughing, and elders talking..even if it is just a state of mind at present..this here peyote can bring dream into reality..i believe unot the death.thank you this is all i have to say.
never goodbye, always later!, USA - Thu 01/31/2002
i am not a native american. i do, however, admire and respect many aspects of the native american culture of which i have read or learned of from N.A. i have known. i would appreciate any info about your organization that you could e-mail me. thank you. joshua lemaire
joshua lemaire
maurice , la USA - Thu 01/31/2002
hello. i'm navajo from northern az. its good to see a website on nac. i've been a member my whole life and just wanted to say take care of our medicine. don't abuse it. have respect for the songs, prayers, and yourself. my grandfather david s. clark and others worked hard to get the peyote legalized. so be greatful its here and take care of it. thats all i want to say to all my relatives out there. aho!
c clark
mesa, az USA - Thu 01/31/2002
Church here is the tricky thing on the matter at hand, it isn't and person or a place or a is a power and a principality....i remember before i ate medicine...ouch! how bad it was for me, how bad i was to it...but that medicine took me in anyways and converted me, or cleaned me out, made me a better person...Ate and Unci took the bad power out and filled me up with goodness, so I can now go help the bad person see the err of their ways and be good with the medicine....but this takes time and prayer and patience... and we sometimes feel we are running out of all these beautiful gifts....but the well hasn't run dry....and forgiveness is and always will be the key to a better life...THE KEY TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE...God says to us wherever we deny someone...we will de denied...but wherever we share with someone , we will be blessed..if we deny medicine to people he/she will disappear back into the ground and hide him/herself from all people...because he/she does not like greed..creed...or code....peyote is pure and innocent and asks us to be prayerfulll...not pitifull to the point of not being able to see out of our own two eyes..And some of us here read that bible in Church, and that bible says ALL FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD, and all cause one another to Jesus was sent to make a better way...there is a better way..let's not rush into anything stupid, because there is a better way. I love you and God loves you. Thank you.
just your every day girl
here and there, USA - Wed 01/30/2002
I have sent an e-mail to webmaster. I am extremely interested in the e-mail I recieved from Beyond Prophesy I am asking about the words written there. We haveHandsome Lakes prophesy and I feel inside that there is something to the words sent to me. I know I am supposed to be stoic but is ther an intergration between the prophesy and personal emotions about passigover? Searchng for closure that brings inner assuredness? Great site
David Fernandez
Steamburg, NY USA - Wed 01/30/2002
I was told to check this site out, Thats all I was told. Found out that I was checking myself out. I had quit searching thank you for the jolt. Could I come for a visit? please answer . Could you suggest material that you read. Hope to hear from you soon.
Rapid City, SD USA - Wed 01/30/2002
I have grown up in the NAC and I feel that as carriers to the culture, we/I decide with whom we share our approah to life with. It seems strange that any one of us should have to ask the gov for instructions as to whom we share our selves with. Legislation outside ourselves to tell us to practice prejudice against all others. To some of us this would mean exclusion of our spouses and persons we have personal feelings for. There are as many approaches to our sacred knowledge as there are branches. The relationship to the creator is in each person and those who dont know this,regardless of thier intent, are causing problems through their alienation from creation. thanks to this site and the attempt to bring the approach to Grandfather with compassion and affirmation. AHO TO all my relations beware gov intervention into our sacredness and into something they truly know nothing about. beware those who seek thier help to make them whole. If you know the peyote way or you have you gift from Granfather, who can take that away? Who can add to this relationship. Appreciation to the Church and to all relations may we seek the reunion and forgiveness of our ignorance.
Ambrose Eagle
Austin, Tx USA - Wed 01/30/2002
One of the key points in this site is the wholistic approach to events which affect or infect us all. For example, the pointing out the humanity and spiritual relationship which all of us have on our passage through Earth. These concepts here go beyound any secularism and point to an existential juxtaposition of physical, spiritual energy which helps each of us on our journey into eternity. The need for belongingness to this time which is essential to healing and Harmony.
Joe Whitekiller
oaklahoma, OK USA - Wed 01/30/2002
The Federal Law for peyote protection only mentions and applies to tribal members. The DEA is proposing to change their enforcement guidelines to the same parameters. Protection and perpetuation of the peyote exemption for tribal members. It is a good thing.
Charles Ballard
Tulsa, OK USA - Mon 01/28/2002
I have been a member of the NAC all my life and the medicine has been used by my family since the late 1800s. I am A full blooded Oglala Lakota. In order to protect our medicine, I ask all TRUE NATIVEs to be aware of the Misrepresentation of these WANNA be NDN's!! Many have misused the medicine, Charged people for healing they can't even do, made our CHURCH look bad and now the D.E.A. wants to change the name of our church. To many FALSE native trying to hide under the RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ACT, with no roots to establish themselves under!! IF YOU ARE A TRUE NATIVE AND HAVE RESPECT FOR OUR MEDICINE AND GRANDPA &amp; GRANDMA'S WAYS, THEN BE AWARE AND HELP SIFT OUT THE BAD WORMS! Ohan, Toksa Ake Mitakuye! WIKAN MAZA.
Wikan Maza
Rapid City , SD USA - Mon 01/28/2002
Hello! I am a member of the Tohono O'odham Nation of Arizona. I reside in the village of Wa:k. I really respect the teachings and beliefs of the Native American Church. My father introduced me to the Native American Church when I was about 14 years old, and I am truly greatful he did. While he continues to attend these meetings, it has been a while since I have. But, I am looking forward to attending once again. I can't wait to teach my newborn son these beliefs. He has already partaken of the religious sacrament peyote while he was inside me. I sing the songs to him and hope he will continue to respect this religion. He will be baptized in the Native American Church, in the spring. May Creator continue to bless each and everyone of you.
Shea Nunez
Tucson, AZ USA - Fri 01/25/2002
I think I have truly found a place for my state of mind I rest asure that in time I will find complete peace for my meaning of life and the road that that takes me there will be my own If I fall then it was meantto be and to the time from which this is wrote it will all ready begone thak you for letting me state my views any other place might of turned me away for my thoughts
Lincoln , Ne USA - Sun 01/20/2002
I am cherokee indian from Tulsa, OK. I would like to know if there are any NAC activities in my area.
Springdale, AR USA - Fri 01/18/2002
God said there would come a time when gret would be the tribulation, He also said he would send a helper to guide us. This helper is bitter in the mouth but sweet in the this way we would know Gods kingdom, and His Holy Spirit.....then He said there would be one which tasted sweet in the mouth yet bitter in the stomach, and this would be the one who foretold of the world and all its trappings....And some of us believe the former is Peyote, who may be bitter to taste....yet great is the sweetness thereof.....And great is the guidance he/she brings to us in times of tribulation....And furthermore he/she turns the curses into blessings....the sorrows of night into the joys of the morning.....And finally God says to come drink of the water of life freely, all you who thirst come, and all you who yearn COME, and all those who hear, COME, and drink of this holy water freely...It will guide you, and show you THE WAY.....
any old plain ordinary girl
USA - Thu 01/17/2002
I'm glad I found you.I'm not Native American but my great great grandmother was three quarter indian.I would very much like to get more info. on the NAC.I feel something has been missing in my life an I believe the church can help me.I would also like to know if there is one in the east tx area.If anyone can help me my email is would appreciate any an all help i can get.I'm in desperate need of some help.Thank
starla smith
longview, tx USA - Thu 01/17/2002
I would very much like to get more info. on the NAC.I'm not Native American but my great great grandmother was.I've felt like something in my life has been missing and I feel the church can help me.I could use any help I can get if anyone out there has the time.I would also like to know if there is a NAC anywhere in my area,I would like to join.If anyone would like to email me my adress is live in the east tx area.Thank you for any help i can
starla smith
longview, tx USA - Thu 01/17/2002
This is a new year for everyone in the N.A.C. We look forward to another great year in our church and need to pray that we all have a safe and happy year for everyone and teach those that need to know about the church and help reach others.May you all keep your spirits high and keep attending your religion forever.
Melanie Hadley
Holbrook, Az USA - Thu 01/17/2002
This is a new year for everyone in the N.A.C. We look forward to another great year in our church and need to pray that we all have a safe and happy year for everyone and teach those that need to know about the church and help reach others.
Melanie Hadley
Holbrook, Az USA - Thu 01/17/2002
Enjoyed reading this website a lot. Very valuable material! Aho Peter
Peter Jacobsen
Sunnyvale, CA United States - Wed 01/16/2002
Aho! Brothers and sisters of the N.A.C I have here to write to you all that I don't know what to think about what our web master has said about us coming now into the Fifth World. I'd understand if it were about how the world around us is changing. It be deffinently we are coming into a new world. But as a Navajo the new world is not this world changing, it's the world above this one. This world is the fourth and it's called the Glittering World for of all the sparkling. When soming changes it comes with light and ever changing pleases the eye. For this is still the fourth world, it's name has took it's place. This world will keep on changing until it has taken up it's final shape. Then will we transform in to the new world. Elders knew the world will change some day. This is known to only change and transform but was it said that we go upon to the fifth when in the first change? Four times will the world change and then we go to the fifth world but not it comes to us. For all the worlds we traveled we traveled to it but never has it come to us. We will travel to this fifth world as of our Gods have. Never have they brought it to us in hand but brought to us from a distance and we crawled this world. This distance is the idea of another world that exsist. So this world yet only exsist on yonder but we have not yet ready yet to leave this world. For the birds still sing in the morning and air in the mountains still smell of pure air. The evil has not yet shown it's physical face but we have felt it's sorrow and seen the spirit of it in people of all different ages. It has not yet walked in yet and told me to pack my belongings and travel for four night and four days to the sky. So still yet the world has onley changed once and the evil is still known only as a spirit that lives in the lives of people of different ages and race. Aho!
Brian Sloan
Crownpoint, NM USA - Tue 01/15/2002
I have been interested in NAC for a long time. Is the NAC have open door for new people? I have Cherokee blood and have taken part in native ceremony for many years. Any information would be appreciated, Thank You-Edye
Cosby, TN USA - Thu 01/10/2002
I just got my web site going. Its not perfect, but here it is: Http://
UT USA - Thu 01/10/2002
Tansi! Peyote has made our families on our reserve stronger. Sure there are people who make fun of our religion but our road man told to look the other way. There are alot of people in Saskatchewan who are apart of the Native American Church. Who also go to the Ceremonies, there is alot of Navajo's who come from Arizona and pray with us. In ending my comment I would really like to say that I am thankful that we have found this wonderful medicine. Aho!
Terri Asapace
Saskatoon, SK Canada - Thu 01/10/2002
I desire to care for the heart of Mother Earth. where is the spirit world, where is understanding? I know I want to find and understand my creator. I am not native american but I feel like I can make my contribution to existence. I look at everything in a sacred manner, as well as creation around me. I love hearing the healing and peyote songs!, I see gods face in them. I see truth in them. I see the people who practice this path speak softly and reverently about the creator, and the earth. too bad I cannot enjoy being a part of something like this. I was born in this land, and i know no other place. Southern Utah is my home, my blood, I feel like I am a part of this landscape, like it owns me or something. In my days, I am still searching and waiting for truth, and guidence. Where does somebody like me go? Wheres my journey? All my years are spent in light talk and shallow humor. I say to god, let me be with you, And to Mother Earth, Let me enter into your soul and hide me away! i am sad! i want to be with you! That is my desire, and it is selfless. Please help me.
Nathan Cowlishaw
Cedar, ut USA - Wed 01/09/2002
Hi, My name is Brian and I am a memeber of the N.A.C. I have been a member of this church the day I was born. It is a good way of life. I have seen many miracles around the fire place. Today I am 16 and and still proud of being a member. I am Navajo and we Navajos truley respect our Mother Peyote. Aho!
Brian Sloan
Crownpoint, N.M USA - Wed 01/09/2002
Hi, My name is Stanley Boydston. I?d like to talk to someone who is a member of your church about joining. I am very excited about what I?ve read in your statements about "being"! I have indian ancestory on my mother?s side and have a deep love for nature and its preservation. I would like to be a part of your community, Stanley Boydston
stanley Boydston
granada, spain - Sat 01/05/2002
Hi brothers &amp; sisters! Wish all a happy new year!Ive been going to NAC for five beautiful years now.This church has saved my life!!! Hope everyone keeps going to church and praying this way!
Los Angeles, CA USA - Thu 12/27/2001
I would love to be updated on upcoming events and meetings on the west coast. Thank you for honoring the beauty of this religion. Walk in beauty.
Lauren Blackhorn
Eugene, OR USA - Fri 12/21/2001
Hello again, my relatives. Just wanted to wish all NAC Members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Is there anyone from Canada I can contact for any meetings, I would like to attend a meeting up north this spring, after we return from Texas, (FEB '02). Please send me email so that I may make a week open. AHO!
Alfreda Long
McDermitt, Nv USA - Thu 12/20/2001
Im 14 years old and im not a N.A.C Menber yet I only attended a couple cerimonies and I loved it!! I love the site and keep it!!!! Your Girl
Dustine Benson
Red Pheasant, Sk Canada - Thu 12/20/2001
inform me when new NAC cd's or cassettes come out. Thank-you Monte
Monte Graymountain
Provo, Utah USA - Tue 12/18/2001
Tan'si! A friendly HELLO and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! I always enjoy visiting your site ~very cheerful~ AHO! ~Koletta Saddleback :)
Hobbema, Alberta Canada - Fri 12/14/2001
I have been honored to come upon and read your guest book. I have for some time longed to learn more of the american indian beliefs. I have attended one sweat lodge many years past but have not until recently been led in this direction once again. I am hoping that you will be able to help me in locating open sweat lodges that welcome those indian or not in heritage in the Austin, Bastrop, Round Rock, Georgetown or surrounding areas. May all that is wise and good be with you always. Sincerely, Debra
Debra V.
Austin, TX USA - Tue 12/11/2001
23"O love the Lord, all ye his saints: for the Lord preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer." 24"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." Psalm 31:23,24
Zion, of Grace USA -
Great Site. The honor is mine to be in your guestbook.
Jeb Mahone
USA - Mon 12/10/2001
Hello-I just found your site it's great!!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work. I also want to know if the there's a site on Navajoland??????? I'm a Member of the Navajo Nation and a member of the Northern Navajo NAC chapter in Shiprock NM.
Shiprock, NMm USA - Sat 12/08/2001
Kanien'kehaka{hello}in Mohawk I'm intersted in the Native Religion and their beliefs. My grandparents on my dad's side were Mohawks. I do know that my grandfdather was 100%. I know my grandmother was Mohawk and French- Canadian. I've been trying to get information from the computer on how to find my grandfather on the rolls for the Mohawk Nation. MY girlfriend did it for me and I don't know what she did. But I do know he was registered in the Mohawk Nation. Right now I'm trying to get my enrollment card for myself and my grandaughter. I'm going to finish checking out this site. If anyone knows how to help me in finding my grandfather in the Mohawk Nation,please e-mail at my e-mail address Thank You, Little Fire
Little Fire
Leechburg, Pa. USA - Sat 12/08/2001
I am not a member, but I am very curious, and I would appreciate any information on the NAC in the Reno, Lake Tahoe area. Thank you
Reno, NV USA - Thu 12/06/2001
Hi, I am doing a research paper in my 10th grade Health class about Peyote. If anyone would be considerate enough to send me information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
West Mifflin, PA USA - Wed 12/05/2001
Hello! To all of my relations out there in this world. I'm writing to ask of you relatives to help me find a certain tribal church chapter. My travels are to in the Minn,Minnasota,area and I want to find a chapter to be able to go and pray with in that area.I know that the Winnebago Tribe is not too,far from there if you can tell me of someone who I might find there I'll greatly appreciate it,Thank You."PLEASE REPLY SOON I'm LEAVING IN A COUPLE OF DAYS" Michael Topaum,( member of the Kiowa N.A.C)
pryor, ok USA - Tue 12/04/2001
Aho To All My Relation, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and To Our Grandfather, Fire. I've been attending Native American Church for the pass year...and it tremendously brought me to an understanding of how precious and beautiful life is..whether you go through the good or bad. The sacred medicine is there to heal you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. My faith is in the church and the sacred medicine; it is held very tightly to my heart and soul. My love and prayers go out to each and every beautiful unique person who are strong believers with the church and the medicine. I would like to meet more people with a good mind and with respect of human nature. If you like...e-mail me if you have time....peace,love,empathy, and respect...Tin
Lukachukai, AZ USA - Fri 11/30/2001
Hello. I was honored to attend a ceremony of yours in Marin County, CA in 1998. I am one eighth Native (my father's grandmother was full Pasimaquatee). I lived out on the west coast for a little while and visited parts of the southwest and through my discovery of the beautiful lands out there I reflected that the part of the country I live in now (RI) has very little visibility for Native culture these days. I remember growing up in Rhode Island that the Native men of that area would fish off the bridge in my town. These days I wonder where they have gone? My experience with your church was only once, but it had a profound impact on my life. I wish there was one in my area.
Providence, RI USA - Thu 11/29/2001
Walking recently, cluttered dialogue inside my brain, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bird soaring. Glancing up, I suddenly felt pure joy floating on air and said 'thank you.' Thank you Creator for the gift of life and moments to connect with 'even the least of these.' For I know even the lowliest sparrow is my true brother. And thank you for these times when I am quiet within ('peace, be still') and can experience these connections.
USA - Wed 11/28/2001
You can be on fire for God, but HAVE YOU RENEWED YOUR MIND...(Romans 12:1,2)
USA - Sun 11/25/2001
I am not a member but I would like to know more about the NAC in the Tulsa area. Thank you for any responses
Toby Hull
Sand Springs, Ok USA - Sun 11/25/2001
I enjoy this site and would like to meet someone affiliated with The NAtive AMerican Church in tanasi. If someone could email me or contact me it'd be great my phone number is(931)372-4579 Thank you friends, may my luck follow you
Cookeville, TN USA - Sun 11/25/2001
Being apart of this Church has shown me something. In those hard moments when there is a feeling of obscurity, and my footing is unsure, I reflect on the moments in the tipi and think about how God orders our after another And to connect with that fire inside my self and think of others, and think of doing something good for the children and just hold on one more moment, because the storm will pass, and the steps of the righteous man are ordered. Thank you
USA - Fri 11/23/2001
Recently I have been introduced to the Native American Church. I live in los Angeles and am interested in learning more. If you could help with any advice about where to look (online or elsewhere), or books to read, or an orginazation or someone to speak with out here in LA, I'd be grateful.
Venice, CA USA - Sun 11/18/2001
I have felt an amazing strong affinity to native amercan culture beginning as a small child. I am in search of others on this path in the Phoenix are. Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated.
Phoenix, Az USA - Sun 11/18/2001
Encontrar un sendero es relativamen f?cil transitar por el es el reto
Quito, Ecuador - Sat 11/17/2001
my first time on this site.I have in this N.A.C for about seven year it has been good to me.Thank reading of good"se
winnipeg,manitoba, canada - Thu 11/15/2001
none at this time
Tracey Roxanne
Macy, NE USA - Wed 11/14/2001
I just wanted to say to everyone in our church it is so good to be alive and have such a beautiful ceremony to fill our minds, and our hearts with such real warmth. It is more precious than gold, and rarer than a real indian in a John Wayne Movie...ok but seriously...the whole point is we are able to walk in truth and roll with the punches...have laughter and tears and be connected to so many beautiful prayers because of the medicine and the fire our Holy Father has given us to protect and keep alive. God bless each and everyone one of you and I hope as the holiday season approaches none of us get caught in the madness, but are filled with the true Thankfulness "holydays" are supposed to infuse within us. All my relations
anonymous, USA - Tue 11/13/2001
HOLBROOK , AZ USA - Thu 11/08/2001
greetings all bothers and sisters along the peyote road keep the faith honor our ansestors do not abuse our spirit that is holy remember our red blood that flows from creator is a gift and cannot be bound on a goverment paper. much love and support to all our peyote people brotherhood sisterhood we will live... enjuh! huwuse'ig nawha-jun-... all my relations
tucson, az USA - Thu 11/08/2001
Hello! I'm new to your site - looks great. I want to check it out some more, here I go.
Iowa City, IA USA - Wed 11/07/2001
hello fellow people of the N.A.C how are all of you people in the cyber world i am wanting too know how easy it is too cross borders now after september 11 2001 ok email me at ok and also if anyone of you members hear of any meetings that maybe i might attend ok and also i would like too say hello too all the fellow canadiens in canada ok and all the people i know in the usa see you all soon in the spirit of dave janvier
coldlakefirstnations, ab canada - Tue 11/06/2001
Tansi Relatives, I'm glad to have found this site and hear from my fellow travellers on this road. I've been following this way for about 5 years now. Special Tansi to all my fellow Nihyawaak relatives in Sask and Alb. I'd like to hear from mebers all over the place so any email is welcome. Miskike myasin oma. Ah ho
R. Thomas
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Thu 11/01/2001
Hello, friends from north america. I'd like to now how to became a member of NAC. I'm a "fardado" (it meens I'm a member) in the Santo Daime Church here in Brazil. I heard the profecy that says that when the eagle of the north meets the condor of the south the new time will have arrived. I'd like to now also if you have any minister here in Brazil. If someone could help me to fulfill my spiritual jorney through the sun path please contact me. Thank you all. I wish that my master Juramidam (Jesus Christ) and my Mother the Queen of the Forest (Virgen Mary) be in the heart of any of you giving strength and calm in this hard times.
Rio de Janeiro, Rj Brazil - Sun 10/28/2001
Hi, I`m 21 years old and my great grandparents were Native Americans. Now I?m searching for contact to other Natives.I long for talking to my brothers and sisters, I long for learning about our religion and ceremonies, I long for being free to live and think like an Native and I am very proud to be one. So if anyboddy?s out there who share this feelings in my heart, please write me. I?m happy about every answer. Thank you and take care!
- Fri 10/26/2001
Hi Everyone! Happy to have found this website, thanks to our friend Pat. A few years ago our friend David introduced us to Native American Church, we had a gathering here, ever since we've been honored by many members visiting us, drumming and singing for us, helping us learn many songs. We are truly blessed. Thanks, All of us here at the Full Circle. Valley, Wa.
Full Circle
Valley, WA USA - Thu 10/25/2001
I am a young white male and have spent a great deal of my life studying the divine way to live life in order to find peace on the other side.most other religions have been polluted by one another. but i have found your churh to be of the purist form.I would like to know what I can do if anything to follow your path to eternal freedom. If you would please contact me at my home I would be grateful. 1904 woodlyn drive apt.2 fredericksburg va 22401 thank you steve miller
fredericksburg, virginia USA - Tue 10/23/2001
ah-ho, this is nice and interesting to read through. Good one.
window rock, az USA - Fri 10/19/2001
I have been looking for the possibility of connecting with other Native American Church members, and find your site to be informative. I was born into and raised in the family fire place. My grandfather introduced the peyote sacrement to my tribe, The Hidatsas in the early 1900's. I would appreciate hearing form elders in the NAC, as well as others.
Minot , ND USA - Wed 10/17/2001
Tansi N.A.C.nice to see you all.My grandparent's are activemembers they are from rocky boy montana very nuce to see this on line .That is all aho!
PigeonLake, alta MotherEarth - Fri 10/12/2001
Aho! I'm honored to be a part of your guestbook AAA! MathoWenji/ Lakota
Michael One Bear
Costa Mesa, CA USA - Thu 10/11/2001
The other day I was sitting beneath a pine tree in the wintery mountains above my grandmothers home. As I looked into the heavens in the palace of the blue sky I could feel the spirit of the Earth and sun. I am not indian but I have my own unique heart of gold, and I am sad that I cannot find people who will understand me. I am going to be very careful not to exploit myself, and I will be brief. Always and Constantly I am trying to find a way to escape civilization and enter the solitaire of the wilderness. The desert lands around my home is my church. I go there to pray and feel the love of our Mother Earth. I look for places where the ravens circle in the sky, and sit in the juniper trees, where the coyotes tear apart at some small dead animal. It is the sound of what happened long ago. What is the forever silence outside the petty quarrels of us men. The Creator has gives me clues, but I do not understand. There is a way and a tradition, but can I belong to it. I feel like I am a spirit, sacred in the eyes of our Creator just like any other creature with spirit. This soul of mine is searching for the peace and the deadless moments of stumbling across something incredible and meraculous. I do not have a white mind. To come and find truth is like waking up out a deep forever sleep of confusion. Now that I understand something where does it lead me. Well a piaute friend of mine introduced to me the healing songs and peyote songs of the American indian church. Life has it's limits on me though. I am sad because I use few words with my indian friends because I do not know what they think of me. I do not want to look like a fool in their eyes pretending to be something I am not. But deep down I want to have the beauty some wise old man would posess, a quality to be able to talk to the earth and sky, and show my deepest respect for all living things. My dream is to become a part of something unique and true. I assume some day I will find a way of life and stay to it. I do not want material things nor want any conflict with anybody. I want peace in my soul, knowing I can go to the grave and old man happily. I respect old people, and I am still young, only twenty. Where the landscape breathes through mountain ranges bottomless, and through hidden vistas of glorious simplicity, where the iron smell of smoking sage warms my senses, It is the fire of silence in the night. Peace be unto your soul and mine. To who so ever seeks for understanding may the mystery grant them their answers. I walk by myself, down this path. Maybe it was always meant for me to be my own visitor, to wonder the direction in the woods alone.
Parowan, ut USA - Wed 10/10/2001
Tucson, AZ USA - Sun 09/30/2001
Aho Relatives, Light and Blessings to everyone. Thank you for this wonderful website, and many heartfelt thanks to the Native American Church and the Creator for all the blessings and healing I have received during my life-transforming sittings there. Would like to take this opportunity to inform that a Yaqi Indian, Chief Sonne Renya, will be in Copenhagen giving private Shamanic counseling, lectures, and shamanic ceremonial workshops from october 24th - october 28th. This is not a NAC related event, but is a ceremony called Wiping Away The Tears, an ancient Native American ritual designed to forgive past wrongs, both the ones one has committed oneself, as well as those inflicted by others. And it includes the same process for one's ancestors, one does it on behalf of them. This is a very powerful ritual, and much needed in this hour of the planet. If you are interested you are welcome to email me. Peace and Blessings.
Sunnyvale, CA United States - Sun 09/30/2001
Thanks for visiting your page, joining my light in this embrace.
copenhagen , Denmark - Thu 09/27/2001
I really enjoyed reading all these comments. I find it interesting to that there are so many people interested in this beautiful way of life .For me I am still learnig about myself through this way and I think it is for me. I have been with this way since I was a child. I hope to those who are truly interested in this way around the sacred fire plac someday .May the GreatSpirit be with you all my relations.
northbattleford, canada - Thu 09/20/2001
There are as many to the Creator as there are blades of grass. People often say this or that person has not yet found himself, but it is not something one finds it is something one creates. "Szasz" so my fellow people go and find yourself something good. What works for me may not work for you.
USA - Tue 09/18/2001
Please put me on your list as i would like to meet more NAC members &amp; friends,I have travelled extensively to Nac meetings &amp; ceremonies throughout Canada &amp; USA. I also had the opportunity to take teepee poles as far away as Scotts Dale Arizona &amp; Oklahoma City and many other communities that have NAC Chapters. I have been a member with my family since 1987 and enjoyed NAC all these years in meeting new people. Sincerely, Rod Traverse P.S. Any email is welcome
Jackhead, CANADA - Mon 09/17/2001
Friends and relations we must take heart and remember this is the beginning of the sorrows, however in this remembrance we have the opportunity to deepen our belief, deepen our prayer, and make it right with people we may have been shutting out. So be encouraged and God Bless each and everyone who sits-up this weekend.
Ca USA - Fri 09/14/2001
I would like to find out more about the Native american church. What a devastating loss in the USA, my heart goes out to family and friends.
Goodfish lake, canada - Wed 09/12/2001
Ya'at'eeh, In light of the Terrorist attack yesterday in New York, I wanted to let all my Brothers and Sisters throughout this nation to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all who's lives have been touched by this awful tragedy.......We need to stand together and pray together in healing all that were wounded and tramatize by this dramatic event. The Native American Church is the LOVE, the UNITY, and the HARMONY in our way of life and holds an enormous amount of Power. Please remember them in your prayers.... May the Great Spirit bless all of us each and every day. Ahee' he.
Phoenix, AZ USA - Wed 09/12/2001
Hello, I am a buddhist interested in learning more about native spirituality and worship. I have always felt a strong draw towards native culture, and I am hoping someone out there can point me in the direction of resources where I could participate in a sweat lodge, prayer, vision quest, etc. I am especially interested in a joining a peyote ceremony. Are there chapters of the Native American Church in CA? If not I can travel. Thank you all for your help. *The divine in me beholds the divine in you*
Santa Cruz, CA USA - Tue 08/28/2001
I am from the East Moon chapter of the Native American Church Named the Jenny Garfield Gray Chapter. Our fire place is very old, and was given by Moon Head to the Osage Tribe. I have a great responsibility of conducting the services for the church. I think that the web site is a good informational site to find out about other members and chapters. Any way I submited a query before i was finished. So you will see two guestbook entries. Many blessings to all the NAC churches and members. Thank you.
Bartlesville, OK USA - Sun 08/26/2001
I am a member of the East Moon church of the Native American Church. I web site is nice. Thank you
Bartlesville, OK USA - Sun 08/26/2001
Am looking for any information on my mothers side, she was descended from the clan of Kurrakie I believe, both parents died when I was very little and ended up in Australia where it is hard to find any information on my family or on the Navajo Indians, any help would be greatly appreciated. May still have family alive in America, would be a wonderful thing to be able to find anyone. Also trying to find any Navajo paintings, jewellery or anything that would make me feel like I belonged to the Navajo, there is nothing but imitation make believe over here, and only want what is real so I can feel I belong. Once again, many thanks, Kym
Mandurah , West Australia - Sat 08/25/2001
Thank-you to each and everyone of you who reads this- I would like to remind everyone the best way to start the day is to greet it with a big "GOOD MORNING!" Just like the way we feel at sunrise in the tipi... You are all in my prayers. eden
Long Beach, Ca USA - Sat 08/25/2001
Hello! We would also appreciate any information that you would send us! We (my husband and myself) are beginning shamanic studies, and embark on a Vision Quest the weekend of the Autumn Equinox. Creator's Blessings to you!
Medicine Doe
Haverhill, MA USA - Fri 08/24/2001
Greetings..thank you for the inspiration to write. i am of east indian descent, yet find these ways extremely familiar and visionary. have been sitting up for nearly two years down in the southwestern states, but have relocated to BC. am keeping my eyes and heart open for family to pray with. please connect with me at if you have any guidance. aho mitakuye oyasin! tasneem
Nelson, BC Canada - Thu 08/23/2001
member of cherokee nation of oklahoma, disabled veteran, gourd dancer. have attended sundance last two years in weatfields arizona. spiritual leader chief danny john. would like to join church.
HUMBOLDT, az USA - Sun 08/19/2001
please send me any information on how i can be included in a prayer service of the Native American Church. i feel a real need to come to one. help me please.
dancing feather
princeton, tx USA - Wed 08/15/2001
,, , SWEDEN - Wed 08/15/2001
enjoyed your site please inform me of your events.
red springs, n.c. USA - Tue 08/14/2001
Dock How Are You? Ihope You And Fam Are All Ok! I Just Got On Charter Pipe Line And I Found Your Site Its Is Real Neat I check It Every Day Now Sence I Found It Give Me A Line I Hope To Come Down Soon And See Ya Before Winter. I Have Missed Comming Down Hope You Rember Who I Am You Allways Called Me Stone Bear Bye For Now Dr. PeSheWa Asquigg Crow Bear Barks
Crow Bear Barks
bluffcity, Tn USA - Mon 08/13/2001
Good to hear from fellow members, we are up here in northern canada, originally from LUTSEL-KE, N.T., this peyote way have taught me about life and I like the togetherness it brings among all people. hope to hear from some you, take care and A-HO
Yellowknife, N.T. CANADA - Sun 08/12/2001
I am looking for information on Derwen White Lightening. If anyone out there has any info please contact. Have attended my first sweat in a long time, but find it a bit uncomfortable. Just because I know few people here. But it is good to be on the Beauty Way once again.
Eureka, ca USA - Wed 08/08/2001
please send me any info !
bluff city , tnn USA - Tue 08/07/2001
Would like to be on your mailing list,and learn about your ceremonies and scheduel of events. Have participated in sweat lodges, and Vision Quest that was a very transformational experience. Plainsdweller.8/7/01
Portland, CT USA - Mon 08/06/2001
Ibelieve i have recovered from Alcoholism using the Medicine!No desire to drink want to serve in your church if you would have me i wish to be useful i am not a member of your church but would like to be.i pray for fellowship. i feel alone.dont know anyone else personally who has recovered using Medicine blessings to all
nyc, ny USA - Sun 08/05/2001
Hi to all. I would like to know if there is a NAC chapter near or around North Louisiana and/or East Texas. Thank you very very much. Roger
Shreveport , LA USA - Fri 08/03/2001
Dear Brothers! It is message I am writing from Russia. If you want to help me and of mine family, living in conditions of difficult Russia's life, please, write me. I am ill by heavy illness of kidneys, and in today in Russia any serious illness - it is actually mortal verdict. Also, if you want is more to learn about of religious, public life in Russia, simply about contemporary of Russia's life, I can to answer on yours questions. My address:
Moscow, Russia - Fri 08/03/2001
I just want to say hello to everybody out there. Call 360-468-3748 to say hello. I am from Klagetoh, Arz. and have been living on Lopez since October 2000 with Kiyo Oya. My Father's name was Paul Kee Gordon and my Mother's name was Lillie Ashley. Maybe someone knew my parents? I am from the Bitter Water Clan. I am Di?ne.
Lopez Island, WA USA - Wed 08/01/2001
Thank you all for keeping the hope, faith, and dream alive.
Keshena, WI USA - Tue 07/31/2001
I?m greatly interested in becoming NAC member, could you please send me information about chapters of the Church in my area. If none available in New York let me know about the nearest one, I will travel any distance if necessary. Great site. Thank you.
Brooklyn, NY USA - Tue 07/24/2001
HOKA, hey this site is really the one!!! I would love to see more of what the people, and our visitors have to say. (I like to pick them out) you know what I am saying. May-be some day we will cross paths!! AHO!
everson, wa USA - Tue 07/24/2001
Pilamiya, For sharing your knowledge. May you walk peacefully and with a light heart.
Bremerton, WA USA - Sat 07/21/2001
Hello Fellow Members of the NAC Society. i would like to thank the sponsors of this website for remembering this way of life and the mother of all our people. I am a child born into this way of life and would like to thank and create it to be a church for all people who may need to heal the traditional ways. Thank you for remembering our native ways. May all you members and joining members be blessed with love,hope and charity. Ah-Ho
Rock Point, Az USA - Wed 07/18/2001
wonderful, and do any friends of the NAC join and how much does it cost, annually or lifetime membership? i have studied the Yaqui language, and want to live near them in sonora, mexico. Life
sarasota, fl USA - Sat 07/14/2001
We, recieved a letter last week from a friend who is boot camp in Shutter Creek located in North Bend, OR. She has asked for prayers for herself and her 16 year old son - who is being held in a county jail, he is being tried as an adult for a crime he was involved with. Her words from the letter, "Please pray for Donnie Joe, Tunkashila will hear your prayers, as he is sincere and strong." "I am praying also, the thought of my son going to MaClaren, breaks my heart, I am so worried!" If those out there can say a prayer for Mona and her son, to lift them up in spirits and make them feel at peace with what is going on in their lives, please do so. Your prayers are much appreciated.
OR USA - Fri 07/13/2001
Hello! We're writing you from El Paso, Tx where we make our living. We are originally from Ganado, AZ on the Navajo Reservation. We are both life long members of the Native American Church. I, Verbeth, was born in to the Church and never left. I have experienced it's miracles first hand through out my life. My husband, Spc. Nathan Nez also has been a member since he can remember. but like most of us he took a turn in the road of life that took him down a very difficult and soul searching road. His Faith and beleif in him self and the Great Creator has showed him the path back to the church and brought us together. That is our story, it may not be too detailed but enough to let you all know that we have been there and we are now here due to the Almighty. Keep your faith and love for one another strong. God Bless!
Spc. Nathan and Mrs. Verbeth
El Paso, Tx USA - Fri 07/06/2001
Hello, I have been interested in knowing more about the Native American Church. I am very deeply reverent with the peyote and healing songs I have heard in recordings such as ones done by Primeaux &amp; Mike. This Interest I have, Where Am I to go with it? I am Not Native to this land but was born here. I am white, but I was born in america. What am I to do. All I do is observe. I know Though that the Mother Earth loves me, for I am her child.
Parowan, Ut USA - Fri 07/06/2001
Derek and I have been following the peyote road for about 5 1/2 years now. Since then we have had 2 children. We were living in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a few years. Then we came back to Ontario. We found there is no chapter of Native American Church of Canada. Since then we have joinned together with about 30 friends and we are trying to start a chapter in Southwestern Ontario. We need your help. Please if you can e-mail us some information on where to begin it will be greatly appreciated. Please if you can help us. We love the way of the Native American Church. It has changed our lives forever. Our daughters have greatest chance at a happy and fulfilled childhood. Both of our daughters are no strangers to this way of life. We sing to them, on a regular basis and we even let them sing. My oldest daughter is 2 1/2 and can already sing one song. Please help us keep them learning. If you can help in anyway e-mail myself. Chi Meegwetch. May the Creator bless you all.
Derek and Tricia
Muncey, Ontario Canada - Thu 07/05/2001
With such exquisite sincerity, guided by "medicine" the NAC stands strong. Hello to you all and WHASSUUUPPPP!!! In a good way Malcolm Moses
Edmonton, Canada - Wed 07/04/2001
I don't know if it possible for someone living in Australia to join you organisation, or whether there is a group already here. If you could inform me one way or the other I would be grateful. god bless your kind, emil richardson
melbourne, Victoria Australia - Tue 07/03/2001
Wonderful to see your site, an inspiration. You are so lucky in your country to have peyote to guide you. In my land we have few such plants. god bleess emil
melbourne, Vic Australia - Tue 07/03/2001
hi loved ur page thank oyu im 38 yrs old single ABENAKI, and find the old ways the best ways os yes we all have hope of new days ahead through prayer to craetor and know peace will come some day for all the colors of the world, love,peace,light,wind,sun, for all of u out there,stay clos eot our people and mother earth father sky love redfern
redfern autumn woman taht touchs souls grey fetaher
ME USA - Mon 07/02/2001
Hello from texas. We pray everything is good for you guys on church day. Sorry we cant make it this year. See you next year. Love and grace be yours Lee and Ray
austin, tx USA - Wed 06/27/2001
To all Sisters and brothers of the native american church ...Greetings's that time we get together again to pray together and give thanks to our creator for mother peyote and all the good blessings we got and to all the elders who prayed for us so we can enjoy our sacred ceremonies freely.Throughout Navajoland there will be Native American Church Day...We will remember all in ours prayers and songs...I'll be headed home just for this special occasion and see all the teepees set up all in one is ahead..........
Las Vegas, nv USA - Tue 06/26/2001
The NAC has changed my life! I thank my creator for helping me and blessing me with this holy sacrement
S.S.I, B.C CAN - Tue 06/26/2001
Another NAC website!
Phoenix, AZ USA - Fri 06/22/2001
Ya'at'eeh to all my NAC brothers and sisters!! I'm originally from Tocito, NM. I am Dine', I grew up through the Native American Church. I have participated (Carrying in water) for my Grandfather(Billy Begay Sr. "God bless his soul) and for my father (Jimmie Joe Begay) who conducts Prayer meeting. It's tough being far from home and missing out on NAC gatherings on the Rez. One of these days I'll move back home and teach my children this wonderful spiritural church. I'm glad to have come across this site. It's good to read all you messages, bless you all, you'll be in my thoughts and prayer. The beat goes on....
Phoenix, AZ USA - Fri 06/22/2001
Hi;NAC members. God willing we will meet someday;take care.
Natasha Saddleback
Canada - Thu 06/21/2001
Ya'at'eeh (Hello). I am a Dineh from the Navajo Nation. I have attended peyote meetings for many years now. I'm glad to hear all the positive thoughts, prayers, songs, and messages that I came across from your guestbook (especially the Native people). Many times, these meetings are held for healing of individual or group of family members. I respect the Native American Church and bless to see many people believing the true meaning behind this secred ceremony. I have heard prayers and beautiful songs from the ceremonies I have attended. Many all our Native American people continue with this practice and tradition. Thank you. May the Great Spirit bless all of us each day. Ahee' he.
S. Lake
Prescott, AZ USA - Wed 06/20/2001
Native American Church is the LOVE of my life. It really helped me with many things. It made me the person I am in today's society.
Farmington , NM USA - Wed 06/20/2001
Congratulations for your traditional religion see our Basic Principles in
ATHENS, GREECE - Wed 06/20/2001
I a'm going to Mesa Verde Ntl. Park in a couple of days, to see where the Anisazi people lived. I don't know what I will see and do there, but one thing that I want to see is a Peyote cerimony. I will write back if I do.
windsor, ont canada - Thu 06/14/2001
Ya'et'eeh'!! From way up north, McDermitt Nevada. I am a 26 year old, single mother of two small children. I am grateful to have found this site. It makes me happy to hear that there are many NAC sisters and brothers out there that were raised the same way I was. I am thankful that my family taught me the peyote way. I have been through a lot of hard times and the church way has helped me. I respect mother earth and all the surroundings, I thank the Creator for allowing me to find this site. Any church members around Northern Nevada and Southern Idaho, Southern Oregon, I would like to hear from you, and all other members. My family has many meeting throughout the year. Call, send me mail, maybe we could pray, sing. AHOO!! MY RELATIONS WALK IN BEAUTY.
McDermitt, Nv USA - Wed 06/06/2001
Hardrock, AZ USA - Mon 06/04/2001
Very interesting.I enjoyed reading all abot NAC that I found on the net. I love animals and nature,and that`s where my heart is.I?m not a very religious person but I like you anyway.I send you all my love.
Alingsas, P Sweden - Fri 06/01/2001
Hello, My name is Dewayne Begay, I'm a 21 year old Dine`(navajo) from Gallup,NM my clans are Corner people and Towering House people. I'm also a N.A.C. member, I've been a member since I was born and my father and brother both conduct meetings. Me and my baby brother try to go to meetings as much as possible, the nearest place to go is FT. WASHAKIE or FT. HALL and we go back to NM only if my brother is going to conduct a meeting. That's just a little story about myself, I guest. And all ways remember four things LOVE, HOPE, CHARITY, and FAITH. AH-HO
Evanston, WY USA - Wed 05/30/2001
My son Luther Smyre came across this website and sent it to me,and I'm from Strawberry Plains,Tn.and am ashamed that I did not know that this Church was even here.I'm Cherokee and just got my membership card not long ago but have known for yrs.that I was Cherokee,I would like to know more and how or if I could join to become a member.Thank you so much for having a website like this for us to learn and come to.May The Great Spirit Watch Over You Always.God Bless you All.
Jefferson City, Tn USA - Wed 05/30/2001
Please put me on your mail list. I would like to stay informed and updated on your activities, ceremonies, event and general information.
Cleveland, OH USA - Wed 05/30/2001
I have no Native American blood but have been introduced to the world through several plant teachers and would love to find myself accepted into this community for the "content of my character", the deeper understanding of my inseparableness, responsibility and reverance for this earth than for my ethnic origins. I'm very curious if this is even possible. So I am writing this now to find out...
San Rafael, CA USA - Wed 05/30/2001
My Father is Mohawk Indian I believe from the St.Regis area in Hogansburg,NY.His family name is Cook.His name is William may have been born in 12-12-25.Have not seen him since I was 5 yrs. old.Married my Mom Doris J.Davis March 5,1955 in Onondaga County,NY.Any info would be most helpful thankyou.
Wayland, mo USA - Sun 05/20/2001
My mother was half indian, family name "Hawkins" ,from Mississippi. I would love to hear from any relations out there.
las vegas, nv USA - Sun 05/20/2001
I am looking for info on a branch close to me. I would greatly appreciate any info you have. thank you.
Rob S.
Portsmouth, RI USA - Sun 05/20/2001
I was looking for info. on sweatlodges,and found this site. I took a quick scan of what there is to look at and think it will be very interesting and informative. I will be back to read all of it when I have time to really get into it. I am one of those people who are researching to find my Native American roots,that I know are there but cant prove it.(on paper) I was adopted,and even as a little girl(not knowing anything about myself) I was so drawn to Nat. Am culture; the art,the customs etc,and found out when I was an adult that I was part Indian. I set out to find out,with no help from my birth family,(Indian? oh, lord no!!) what "kind" of Indian. I have found some cousins on the web,that are searching for the same thing. At least,and at last, I had verbal confirmation,that yes, there is Nat. Am. blood in our family. I was so excited,and yet at the same time, I always knew. Thanks for this site, Sincerly, Linzy (Can I just add thisd? the name I'm researching is Francis Marion Black and his ancestors. Was told he came to pennsylvania from the North Carolina, Tenesee, area.) Just had to get that in there!
Linzy Mae
USA - Sun 05/20/2001
Very insightful, how can I become a member?
Loma Linda, CA USA - Thu 05/17/2001
Hallo to everybody.I'dont think,that any relligion is the true or right way .But i think ,if you had found your way,that's your right relligion .
B?desheim, Rheinland Pfalz Germany - Wed 05/16/2001
GALLUP, NM USA - Wed 05/09/2001
great site! Could you please send any information on chapters of the Church in my area. I'm greatly interested in finding out more about this true religion.
beloit, wi USA - Wed 05/09/2001
i am really interested i learning more about the nac and very possibly becoming a memberplease send more info my way
winston-salem, nc USA - Tue 05/08/2001
i was happy to find this guestbook when i was "cruising the web" doing research for our NAC charter. I'm a NAC member and i have enjoyed reading all of these messages. i just thought i would put this note on here because i noticed there were a lot of people who were interested in knowing more about this way of praying. my suggestion is this: if you are interested in this church and this medicine - pray about it. if God himself thinks its a good idea for you - he will make a way. regardless of color or nationality. the native american church is actually hundreds and hundreds of charters all accross this north american continent. what makes THEM ALL Native American Church members is that they pray with a holy medicine called Pejuta Wakan (this is the Lakota language). We are all connected through this medicine. all types of people eat this medicine - all walks of life. But remember - each church has its own ways of doing things. Some only allow indian people. some allow all people. PLEASE respect the way each church believes. Accept that church the way it is and its more likely to accept you. Each church has its reasons for their beliefs and teachings. hang in there. keep on trucking. and keep an open mind. most of us do not advertise who we are. Ask God to be your guide and if its in his plan for you, you will get there. God bless all you really courious people. Also: BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR. YOU MIGHT GET IT. THEN WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT?
cathy little brave
port angeles, wa USA - Tue 05/08/2001
Good site -- I am from east Tennessee originally, and a friend of mine who has a lot of respect for your church told me about your Web site. I was tempted go get on my high- horse and attack the War of Drugs and certain Christian groups, but why attack others? I would rather praise what you are doing to stand- up for a different way. Best of luck always.
Phil G.
Silver Spring, MD USA - Sun 05/06/2001
Ahoo!just thought I give all my native people a holler their on native lands. I find the NAC very intresting and I respect the ways of the peyote road. I thank all my elderlys and soldiers who stood behind the ways of the peyote way, to this day we are carrying on the tradition and their prayers they left us to follow. I give thanx to allthose who believe. I am station out in camp lejuene NC and I pray for the better ways for I can follow. Give me a holler on whats going on out there my dine people and my brothers and sisters of different tribes.
Rez, NM USA - Sat 05/05/2001
The native american church is a good way of life i am a road man from OKLAHOMA AHO
Anadarko, Ok USA - Mon 04/30/2001
hello there fellow N.A.C members I would like too say hello too everyone who reads this note I have been an active member since I was 16 I am now 29 I really enjoy nac please feel free too e mail me thank you
Cold lake first nations , Ab Canada - Sat 04/21/2001
Salve !! Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to gather amongst entheogenics like you folks in NAC. Are there any communities in Europe that use peyote as a holy sacrament?? I feel very isolated my soul is longing for other in my situation in europe
Lund, SWEDEN - Fri 04/20/2001
First of all I would like to say Tansi, To all my fellow N8tives. I am a proud member of the native american church, I was introduced to NAC about 5 years ago and i am very thankful for being introduced to the Benson and Daniels families if it weren't for them i don't know where i would be right now.So thank you very much. There are no words then can explain how greatful I am. I would like to meet with new people so If you'd like you can e-mail me. Oh by the way my name is Deanna Adams and I am 17 years old.
Northbattleford, Sk Canada - Fri 04/20/2001
RAPID CITY , SD USA - Fri 04/20/2001
I would like to know how I can join the Native American Church. Please e-mail me.
Normal, IL USA - Fri 04/20/2001
Hello all. I first became involved in the Native American Church about four years ago. However, my joining the military has kept me on the move, and caused me to lose touch with the group i used to be involved with. If anyone has any info on native american church chapters in or around San Antonio TX please feel free to email me. Thank you for your time.
san antonio, tx USA - Tue 04/17/2001
Well hey Native American Church Members of North American &amp; Canada Whatcha all doing on Mother Earth I hope everthing is going well for all Peyote Members maybe we well see each others down the road into a Prayer service.... Well I gots to go!!! God-Bless you all take-care...........
Whitecone, Az USA - Tue 04/17/2001
HELLO.. , My name is Jonathan (boots) and i come from the Navajo rez and i've been with the Native American Church through out my life and it means alot to me. And i ooh alot to my uncle Johnny MOrris. Well thanks for letting me sign the guest book and TAKE CARE EVERYONE SEE YOU ON THE PEYOTE ROAD SOMETIMES SOMETIMES LATER..... SO EVERYONE KEEP JAMMING OUT AND STAY ON THE PEYOTE ROAD AHO.....................
Navajo, Rez, NM USA - Tue 04/17/2001
Hello, my name is Robert Swanson. I was given the name Blackhorse.I have walked the good road for nearly eleven years.I have been honored to be allowed to be a ceromonial dancer, and to care for a pipe by the rites of the Lakota nation.Recently the creator has given me the gift of dreams, in which I have seen myself taking part in ceromonies which I have not been part of before. It was suggested tome that I make contact with the church, but I can find no listing in my area. I would be grateful to make contact with someone in my area to learn more about the church, and to learn more of these visions I have been given. My address is 187 s.e.Eastman-Parkway #85, Portland, OR 97080. MY phone number is 503-492-6848. Thank you.
Robert Swanson
Portland, OR USA - Mon 04/16/2001
Hello, nice to meet you all here in My name is Shaylene Walker. I am 21 years old. I am Dine, which is another word for Navajo. I live in Arizona. I come from the Navajo Reservation. My mom is Dorothy Walker. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My first clan is the Mexican clan and my second clan is Cliff Dweller people. My third clan is Folded Arm People. My fourth clan is Bitterwater Clan. I have been a member of the Native American Church when I was a baby. My mother told me a lot of things about respecting NAC meetings. I've grown to be a great woman. I am in college and everytime I feel lost, I always come back to NAC to refreshen my mind and spirit. As a young adult I have learn so many things within the church. I sing in meetings and when I sing, it makes me feel strong. I am greatful to be a member of the NAC. I respect NAC because my great grandparents have fought for this so it wouldn't be lost and I live to carry it on to my generation. They have cried for us to learn the old ways back and I will not disappoint them.
Rough Rock, AZ USA - Fri 04/13/2001
Nice to see so many members on the net, especially all the relatives from Canada. I am a leader in the NAC (we say chief, not roadman) and a member for over 25 years and I would love to hear from anyone in the NAC.
NM USA - Thu 04/12/2001
I been a Native American Church member since I was 5 years old. I am of the Hopi Tribe. I enjoy going to the church meetings, listening to songs and praying.
Second Mesa, AZ USA - Wed 04/11/2001
I have passed by your church for many years not knowing of what it actually was. I can't tell you how I felt when I found this web site and realised what I had been passing up all these years. I am Cherokee and? not knowing what tribe my father belongs to. I am in hopes of learning more through you and this web site and am in hopes of meeting you at sometime in the future WADO
Powell, Tn USA - Tue 04/10/2001
thanks for this site. i understand that tobbacos and herbs other than peyote are also used within the ceromonies specifically anise,birdseye,sage,prince albert,peach herb as well as others. what symbolism do these represent and does anyone have alist that i could refer to and why they may or may not be used at certain ceromonies thank you for any guidance you may provide. pete
balfour, bc canada - Wed 04/04/2001
My goal is to learn of better cultures. To come closer to what I am naturally. Thank you for a wonderful web site. "Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all" ( Plains Indian ) " You can not not communicate. Be careful in your thoughts, movements, and words" ( Jonathan Morrell professor Dixie College)
St.George, Utah USA - Mon 04/02/2001
I've been a member of the NAC all my life. I can truly say that it's been a blessing within its self. At some point in my life I wasn't being true to myself and took a step into what I thought was me. Come to find out, I was wrong, my life and believe and faith is my roots. Everytime I fell or started to stumble in life my true NAC help me back up and to this day, my life is full of happiness and joy because of my NAC roots. My oldest son also brought me back to NAC. His believe and faith is strong in NAc, which makes me a proud mother. He is only 12 and a year ago his request of a meeting for his birthday was a blessing. He not only received spritually and guidance in his heart, he also mended many hearts, including mine and my moms. Today I can say I am a true believer and will seek no more. Anytime I am feeling out of place or just lonely, I play peyote songs which always help me through. And it help me to remember the people that dearly love me... Thank you mom and dad for you faith in NAC. And for the many people out there that also received the many blessings from NAC. You are all wonderful people and I pray we never turn our back again. I wish everyone a beautiful morning,day,evening, and night. Thank you........................ladybear
prescott, az USA - Thu 03/29/2001
aho,tohija. looking for sweats or meetings in the maryalnd,virginia,DC area , im 22 and not new to the peyote way, however, far from home for a long period of time and dont know any people in the area. please contact me if you can help. thank you.
MD USA - Tue 03/27/2001
Aho! Give Thanks..this grandfather medicine called me, I listened, and now I am truly home. Eternally grateful for the healing, wisdom, and visions...mahalo to the Elders who have maintained this Church, and protected this medicine so that we, and our children's children will have this sacred gift...Many blessings
San Francisco, CA USA - Fri 03/23/2001
Thanks very much! Great! You made my day! Please include me on your mailing list. I live in the Los Angeles area and would like to know of meetings in my area or the Palm Springs, CA or San Diego, CA or the Parker, AZ area. All my relations! Karen Fast Horse
Karen Fast Horse
Los Angeles, CA USA - Fri 03/23/2001
I have found your web site to be the most versitile and comprehensive I have ever seen. Thanks for being open and direct about all subjects. It definately has a lot of messages that are really needed. I hope you continue and reach many, for at this time (and time to come), it is truly and despirately needed. I beleive that the "Father Christmas" heart, is not limited to the smiles of children nor one season. It (the heart) speaks to outreach now and far beyond. Thanks again for being on the web and sharing and for being there. Morning Buffalo
morning buffalo
chattanooga, tn USA - Thu 03/22/2001
Greetings, we are asking for help out there. If there are any prayer meetings or sweats in the Washington,DC area or close by. Our son who is in the Navy is far from home and in that area. He is in need of help from the teepee circle, fire and medicine.We would be happy to help in any way we could to any members when they needed it and in our area. Thank you and blessings.
Santa Fe, , NM USA - Wed 03/21/2001
Thank you for providing this web site for all members of Native American Church and for all inhabitants of Turtle Island.
Christine Rhone
London, England - Tue 03/20/2001
Hello people in North battle ford I'm a student from Battlefor junior high schoolWee bye
Noth Battleford, sask Canada - Mon 03/19/2001
Thanks for your site.
Seoul, Korea - Sat 03/17/2001
I've been a Native American Church Member all of my life, I attend peyote meetings every chance I get. But, there was a time in my life where I stopped attending and started living my life the way I wanted to live it. That life brought me nothing but grief. After a number of years, I started going back, and found that the "peyote way" had brought my life back in order. It is a wonderful way of life, All that it stands for and all that it represents! Thank You! D.J., from las vegas.
dominic "d.j."
las vegas, nv USA - Wed 03/14/2001
ELKO , NV USA - Wed 03/14/2001
Verry interesting! How can I join the Native American Church?
MONTGOMERY, AL USA - Mon 03/12/2001
The Healing Church
concord, ca USA -
Very interesting but try you better german then easier
Confused Reader
germany - Mon 03/12/2001
I am a person, just like the greediest of white people, just like the most stoic of shaman. Of course, I do not like the way our planet, and its inhabitants, are abused for profits, which in the end cannot buy back the pristine, harmonious, and beautiful relationship that humans once had with it. Dogma doesn't close the hole in the ozone layer; hatred and animosity don't heal the wounds in the human spirit, neither will they enlighten one's consciousness. So, I have much respect for the path that the Native American Church is dedicated to, or at least for what little I know about it. I was born in California, but I am not Chumash. I am a kind of native-American with pale skin, yet just a human with an open mind. I would love to see what there is to see beyond the blindingofthespirit veil, that I may or may not be wearing. I'm asking the NAC to help me lift that veil, if you can. If the laws of Babylon (the so-called "Judeo-Chistian," Eurocentric-socioeconomic paradigm) forbids my doing so on the beaches of Southern California, I shall make pilgrimage to what enlightening visions the Creator may have waiting for me in the Native American Church, in the dusks and dawns of the Painted Desert. Sincerely yours, Michael I. Ginsberg / 03-07-2001 P.S. If any one would like to endeavour into enlightening visions with me, or help me to do so, please send me an eMail. Thanx.
Redondo Bch., Ca USA - Thu 03/08/2001
This is favorite of mine and really do enjoy your web site
Skunk with two tails
San diego, ca USA - Sat 03/03/2001
"Truth like the air we breath..." is not exclusive to any ethnic group, any race, any religion, or, for that matter, any species. However, I think that the Native American Church by its tennents and practices, as I understand them, is closer to the truth and to the CREATOR than all the dogmatic, bureaucratic, religious practices that pass for "world religions" but serve to burden its members with required beliefs but no direct experience of the CREATOR. I seek direct experience not dogmatic pieties filtered through a third party of dubious knowledge and wisdom. I probably do not have any Native American heritage, but I am not sure--but the CREATOR will forgive me that. Is there any way that another human, not Native American but definately of Irish heritage, can join the Native American Church? Very Sincerely, Joe
Charles Town, WV USA - Sat 03/03/2001
Hi, my name is Allie and I have just studied the NAC in my World Religions class. I was asked to pick any subject that I wanted to lean more about within the NAC and research it. I am really intrested in how the NAC members view dreams while sleeping. Do they consider them sacred like the visions while experiencing Peyote? If you have any information it would be greatly appreciatted, you can e-mail me at ~Thank you
USA - Fri 03/02/2001
I am from Mexico, Otomi Indian decendant, I live in Western North Carolina,(Winston-Salem),Please put me in your mailing list I will love to attend to your mitotes. Are there any meetings held near where I live? Best Wishes to all.
Gabriel Luna
Yadkinville, NC USA - Thu 03/01/2001
Wonderful site. Would like to know more and if one of lesser "blood" would be considered for membership in the church? Megwich, Cliff
Plymouth, IN USA - Tue 02/27/2001
I believe Native Ammerican culture to be the true peace of these lands. All things on this Earth are precious. I am very interested in your church, would it be possible for you to send me some information?
Denver, CO USA - Sun 02/25/2001
Hello i am interested in becoming a member. Is there any meetings or people you could inform me of in the areas of San Diego or if not possibly Phoenix and Prescott Arizona? Thank you for your help.
poway, ca USA - Sun 02/25/2001
When I look at your nation's peoples and their cultures, my heart is unspeakably saddened that I am from European descent (most of my ancestors came over in the mid 18th C., and settled in Cherokee, Creek and Choctaw territories). After 4 years at a Christian college studying ENVIRONMENTAL Biology, Sociology &amp; Psychology, -- my studies have confirmed what my heart has always known: the white people (with a few exceptions) have NO RESPECT for the land, or it's people. I've come to realize, via intricate study of nature, that reflections of the Creator can be seen in everything He has made. When you've taken time to allign yourself with these creations, it crushes your inner core to see any of it destroyed. We NEED harmony. Your people have this harmony instilled in your heritages. You are SUPERIOR. European decent peoples will continue to destroy and opress in their quest for greed. I cannot be a part of their daily greed. Where's the UNITY? Teach me your ways.
JEFFERSON CITY, TN United States - Mon 02/19/2001
this is a great web site , a good place to learn more about the native american church . keep up the good work, thru peace ,love and understanding may we all come back to our mother.
knoxville, tn USA - Mon 02/19/2001
MEMPHIS, TN USA - Sat 02/17/2001
Thank you for letting me sign in on your roster,never been to this web site before,its very uplifting to read other N.A.C. member's kind words.Is there anyone around southern nevada that that i can contact to attend prayer services that I need...was a drunk yesterday....poooof!! 16 years sober....forever grateful to almighty and peyote medicine .
Las vegas , nv USA - Fri 02/16/2001
I am very interested in becoming a member of the Tennessee chapter of the NAC. I have Choctaw and Cherokee background and would like to expand my knowledge of my indian heritage and religious practices.
Bay Springs, MS USA -
I love this site. The pictures are beautiful, and the information is very helpful. See you at Trade...
Bristol, VA USA -
If anyone has any information on joining the NAC around the Denver area. Feel free to e-mail me. Thank-you !!
denver, Co USA -
I am iterested in joning or starting a chapter. It is time to claim the birthright left to us by our ancestors. I am the Rainmaker, of the Raven clan . I'll be in touch. I like long hair too.
La Hunt ta Hund
Turtle Island -
Sorry, my english it'snt so good, so i'm gonna write in spanish: felicitaciones por su p?gina. espero que puedan publicarla en espa?ol.
exequiel vera
Punta Arenas, Chile -
I am of the Nokona Band of Northren Texas&amp;Sourthren Oklahoma Comanche Nations:I really like your web site. It is very inspiring I would like to learn more,thank you keep the good work going. May the the Great Spirit keep your clear. Walk in Peace.
Stanford, IL. USA -
Thank you so very much for answering my call for help and growth you are my beloved family. In Great Respect I ask to continue to grow and share with all Beings in Harmony.
p.s.l., fl USA -
I would like more info on the Freedom of Religion Act for incarcerated native americans in the Judicial Sytem whether its State or Federal. I am doing a term paper on Native American Issues - And the Freedeom of Religion is an issue that I am interestd about.
Durango, CO USA -
If you have a mailing list, add me. If you have info on joining NAC and locations of NAC in Mississippi, please email me. Both sides of my family claimed "Indian blood," and my grandfather claimed that his mother Lizzie Moore of Leake County MS was a Choctaw, but I have not been able to verify this. In any event, please contact me. Cordially, Donny: Founder, Rock &amp; Roll Church of All Nations, North America
Don Hosteen Coyote
Yazoo City, MS USA -
I am of extremely mixed heritage, but discovered that some of my recent ancestors were of Native American heritage (Cherokee and possibly Caddo). I have always felt drawn to this part of my background, and would like to learn more about the NAC. I would greatly appreciate more information about the Church and its teachings. Many thanks.
Hattiesburg, MS USA -
I am a Navajo, my brother in law is a crow roadman and my dad is a firekeeper. I am living in Maine now, off the Rez in AZ. I can not find a church here. Do you know of any NAC in my area? I miss my family and the meetings. Thank you
Newport, ME USA -
Tansi, Happy New Year to each of you!!! I've been visiting your site for couple of years now and I just wanted to send a warm HELLO to everybody. I'm Cree from up in Canada, and I've been attending NAC meetings since I was baby. I can't imagine life without NAC, and I think I'm really lucky that my parents have raised me in this manner. I just hope other races of people can respect my religion just as much as they respect their own. Thank you for your uplifting comments. I hope to keep comming back to read more and more! ~Respectfully, Koletta Saddleback
Hobbema, AB Canada -
i would like to get more info. on joining the church. i have been searching for being centered, could ya'll help? thanx, g.k.
brooke, VA. USA -
I agree with your cause and beliefs very much. I would greatly appreciate a reply via e-mail because I would like to learn how I may join your church and/or tribe.
PA USA - Sunday, January 07, 2001 at 10:27:47 (CST)
Greatings: Your Guestbook is, as are so many others, increadibly informative. I am Raza/Indian of the Coahuiltecan Language group who lived here for thousands of years in South Texas before the Europeans arrived, set out to exterminate us, oppressed us horribly and undertook a concerted policy to brainwashed us and established hegemony over our People. I am also a lawyer and presently represent the Native American Church membership here locally. As a result I also know why there are not so many lawyers who say this openly as I nevertheless find it absolutely essential to do here. We here by the sacred waters of the Yanaguana know and have been struggling with those many issues that arise in your Guestbook. We are in the process of preparing for a Spiritual Gathering and Symposium to undertake to attain the definitive resolution of identity and legal status issues here in August of this year. We will publish our efforts as wide as possible and I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful efforts here. May the Creator continue to bless all of you who have persevered in a good way in the face of so much for so long. Love. Aho.
San Antonio, Texas USA - Saturday, January 06, 2001 at 19:24:30 (CST)
We have never been to this site, but to answer question's on where meeting's are and take place, depending on the nature of the meeting, most people will not willingly give out information on meeting sites, you're best bet would be to contact a roadman or a medicine man to answer your question's, because meeting's are very sacred and very well gaurded by the people attending.
NM USA - Friday, January 05, 2001 at 11:34:38 (CST)
I am interested in any information on meetings.I have been vison questing and feel that this something that I should do.Respectfully
Baton Rouge, LA USA - Wednesday, January 03, 2001 at 16:32:32 (CST)
Enjoyed your site very much. Keep up the good work! Jude
West Manchester, Oh USA - Saturday, December 30, 2000 at 09:40:58 (CST)
All my life my heart has searched for a thing I cannot name. I hope to visit your site for an experience in Convergent Harmony, including a reality check from the inside out that features an experience with the visionary sacrament of peyote. I am but one-sixteenth Cherokee that I can verify, yet I desire to explore this facet of my being, and by shedding the IMAGE of my real life and embracing the reality of the life of the spirit, come to know the harmony of personal spirituality in relation to the external existence demanded of us by "civilization."
Arab, AL USA - Thursday, December 28, 2000 at 05:07:38 (CST)
Iam just starting out my journey as a roadman. Iam Cree,Blackfoot,and Sioux.Iam walking in balance and beauty through life,thanks to the medicine. I enjoy beading and making tipis lamps with native american designs fans you name it. Aho.
Farly Eaglespeaker
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 20:30:40 (CST)
Iam just starting out on my roadman journey.Iam Cree,Blackfoot,and Sioux.Iam walking in balance and beauty through life,thanks to the medicine. Aho
Farly Eagespeaker
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 20:03:32 (CST)
Greeting brothers and sisters My name is Cherie, but I am a rainbow person. An elder that I am fond of has named me sparrow. I have been a N.A.C. member for about four years. I am a current university student. I have also began to listen to what my elders and others have to say. I have observed in my classes that there is a major target on the Native people to assimulate into the "dominant culture". I have observed that I do not know anything and do not know everything. I believe that the creator is all and has no limits. I have also observed that I am still struggling inside myself not to conform to policy thinking. I can not save the world but only be myself in it. The church is a sancuary that the truth prevails and all else falls where it falls. The biggest basis has been this love that is forever flowing and I just do my best to be a positive person in turn helping others by being myself. Anyways I still know nothing and I am glad to share this moment in time with you all. I came across some intersesting material in a substance abuse/chemical dependancy book. In the book it has a short insert on the native american church. They were amazed that it has the highest sucess rate in curing drug and alchol addiction. They were not sure how it worked but it works better than A.A. I just smiled when I read this. The creator does work in beautiful mysterious ways eh? Lots of love Sparrow
Abbotsfod, bc Canada - Friday, December 15, 2000 at 19:26:35 (CST)
just found this page and hoping to learn more. i have heard that there is a N.A.C in my area hope to find and join.thanks for letting me sign....LOVE,PEACE&amp;HARMONE
tulsa, ok USA - Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 16:46:33 (CST)
Ah-ho. Greetings from an Osage displaced to Baja. The land and my relations are far from me only in body, not in spirit. It is good to see so much unity and interest in the Church and the Red Road. It would be nice to see more contact and exchange of traditions with the indigenous peoples here in my new home. Also, I am interested in finding a church in Southern California, that being the closest place in the United States that I can regularly visit. Thank you for providing this site. Wash-te.
Rosarito, BC Mexico - Monday, December 04, 2000 at 16:13:03 (CST)
Please forgive my ignorance,but I was wandering if one actually needs be a native american in order to become a member of the NAC? I like everything I've read thusfar about your church but am wondering if I'm destined to remain an observer because I am not of native american heritage.
saugerties, ny USA - Saturday, December 02, 2000 at 20:49:28 (CST)
Its alll good.
Jimmy Joe
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, December 02, 2000 at 17:46:46 (CST)
I am the son of man born to a plains woman in the 1930's and i am searching for my identity. i have been practicing what i can learn of praayers and acting in a way that attempts to embrace the way of our earth and The creator...i have a prayer ceremony every day in my backyard... i need something more...i havce tried at length to find my grandmother but it is a fact that deceased orphans of the plains people didn't leave paper tracks...please send me information on how to join the NAC and any resources that might lead me to my family...thank you
cotati, ca USA - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 23:48:28 (CST)
I believe the sacred organic orb of peyote opens the profound windows of life through the doors of perception. Allowing us to find a brief justification of the illogical necessity of modern societies egocentric dilemma. You see, the human mind is the most complex bit of organized matter that we know of anywhere in the entire universe. It is more complex than even a star for instance. That is why we know so much more about stars than the powers of the human mind.
Beverly Hills, FL USA - Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 00:25:10 (CST)
i enjoyed reading the comments. i will pray for the brothers and sisters of the teepee. I have a prayer request. Please pray for my three children and myself.
longhouse lucy teeman suppah
po box 1255, warm springs, or USA - Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 20:42:40 (CST)
Aho. I am a 21 yr old cherokee female. I wish to understand more about who I am and what our people stand for. I have spent much of my life in sweatlodges and did a vision quest, but I still think that there is more to learn from our kind ancestors.
Omaha, ne USA - Monday, November 27, 2000 at 23:58:27 (CST)
Aho! all my relations!!
wpg, mb canada - Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 15:38:32 (CST)
Thank you for letting me sign in I am looking foward to learning more about the N.A.C. and our Creator.Please keep me updated on meetings and events.OSIYO
Eric Threewolves
Mtn. City, Tn. USA - Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 18:13:12 (CST)
Hey Yo, May the Creator guide,protect and bring you a balance heart with one good vision. I am a Saulteaux First Nation Woman with a strong spirit. I just want to say "Yo" to all of my relations on the sacred RED ROAD. meegwetch
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 16:18:49 (CST)
Interesting site, provided me with much information for a school project.
USA - Friday, November 10, 2000 at 12:25:41 (CST)
i've enjoyed much of the last couple weeks because i've been reading about the sacramental use of peyote and the NAC. the stories i have read of the Huichols and peyoteros have created a whirlwind of interest in my life in general. a couple weekends ago i was feeling the need to escape the city, and i drove to a beautiful place called Sedona. this place is so wonderous in its natural glory and so relaxing because of the magnificent artwork that god gifted this place with, i felt compelled to eat what is referred to as the Native American Church's "sacrament". i am blind to the true meaning behind the word "sacrament" and because of this i truly hope that i offend no creature by stating anything here................ i walked a trail in heavy rain, through the most brilliant pre-autumn forest filled with fresh greens, reds, and yellows....crossing a rising waterbed of newly drowning river rocks.....and feeling the rain on my poncho speaking louder when the trees did not tower above me. the earth's moisture ran deep in the soil because the rain was strong and began a day before i had arrived. the narrowing cliffsides spoke of many violent stampedes of flowing water and random cliff shearing. the sandstone cliffs even testify of their own church......a large archwindow cut into the cliffside which appeared to resemble most accurately.....a large cathedral's central window. after placing my tent in a gorgeous triple cliff intersection, i drank a tea made with the "sacrament" and ate a finely crushed powder of the "sacrament" four times. from the moment the tea touched my tongue, i felt comfortably sedated in a relaxed manner. the earth floor, although dimpled where i lay, sustained a sense of perfection upon dwelling atop it. the trees that carefully caught the rain above my tent, released the rain in larger syllables to speak with me thru my tent. i could see nothing in the night time blackness that enveloped me but i could see everthing around me like i had lived at this place my entire life. i felt at peace with every living creature on this beautiful planet and i've never experienced a deeper sense of belonging to this living planet than on this mind opening evening. it was like bringing heaven down to earth and living in both at the same time. the sense of connection to the earth came with tears.....both happy and sad.....but i cried mainly for how i viewed the earth at its present compared to its is sad what Sedona has become in it's backwards development and image of "man's" desire to surpass nature. i am writing this partly because of the previous message posted Chad. i do not know you and i am only responding to what you have written here.....i write in complete sincerity and i mean no harm by these words. it is wise to be frightened of "mankind" and the threat it creates to your medicine by allowing them to partake. "mankind" has destroyed so much of this planet only to better his small portion of what he "owns". yet i also believe it wise to empower a spiritually deprived "mankind" with a new hope to obtain a happiness that is innocent in heart and strong in mind. quite possibly one that might open "mankind's" eyes to his own destruction of the very planet that supports him. this natural religion seemed so perfect in its harmonic aim that i could only think of the spirituality it must ignite.....and it did just that. i am not a Native American and risk, simply for divulging this information, encountering a law enforcement agency because of this. yet i felt it important to defend this sacrament/medicine to all. i have read of the shortages of this vital earthbound cactus. quite possibly, if more knew of the inner power that each of us possesses, by each enjoying the same privileges, since we are each earthborn children, some day we might each share this earth in all its graciousness, and harmony it offers us. possibly, if we each were given the opportunity to experience this wonderful feeling, the shortages would disappear, because more would feel the importance for such a feeling.
Mesa, AZ USA - Thursday, November 09, 2000 at 00:02:05 (CST)
this is a very interesting site. i am not sure what to make of it, because i have never seen and heard much of what has been presented here. i am dine (navajo) and a member of the Native American Church, and have attended ceremonies my whole life. i have attended mtgs. with many different tribes across the country. i am no body, and do not now anything, but i am a bit uncomforatable with the presentatoin of what is displayed here. there are some good words and ideas, and other's seem to have little basis, stemming from a pan-american perspective perhaps. so, my concern is one of preservation of this medicine, which has been used 5 times longer than the existence of Jesus. there are already laws which have been set to preserve our way of life, but if non-natives are allowed to partake this medicine, those actions may jepordize the legality of the medicine for my children and grandchildren. once again, i will reinterate my concern, and i say it in a humble fashion. use this medicine well, and do not take it out of hand.
st. paul, mn USA - Friday, November 03, 2000 at 16:19:29 (CST)
This is a spanish web about sacred Peyote cacti and homegrow to save the natural Peyote poblations
Mollet del Valles / BARCELONA, Barcelona SPAIN - Friday, November 03, 2000 at 09:07:03 (CST)
Have just viewed your site. I am a Hindu and received medicine in ceremony this past weekend in Stafford, Ca. All parts of the ceremony were beautiful. I see much of my religion in this religion. I am very thankful. I would love to correspond with your church and with anyone that I can reflect about ceremony with. Om shanti
Eugene, Or USA - Tuesday, October 31, 2000 at 04:15:40 (CST)
LIMA, PERU - Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 19:52:05 (CDT)
liked your site,have been attending church meetings for 9 years,but not a member,been learning kiowa ways and church songs,im an omaha, learning kiowa,living on a california rez. but hey,stranger things have happend...
rincon reservation, ca. USA - Sunday, October 15, 2000 at 03:13:31 (CDT)
Please add me to your email list. Both my husband and myself are members of the NAC Chapter in McDermitt, NV. I am a western shoshone and he is a northern paiute. Any correspondence with our brothers and sisters are welcome.
Fallon, Nv USA - Thursday, October 12, 2000 at 23:51:35 (CDT)
Great Site.
Caledonia, MI USA - Tuesday, October 03, 2000 at 18:04:33 (CDT)
Einen gro?en Dank an die ?bersetzer.Die sich wirklich die M?he gemacht haben,Eure NAC-Homepage ins Deutsche zu ?bersetzen."Wir hoffen f?r die Zukunft,auf ein gemeinsames gro?es Volk. SUVATE
Colonge, D Germany - Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 08:02:34 (CDT)
Very impressed with this site...but would like to know how to join the Native American Church...Please email me and let me know...
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wednesday, September 06, 2000 at 07:25:14 (CDT)
just now viewing,and learning ,thank you for all your hard work...
jeanne,running water
long beach, ca USA - Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 13:46:18 (CDT)
hi i'm new on web i'm trying to reach others on red road need help i've been reading about i need to be there in spirit i'm thankful you are here e-mail me if you can help or chat i'm spiritually hungry thank you awho
earth raven
port saint lucie, fl usa - Friday, August 25, 2000 at 20:20:18 (CDT)
Bobcat here
OKC, OK USA - Friday, August 25, 2000 at 17:01:09 (CDT)
Plant a seed and see what you get!!!
Shawn Garbett
Powell, TN USA - Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 14:53:26 (CDT)
Thank you for such an insightful and resourceful site.
USA - Wednesday, August 16, 2000 at 14:46:24 (CDT)
Please put me on your mail list. I would like to stay updated on your activities, ceremonies, event and information
Morelia, M?xico - Friday, August 11, 2000 at 11:02:07 (CDT)
hi,just a note to let you know I find your site very informative and uplifting.please keep me posted of any upcoming events.are any chapters of the native american church located in the north east.Iwould like to join.thank you Gary
upper black eddy, pa USA - Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 22:52:11 (CDT)
Happy I found your site. I am an ordained Christian miinister and Native American. I am interested in joining the Native American Church and perhaps startng a church in my area. (North Idaho)
Post Falls, ID USA - Sunday, July 02, 2000 at 20:40:34 (CDT)
Wonderful! I'm glad to know that there is people with great hearts and a brain funtioning normaly
miami, fl USA - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 11:24:55 (CDT)
do not fear death, embrace it. for you are only returning to the creator that bore you.
cupertino, ca USA - Saturday, June 03, 2000 at 08:10:21 (CDT)
In my body dances one Indian heart, in my head looks two Indian eyes.
Bratislava, Sk Slovakia/Europe - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 02:42:03 (CDT)
Thank You for letting me sign in, I am a new member of the N.A.C.
NorthBattleford, Saskatchewan Canada - Monday, May 08, 2000 at 12:53:23 (CDT)
NorthBattleford, Saskatchewan Canada - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 16:36:32 (CDT)
please inform me of events/ceremonies
jersey city, nj USA - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 13:18:03 (CDT)
Please put me on your mail list. I would like to stay updated on your activities, event and information.
Boise, ID USA - Saturday, April 29, 2000 at 21:08:57 (CDT)
I just found your site. I am adopted,but have found a relative on the Dawes Rolls, so am hoping. I am also here looking for help and spiritual healing. Thank you.
Keizer, OR USA - Thursday, April 27, 2000 at 09:19:36 (CDT)
thanks for letting me sign the guess book i myself am a native american a "navajo" from Arizona but stationed here in Okinawa for over 1yr and 3months...thanks...
LCpl Everett
Chinle, Az USA - Monday, April 24, 2000 at 22:30:55 (CDT)
Thanks for a great site and the knowledge offered freely.
USA - Monday, April 17, 2000 at 22:54:44 (CDT)